“Daddy stop! Stop!”
Uyi’s daughter screamed as she lunged at her dad and tried stopping him from
drowning Nosa further.
“Darling…we are just
playing a game darling….” Uyi said sweetly to his daughter, while his eyes
looked as mean as those of the wildcat.
Nosa coughed up water from
his mouth, his eyes were red and he was struggling to get out of the water but
was weak.

“Daddy you’re hurting
him…” Uyi’s daughter cried.
Uyi was disorganized, he
pushed in Nosa’s head one more time and quickly grabbed his daughter and headed
out of the bathroom. He left his room with his daughter in his arms and hurried
to his daughter’s room and sat her on her bed.
“Don’t move honey…I’ll
be right back.” He said to her.
His daughter nodded and
he hurried back, this time he entered his room and locked the door behind him,
he was intent on finishing Nosa once and for all. With a rage that only he knew
he possessed, Uyi raged into the bathroom and stopped short. Nosa was not in
the bathtub. Nosa screamed in anger and ran into his room and looked around and
unlatching the door, he rushed out of his room in search of his prey.
Nosa hung on the balcony
pavement, it had been a matter of life and death and he knew that Uyi’s daughter
had been his saving grace. As soon as Uyi left the bathroom with his daughter,
he quickly rushed out of the bathroom and went into the room and heading to the
balcony, he quickly made his way over the railing but the problem was, he was
hanging on the second floor of the house and had no place to latch on to.
Uyi searched the house
in a rage that the maids never knew existed, everyone shivered as they watched
him run from room to room. Then, as though realizing that Nosa might have never
left his room, Uyi ran into his room in a hurry and as soon as he got in, he
saw the clue he needed. The balcony door was open. Uyi hurried to the balcony
and looked down, lo and behold, Nosa was there hanging on to the balcony, his
fingers on the balcony pavement.
screamed in laughter.
“Uyi…let me go
please….” Nosa pleaded.
“That’s exactly what I’m
going to do right now!” Uyi said and using his right foot, he stepped hard on
Nosa’s fingers and heard Nosa’s scream in pain. He raised his foot higher again
and bore it down on Nosa’s fingers. The fingers slipped from the pavement and
Uyi watched his friend fall down from the balcony to the ground below.
That night they prayed
like never before, Odili, his mother, father, his siblings, Soluzo and her
aunt. They had invited the prayer group from the church and they experienced a
battle of fire in the living room of Odili’s house.
Amaka had waited to hear
from her mother but didn’t, she called her mom’s phone number to no avail. It
was a Friday morning and the last time she had spoken to her mom was yesterday
which was a Thursday.
“Where are you mummy?
Where are you?” She asked as she called her mother’s phone again.
After calling her
mother’s phone about seventeen times, she was suddenly put through as the call
was picked.
did it go?” Amaka asked.
“It’s me…the
“Where is my mom?” Amaka
asked silently.
“She went to sacrifice
on your behalf!” The priestess said.
“Really? Is she back
yet?” Amaka asked in a shaky voice.
“I didn’t hear what you
said….” Amaka said.
“I’ll be in Lagos
today….I will be coming to your house.” The priestess said.
“Why? What happened?”
Amaka asked.
“Listen to me…the
wedding will hold tomorrow…” The priestess said.
“What? Over my dead
body! Never!” Amaka shouted in anger.
“Listen to me…Soluzo
and her husband have been united and after all that we have done to separate
them, they are proving that they are a formidable force. I am coming to Lagos
to stop that wedding by myself.”
“Serious? Has it gotten
to this? Is there no other way? Priestess, when I went on with the sacrifice,
you assured me that the spirits would fight on my behalf and that Soluzo and
Odili will never get to experience their wedding day! I do not want them to
continue with this wedding! I don’t want them to see Saturday if possible!”
“Okay…if that’s what
you want, then I’ll need you to do something.”
“What do you want me to
do again and I hope that this time it works.”
“I want you to call your
friend Soluzo….before you call her, I want you to invoke the spirit of death
to replace its voice with yours. An hour after as she answers the call, she’ll
die and the wedding will be history.” The priestess said.
“Is that all?”
“Yes….but if she
doesn’t respond to your call, then I have no choice but to arrive Lagos today
and destroy the union at the church tomorrow.” The priestess said.
“No problem, I’ll call
her but first, tell me where my mother is.” Amaka said.
“Don’t worry about
her….she went for the sacrifice on your behalf, I’ll explain better when I
see you.” The priestess assured.
That morning, some young
girls and boys were on their way to the farm, they had their hoes and farm
materials and were talking and laughing at the top of their voices. One of them
screamed and they turned to look at her.
“Oh my God! See
ooo…see….” The girl said, pointing at the figure on the ground not too far
from them.
“What is it?” They all
asked and hurried to see what it was.
Amaka’s mother lay on
the ground, her eyes were open as though in shock and her naked body was
sprawled on the ground for all to see. Some of the young girls and boys crossed
“Heeehhhhhh…..o je chu
aja! She went to sacrifice oooo…” One of the boys said.
“How are you so sure?” A
girl asked.
“Look at the palm fronds
tied around her ankles!” One of the boys said.
“Aru! What are you
people looking at ehn? I am going to the farm ooo…” One girl said.
“Let’s go and tell the
council….” Another boy said.
“Tufia!” Another girl
said as she snapped her fingers around her head and spat on the ground. “I am
going to the farm… you all can go and alert the council to come and carry her
body. If she really went to sacrifice, then, she deserves what happened to her.
It’s a pity that people only think of harming their fellow human beings in this
world.” The girl said and hurried off.
Two of the boys went to
alert the council while the others went on their way. Amaka’s mother’s body was
left on the ground while vultures hovered nearby.
Soluzo was asleep exhausted
after the prayers of the night when her phone began to ring. She was in such
deep sleep that she didn’t realize that it was ringing till Odili nudged her.
“Is it morning already?”
Soluzo asked, rubbing her eyes and staring at Odili.
“It’s almost noon.”
Odili said.
Soluzo’s phone started
ringing again and she picked it up from the side of the bed and said.
“It’s Amaka…”
“Don’t answer it…”
Odili said.
“I’d like to know why
she’s calling…I need to ask her some questions.” Soluzo said.
“No! Don’t pick that
call…don’t pick any calls…in fact switch the phone off…”
“My mom said she’ll call
me today too…” Soluzo said.
“Infact go and have your
bath, we leave for Lagos today remember? Our wedding is tomorrow.” Odili
“If you say that I shouldn’t pick any calls, what of the calls from the make-up artiste, the event
planner…” Soluzo protested.
“My mom would handle
that as well as your aunt and your mom, we have a huge support system that is
so willing to lend a helping hand ….let’s leave them to handle all that. Our
bit is to show up at the wedding tomorrow and be proclaimed as man and wife.”
Odili said.
“Okay….that sounds
like a plan.” Soluzo said quietly and quickly switched off her phone.

Last episode comes
up on Thursday…. 



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