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Jennifer didn’t hear her son call out to her, all that resonated
in her head were Vanessa’s last words on the telephone,
“I think our husbands
are occultists.”
She shuddered as she thought of the possibility.

“Mom! We’re hungry and the food you kept in the flask is already
cold. Why did you keep the food in the blue flask instead of the red one?”
Micah asked sounding disappointed.
Jennifer slowly rose from the sofa and headed towards the room she
shared with her husband. Micah looked at his mother and said to his brother.
“Mom’s acting strange.”
Emmanuel looked up from his homework and shrugged.
“Don’t pretend as though you didn’t hear what I said.” Micah spat.
“Go and do your homework and leave me to do mine!” Emmanuel scolded.
“Don’t you want to know what’s up with mommy? She doesn’t look
okay…” Micah said worriedly.
“If she doesn’t look okay, why don’t you go to her room and check
up on her? I’m busy with my homework.” Emmanuel complained.
Micah sighed and made his way to his parents bedroom, the door was
slightly ajar and he could see his mother fling all the clothes from the
wardrobe out on to the bed. He could tell that she was looking for something,
but what?
“Mom…”He called out as he pushed the door open and stepped
inside the room.
She didn’t respond, she was still busy at the wardrobe.
“Mom are you okay?” He asked.
“Micah…what are you doing here?” Jennifer asked looking at her
son in surprise.
“I’ve been speaking to you for a while and you haven’t been paying
attention.” Micah said.
“I’m sorry darling…I’ll get to you shortly.” She said.
“Are you looking for something mom?”
Jennifer looked at her son and bit her tongue, she couldn’t tell
him that she was looking for proof to show that his dad was indeed an occultist
as Vanessa claimed.
“If you’re looking for something, I could help. I’m great at finding
things.” Micah boasted.
“Yes love, you are…errm…I’m looking for my wedding ring…I
can’t seem to find it.” She lied.
“Okay…I’ll check the top wardrobe while you check the one
underneath.” He said to her and quickly, like a monkey, he climbed the wardrobe
and was soon at the top.
Jennifer used to scream at her kids for climbing the wardrobes but
today, her mind was preoccupied. What if she found something incriminating? She
After an hour of futile search, nothing was found. Micah was
exhausted and had lain on the bed to sleep while Jennifer put the clothes back
in the wardrobe. She was doing that when her phone rang and the caller ID read
“Hello…Jennifer…I’m so scared…” Vanessa said to her with
tears in her voice.
“Don’t…don’t you dare start that rubbish! Listen to me, I don’t
know where you got that incredulous notion from but thank God I know better
than to listen to you.” Jennifer spat.
“Are you doubting me?”
“What do you gain by lying against my husband and yours? I received
you in my home and treated you like family, yet how do you pay me back? By
making up evil against my husband? Don’t ever call me with such nonsense again.”
“I promise I’m not…”
“Leave me alone Vanessa!” Jennifer shouted and ended the call. Then saying to herself,“She
wants to destroy my family and I won’t let that happen!”
Vanessa walked down the road in tears, she didn’t know who else to
call. She couldn’t tell her parents- they were too smitten with Damien to ever
believe her- he was their ideal son in-law, always providing and making sure
that they were comfortable. She could picture her mother’s reaction if she told
her that she suspected her husband of being an occultist.
“Darling, he’s making money right? And to add to that, he takes
good care of you. Why do you complain?”
Were the words her mother would use.
If only her parents knew that money doesn’t solve all problems.
It was already dark and she’d wandered for far too long. Should
she return home? She thought. Should she call Jennifer again? No! She decided
that she’d leave Jennifer alone for a while, if she didn’t believe her, then,
that’s her cup of tea. Besides, she’d told her that it was an assumption and
not that she was completely sure of it.
She sighed and turned around as she made her way home.
Jennifer stared at her husband suspiciously as soon as he entered
the house-all thanks to Vanessa for instilling the fear in her, she thought.
“Good evening…” She greeted.
He looked at her and grunted in response.
“Food is in the flask on the table…I couldn’t prepare anything
for dinner so I warmed up lunch.”
He grunted again and made his way into the bedroom. Jennifer sat
on the sitting room sofa but after a short while, she stood up and made her way
into the bedroom.
“Can I help you?” Mike asked.
“What’s that supposed to mean? This is my room too.”
“I need some privacy…” Mike said to her.
Jennifer walked up to the bed and sat down. Mike didn’t say
anything else as he removed his shirt.
“You still haven’t told me why you confronted me this afternoon.”
She said.
“What are you talking about?”
“You insulted the pastor by insinuating rubbish.” She spat.
“Pastor? Don’t be deceived! Pastors are men and men are pastors,
there’s really no difference.
“Pastor Edmund is a true man of God. He has been very helpful to
me and he’s helped us avert more misfortunes than you can ever imagine.”
Mike froze and turned to stare at her with an angry expression.
“What did you say?”
Jennifer stared at her husband’s facial expression and didn’t speak.
“I’m just upset that you didn’t wait to hear my side of the story
before literally pouncing on him.”  She
said changing the topic.
He turned back towards the wardrobe and pulled out his night
“I’m not hungry tonight…I’ll eat tomorrow.”
“We still haven’t talked about the misunderstanding we had this
afternoon.” She said.
“Get ready for bed Jennifer…I’m not in the mood to talk.”
Jennifer looked at him angrily and walked out of the bedroom.
Vanessa stood before her husband and stared at the bucket of
“What are you waiting for? Get in.” Damien said to her with a
“Get in? What for?”
“I’m going to bathe my darling wife.” He said.
Vanessa stared at him, her legs quaked. She stared at the bucket
of water and knew that something was up, she wasn’t ready to be used for
“I’ve had my bath already.” She said.
“Well…it doesn’t harm to have another bath…does it?” He said
flashing her a charming smile.
Vanessa’s knees almost grew weak from Damien’s winning smile, she
had no defence mechanism as regards his charming smiles.
“I…I’ll pass.” She said.
“Get into the bath tub.” He said, throwing all niceness out the
“No! I’m not having a bath.” She said stubbornly.
Damien did the unexpected, he grabbed her and pushed her to the
bathtub that she fell inside the tub, struggling and kicking. Without bothering
to wait for her to remove her clothes, he emptied the contents of the water on
her body. Vanessa screamed as she struggled to get out of the bath tub.
Jennifer’s eyes was getting accustomed to the darkness, she
stared at the ceiling and her mind went to the words that Vanessa had spoken.
She was restless.
Mike’s hand quietly gripped the end of the dagger tightly, he was
sure that his wife was asleep already. Holding the knife on his right hand he turned
to face her frame but she was lying with her back on the bed, so he couldn’t see
her face.
Jennifer knew when her husband turned on the bed and slowly sat
up. He bent over her to see if she was asleep and she closed her eyes quickly.
Mike was satisfied to see that his wife was fast asleep, so he
raised his hand with the dagger and made to strike.
Jennifer opened her eyes and screamed when she saw what her
husband was about to do. She rolled off the bed and fell to the ground.


To be continued on Sunday…. 

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  1. What wickedness. Jennifer should have at least had a word of prayer with Vanessa. You don't shrug things off just like that.

    Good job on your part Adaeze! You just keep doing your stuff.


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