Edmund didn’t know what pushed
him out of his house and dragged him to his car. ‘This isn’t a good idea’, his
common sense warned him to get back into the house but the spirit within him
propelled him to turn his keys in the ignition.
Soon, he was headed out of his
house and out into the road, moving with the direction of the spirit.
Mike stood at the gate of his
children’s school and threatened the security man.

“I am their father and I’ve
come to take them home.”
“Sir, today is a school day and
the bell for morning prayers has been rung, I don’t think that the school
authorities would allow you take them home.”
“You are mad! I am their
father! I demand to speak with the principal!” Mike thundered.
“The principal hasn’t resumed
school yet but when he does, I will tell him that you came…”
“Listen mister man, I don’t
care when your principal resumes. I want to get my daughters out of here!” Mike
The security man slammed the
gate at Mike’s face and Mike stared at the closed gate in astonishment.
“I pay their fees, and that’s
where your salary comes from. Open this gate this minute or I’ll withdraw my
children from this useless school!” He screamed.
No one heard him, the security
man walked further into the school and sat beside the small garden as Mike’s
bang at the gate grew faint.
“Thank God they’re okay.”
Vanessa said of Micah and Emmanuel.
“Thank you for helping me find
them…I was already so worried.” Jennifer said shoving some clothes into the
bag on the bed.
“What’s your next step?”
Vanessa asked.
“I’m taking my kids to my
sister’s place…” She said.
“What of the girls, are we picking
them up on our way?” Vanessa asked.
“Yes, I have to pick them up.”
Vanessa looked at Jennifer and
“Where did we go wrong Jen?
Where did we err?” Vanessa asked with tears in her eyes.
“I don’t know….if anyone had
told me that I’d be running from pillar to post all because of my husband, I’d
have called the person a liar. This is not the Mike I know…but just as the
saying goes, ‘the only constant thing in life is change’, I think Mike changed.”
“Yes and Damien too…I can’t
believe how he could have gotten involved in occultic activities. To what end?”
“For money ofcourse. Have you
never wondered how prosperous your husband is and where all that money comes
from? I recall Mike telling me that Damien was once a food vendor at his
“Yes, he was. We were still
dating during his food vendor days and back then, we were happy, content and
very satisfied with all that we had. All of a sudden, the money started pouring
in and…and….” Vanessa sobbed. “Everything changed.”
“I am so confused.” Jennifer
said, while massaging her temple with her fingers.
“What next? Will we get out
husbands back after this?” Vanessa asked hopefully.
“The bible says ‘do not try to
work together as equals with unbelievers, for it cannot be done. How can right
and wrong be partners? How can light and darkness live together? How can Christ
and the devil agree? What does a believer have in common with an unbeliever?
How can God’s temple come to terms with pagan idols?”” Jennifer said with tears
in her eyes.
“But they are our husbands, we
love them…we don’t know how life would be without them.” Vanessa said with
tears in her eyes.
“To be honest with you Vanessa,
I am so shattered, I don’t know what to do but one this is certain, I can’t
live with Mike anymore. You won’t understand what I saw in his eyes last night
when he tried to kill me. I didn’t see the man ‘Mike’ anymore but what I saw
was someone different, it was as though he’d been possessed.” Jennifer said
with a catch in her voice.
Micah ran into the room.
“Mummy, someone’s knocking at
the door.” He said with fear in his eyes.
“What did I tell you and your brother?
Didn’t I say that you should both stay put in your room and change out of your
nightwears?” Jennifer asked in alarm.
“We’ve done that.” Micah said,
pointing at his shirt which he’d worn inside out.
“Where’s Emmanuel?” Jennifer
asked, trying to keep the panic out of her voice.
“He’s in the room.” Micah said.
“Lemme answer the door…just
take the kids out through the back. If it’s….you know who…” Vanessa said,
looking at Micah wearily as she didn’t want to mention Mike’s name. “Then I’ll
be the one to answer the door.”
“No! I can’t let you do that.
This is my fight and I can’t drag you into it when you have problems of your
own.” Jennifer said.
“Just go!” Vanessa said.
Jennifer nodded, took her bag
and hurried out of the bedroom with her son. Vanessa dragged in a deep breath and
walked out to the sitting room. The knock at the door was getting louder.
“Who is it?” She asked in fear.
“Open up! It’s Edumnd…pastor
“Oh thank God! Thank God!”
Vanessa said in relief, then called out. “Jennifer! It’s the pastor!”
Damien sat in his car and
stared at nothing in particular; he’d never felt so empty in his life. For the
first time in many years, all his wealth meant nothing, the luxury looked like
dust and everything seemed worthless. He’d seen what he’d never seen in his
life. Fire had surrounded his wife and it hadn’t touched anything, or burnt any
of the furniture in the room. He remembered the story of the prophet Elijah and
the prophets of Baal. It was a story that his mother had told him as a child as
well as the children in the bible study children section of his church back in
the day.
am the only prophet of the Lord still left, but there are four hundred and
fifty prophets of Baal. Bring two bulls; let the prophets of Baal take one,
kill it, cut it in pieces and put it on the wood’, Elijah said.”
mother’s teachings came to him.
He could recall the look of
utter astonishment on his face as well of those of the other children at bible study;
they had been listening with rapt attention while his mother dramatized the
whole scenario as though she’d been there with Elijah and the prophets of Baal.
Elijah said ‘Let the prophets of Baal pray to their god and I will pray to the
Lord and the one who answers by sending fire- he is God’, so the people shouted
in approval and the prayers began. You should have seen the prophets of Baal as
they made mockery of themselves. They pranced about, they jumped around in
prayers and from morning till afternoon, they prayed but no answer came.”
mother’s voice had echoed.
The children in the bible study
laughed as they’d imagined the four hundred and fifty prophets jumping up and
down in desperation, waiting for their god to answer them.
something happened! Do you want to know what happened?”
mother had asked.
“Yes!” They had all answered.
Damien smiled when he recalled
the triumphant look on her face as she concluded the story.
Elijah said to everyone; ‘Come closer to me! And when they were all gathered,
he set about reparing the altar of the Lord which had been torn down. He took
twelves stones, one for each of the twelve tribes named after the sons of Jacob
and rebuilt the altar for the worship of the Lord. He dug a trench round it,
large enough to hold almost fourteen litres of water, then cut the bull in
pieces and poured water on the offering and the wood. Do you know what happens
when water is poured on wood?”
His mother had asked.
Damien had raised his hand to
“The wood can’t catch fire till
it dries.” He’d answered, then sat down, proud of himself.
His mother had nodded and
Elijah prayed and the Lord sent fire down and it burnt up the sacrifice, the
wood, and the stones, scorched the earth and dried up the water in the trench
and when the people saw this, they fell to the ground shouting; ‘The Lord is
God, the Lord alone is God.’”
Tears began to fall from Damien’s
eyes as he stared unseeingly at the steering of his car. He couldn’t believe
that he’d strayed from the right path, he’d strayed from the truth and had
pursued false gods because he wanted money. He felt so ashamed of himself and
all that he’d done at the ancient shrine and began to sob.
“God, please…please…forgive
me…forgive me Lord…please…” He cried.
His eyes caught the ring on his
middle finger- it was the ring of power, given to him at the ancient shrine,
the ring which made all impossibilities possible. The ring which had the power
to change the minds of business associates and investors to his own favour. He
yanked the ring off his finger, wound down the window of his car and threw it
“I refuse to serve any other
God! No other God but you, Heavenly Father.”
He pushed open the door of the
car and stepped out; as soon as the breeze touched his face, he raised his arms
in the air and fell to the ground in tears.


To be continued next
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