Thelma wasn’t concentrating,
she was so tired, she placed her head on her desk and closed her eyes. She
remembered how she used to feel as a single woman, back then she had little or
no care in the world but now, she was troubled by so many things. The top on
the list of her problems was Obiageli, her husband’s sister who had come to
harass her at her home for not giving her husband a child.

She was still deep in
her thoughts when there was a knock at the door and her assistant peeped in.
“Agozie is here to see
you.” Her assistant said.
Thelma looked up with
red-rimmed eyes and nodded. “Send her in.”
Agozie was her friend
and former colleague, they had both worked for the same oil servicing company
before Thelma had resigned and decided to face her passion of catering.
“Big chick! CEO international!”
Agozie called out in her deep husky voice.
“Ago…how far?” Thelma
said wearily.
“Biko, what is
happening? Why are your eyes red?” Agozie asked.
“It’s nothing…how are
your husband and kids?”
“They are fine…Looloo
just started school today, I just dropped him off.” Agozie said.
“Really? Looloo is now a
big boy ooo…to think he’s started school already.”
“He clocked two last
week and yes, he is a big boy.” Agozie said. “But why do you look so sad? Are
you okay?”
“My sister…how can I
be okay? How can I be fine when my husband’s family are on my neck for a
“Ohhhhh….Thelma, I am
so sorry…”
“You don’t know how it
feels because you are so lucky to have given birth as soon as you got
married….” Thelma cried.
“Stop saying that
Thelma, you know I feel your pain….but I’ve never seen you this way…ever!”
“My monthly flow came
yesterday and I am devastated. Why is it coming ehn? Why can’t it stop even for
once in its life? Why has it refused to give me hope even if it’s a false one?”
Thelma said.
“Chai…I am so sorry my
dear….don’t worry all will be well.”
“When? When will all be
well? Is it when Obinna’s family marries another woman for him? I can’t wait
for much longer ooo…I can’t. Just the other night I dreamt that his uncle was
using jazz on us and said that I won’t have kids….I told Obinna and he
shunned me, I invited prayer warriors to the house and he insulted them. What
do I do?”
“Ha! You had a dream
about gini?” Agozie asked.
“A dream about his uncle
working against us…”
“His uncle? You mean his
father’s brother? The one who has been like a father to your hubby and his
“Yes… maybe the dream
showed me his face to confuse me but I can’t rule it out that something is
working against me and my ability to conceive.”
“Nne…we can’t sit here
and do nothing ooo…” Agozie said.
“What do you want me to
do? I am tired of going to hospitals, I am tired of taking painful tests, I am
tired of hearing the same thing from doctors…”
“Wait…I have an idea
of where we can go to end this issue once and for all.”
“Where?” Thelma’s head
“Listen ehn, it’s not
what you think ooo but you know that common adage of old which says, ‘what an
elder sees sitting down, a young child can’t see it from the highest palm tree.”
“You are speaking in
riddles…tell me what to do.”
“Thelma, this thing I am
about to tell you might shock you as it’s coming from me but my dear, as long
as it helps you carry your baby, then it’s okay.”
“Tell me please…”
“There’s one man my aunt
went to meet some years ago, she took me along with her. My aunt, Nwaka, was
having troubles of a usurper in her home and she wanted her out. Do you know
that with the small vial drops of concoction that ‘Dike’ gave her, the stupid
woman left my aunt’s husband alone?”
“Are you serious?”
“I’ll take you to the
man, his name is ‘Dike’ he resides in Surulere, just along that Shitta road. He
is powerful, infact ehn, many people have given testimonies of his work.”
“Wait …does he run a
prayer ministry or something?” Thelma asked.
“Haven’t you been
listening to me?” Agozie asked getting upset.
“Listening to you how?”
“I am not referring to a
prayer house but a traditional house.”
“What? Agozie! You are a
strong member of the women’s wing in your church.”
“So? My aunt that took
me there is in the Christian women organization. No ooo, don’t shine your eyes,
sit in Lagos and be counting bridges!”
“Agozie!” Thelma shouted
in shock.
“Thelma! Is it when your
husband’s sisters get him a new wife that your eyes will open?”
Thelma stared at her for
a while and said.
“When can we go?”
“Now that’s exactly what
I’ve been waiting for.” Agozie said. “We can go today…I hope I can still
locate the place but today is fine. Are you doing anything else in your office?”
“No… our last cake orders
have been delivered. We just received new orders and we haven’t started yet.”
“Oya, let’s go…”
Agozie said beckoning to her.
Thelma got up from her
chair, picked her bag and they both left the office.
Stephanie angrily
punched the keys of her computer, she was still shattered by what happened last
night. ‘How could he?’ she thought, ‘How could he string me along like a
puppet? May God punish him and his future wife and his entire family’ She said to
She was still fuming
that she didn’t realize it that her boss was standing by her side and speaking
to her.
Stephanie’s head snapped
and she turned to look at her boss.
“Are you okay?” Her boss
asked her.
“I am fine ma…”
“You are talking to
yourself…” She said.
“I have approved your
leave and it’s been signed…you can begin tomorrow as stated in your form.”
“Thank you so much ma…”
Stephanie said quietly.
“You’re welcome, you
need the rest anyway, you’ve been so distracted of late.” Her boss said and
walked away.
Stephanie nodded and
stared at screen to read what she had typed, she had typed her team’s proposal
but in each sentence, she had written ‘may God punish Sunday’.

To be
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