Sharon was determined to go home, whether the authorities
liked it or not! She hated the fact that her kin spirits felt that she was not
taking her mission seriously especially as White had died on her mission. Now,
she lay on her bed shivering as though with high fever and her room-mates had
gone to call the matron attached to the French camp. The woman felt her
temperature and shook her head.
“You have a fever, even though your body isn’t so hot…”
The matron quickly said.
Sharon kept shivering, she needed to get home even if it’s
for as short as two days, she couldn’t spend the night at the camp. She

She was led to the small lodge that was converted to the
clinic and on her way, she and the matron bumped into Amanda.
“Hello…what is wrong?” Amanda asked, in pure concern.
“She’s having a fever.” The matron said.
“Awww…so sorry dear…you are healed in Jesus name.”
Amanda said to her.
As soon as she said that, Sharon stared at her sharply and
after a while smiled and looked away.
“Let me assist you in taking her to the clinic…the poor
dear…” Amanda said, her voice laced with pure concern.
“Can I go home? I want to see my mom…” Sharon said.
“Really? For a fever? No…don’t worry, we will take care of
you at the clinic…you will be fine.” The matron said.
The quiz is in two days…if you go, who will represent your
team?” Amanda asked, worriedly.
“I’ll come back …I just want to see my mom…please…”
Sharon said.
“If we take you home, I doubt that the organizers would let
you back …it’s either you’re here or not. Maybe we can call your mom to
come…” Amanda said.
“No…” Sharon said, knowing that she needed to be at home
to execute the binding exercise she had to do over her parents.
According to the conclusion her kin had come up with
yesterday at their meeting, she was supposed to go home and while her parents
were asleep, draw a circle around their bed and perform the binding spell which
stop them from stepping out of their house to any prayer house again. Now, that
Amanda had brought the suggestion of her mother coming in, the spell will never
work and the environment won’t be conducive for her to do what she wanted.
They reached the clinic and she was led to a ward where she
lay on the bed. Amanda sat beside her on the bed as they took her temperature
and the doctor began examining her. As soon as she was done examining, she left
and Amanda said to Sharon.
“I am so worried about you…are you prone to fevers?”
Amanda asked.
“Not really…” Sharon said.
“This must be the work of the devil…and by the power of
God, we shall be victorious.” Amanda proclaimed and laying her hand on Sharon’s
head, she began to pray.
“In the mighty name of Jesus, heavenly father, I commit your
daughter into your care….heal her Lord…” Amanda started.
Sharon felt a burning sensation in her head, she was
experiencing extreme pain from the point where Amanda was holding her in
prayers. She closed her eyes and murmured an adverse spell.
Amanda had been praying for Sharon when she suddenly felt so
feverish and hot, she felt her head burn and tears fall from her lids. She
almost screamed in pain and quickly, without rounding up the prayers, she let
go of Sharon.
“Thank you mademoiselle for the prayers.” Sharon said meekly.
Amanda nodded and left Sharon’s room feeling very dizzy, she
wondered if there was some kind of out-break, first it was Sharon and now, her.
What was going on? She thought.
On her way out of the clinic, she saw a nurse at the lobby,
who rushed up to her as she was looking pale and sickly.
“Are you alright?” The nurse asked in concern.
“I feel so…so bad…”Amanda cried in pain as she fell into
the nurses arms.
The nurse quickly led her into a room and quickly called the
Amanda was in a forest and she was running, while some lithe
figures chased her about whipping her from head to toe while she cried in pain.
She was about running through a small passage way when a huge beast stood in
her way, the look in his eyes spelt blood and war and she was so weak to fight
it. The beast grabbed her by the neck and began to squeeze the air out of her
lungs and she tried to call the name ‘Jesus’ to no avail!
To be continued….



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