Emmanuel was stunned at what
was going on, his mother screamed as she hid behind the pews while auntie
Vanessa rushed up to her while speaking with a man’s voice.

“You chose him over me right?”
Auntie Vanessa was saying. “You chose that stupid pastor over our family!”
“What are you talking about? Vanessa!”
His mother cried.

“I will kill you for this! I
swear I’ll kill you.” Vanessa said as she advanced towards Jennifer.
Emmanuel darted a quick glance
at Pastor Edmund who was lying on the ground as though unconscious and knew he
had to do something. He quickly fell on his knees and began to pray. Micah
looked at his brother with fear in his eyes, once he saw him kneel, he too, did
the same and reaching out, he held his brother’s hand.
They both closed their eyes in
prayer, while Vanessa advanced towards Jennifer. Jennifer felt weak. What was
happening? They had come to help Vanessa’s husband instead, Vanessa was turning
on her in a very strange way. She was also speaking with a voice that sounded
very much like her husband’s.
The spirit that had possessed
Vanessa was about to strike when it felt something hot and scalding.
“Arrhhhhhhh…..” Vanessa
screamed. “Arrrhhhhh……”
Pastor Edmund shot up to his feet
as though one awoken from a deep slumber and stared around, he saw the children
on their knees and saw Vanessa twist and turn as though possessed.
“Leave her at once in the
mighty name of Jesus Christ! Loose your hold!” He screamed.
Vanessa turned on him with eyes
glazing like someone who was possessed.
“Fire of the Holy Ghost, burn
whatever possessive spirit that’s taken possession of your daughter!” Pastor
Edmund screamed.
Jennifer watched as Vanessa
spun around and soon fell to the ground in a heap.
“Alleluya!” Pastor Edmund
shouted raising his hands in the air. “Alleluya!”
Jennifer rushed to her children
who were on their knees and began crying profusely.
Suddenly, they heard a groan
from the altar, it was Damien, he sounded very hurt. Jennifer drew her children
closer to her bosom and began to weep. Pastor Edmund walked up to Damien and
Damien looked at him and sat
“Where am I?” He asked. “Where’s
my wife? I called her to come…and take me…” He said in a shaky voice. Then,
his eyes riveted on his wife’s frame on the ground and he made to stand up to go
to her.
“Let her be.” Pastor Damien
said. “This is all your fault, please don’t make it any worse.”
Damien hung his head in shame.
“I wanted it all….I wanted it
all…” He cried.
“Look where it got you…”
Pastor Edmund said. “You will have to confess everything you’ve done.”
“I’m afraid…that they will
come for me….I am so afraid. Matamamatama and his agent are powerful…”
“Are they more powerful than
God? Who can stand before the power of the Most High?” Pastor Edmund asked.
“No…no one…sir.” Damien
Jennifer led her kids to the
back pews in the church and walked up to the altar to regard Damien.
“You introduced my husband to
your group, yes or no?” She asked.
“He…was desperate…he wanted
money…even at the cost of his soul…” Damien said in a subdued voice.
“How far did he go in his quest
for fortune?” She asked.
Damien looked at Jennifer and
at the pastor. He was reluctant to speak.
“Only the truth can set you
free, Damien.” Pastor Edmund said.
“The cult of Matamamatama is a
kind of cult that needs some sort of sacrifice for things to work the way you
want it to. Mike was asked to offer his first son….” He said and his voice
Jennifer was shocked; she turned
to look at her kids to see if they were listening but they weren’t, they had
placed their heads on the pews to sleep.
“He…he what?”
“Do you remember when Emmanuel
was at the hospital? Well…he was supposed to strike him dead at the shrine
but after striking him, he didn’t die. He was supposed to be his first
Jennifer’s legs shook
uncontrollably as tears poured from her eyes.
“You mean, Mike wanted to kill
my son? Our son?”
“Not only that, when he….he
couldn’t offer your son, he decided to offer your daughter, Mercy, instead.”
“Oh my God!” She sobbed.
“We had already planned that
she’d die in an accident on her way back from school but she never came back
from school. Apparently, you asked that she stay with the borders.”
Jennifer looked at Edmund, she remembered
what he’d told her on the day she’d come for prayers with Vanessa.
“You sacrificed the children
you’d ever have for wealth, didn’t you?” Pastor Edmund asked him.
Damien nodded and began to cry.
“I did…and I’m sorry…I put
my wife through a whole lot but I’ve decided to repent. I want to give my life
to God…to Christ…I want to be a new creature. I want to be born again.”
“God will not forgive you for
what you and my husband put all of us through! You will…” Jennifer spat with
all the anger in her.
“Jennifer, God is all
forgiving…He will pardon him…” Pastor Edmund said calmly.
“Please forgive me…please…I
want to change…I have changed. I give everything up! My
wealth…everything…I want to start from scratch with my wife…I want to
start from scratch.” He cried.
Pastor Edmund nodded and
walking over to him, he placed his hands on his head and prayed.
Mike lay on the ground shivering
like a leaf, he knew he had failed again. The force from the church had been
too strong and even though he had inhabited Vanessa’s body for a while, he hadn’t
been able to fully control it. He’d felt himself leave the church and rush into
his body at the shrine.
“Get out of my shrine now! I
curse you and everything you stand for.!” The agent screamed in anger.
Mike couldn’t move, his body
felt as heavy as lead.
“P…p…please…help me…I
am weak…I…am….” He stammered.
The agent snapped his fingers
and he felt heavy hands carry him out of the shrine.
As soon as he was taken away,
the agent stared in anger at the mirror before him. The mirror revealed Damien
confessing to the pastor and also, the pastor laying hands on him.
“You have sold your soul and
you can’t take it back! Your soul doesn’t belong to anyone else but
Matamamatama!” He screamed and taking a sharp dagger, he aimed it at the mirror
and threw it directly at Damien but the dagger turned back and struck him in
the eye.
He staggered as he groped about his shrine and began scattering the place in
the process. “Help….Help….meeeee…..Matamamatama…do something!” He
screamed as he placed his hand on the dagger and tried taking it out.
He screamed in pain as he tried
to take it out. His attendant rushed in and saw what was happening.
“Sir….Wise One….” She
called out in fear.
He screamed in pain as he fell blindly to the ground.
His attendant stood there in
fear and watched the agent’s body begin to decay before her eyes. She was
suddenly afraid and ran away.
The agent screamed loudly and
struggled to pull the dagger away from his eye but once he forced the dagger
out, he lay still as death.
It was one year after the
ordeal that had almost destroyed Jennifer’s family. Jennifer alighted from the
taxi cab with her children and they all walked into the facility hand in hand.
They got to the reception and the nurse there directed them to the visiting
They sat there and waited.
Suddenly the door opened and he
stepped out, aided by two nurses. Jennifer wished she could feel sorry for him
but she didn’t feel anything, her heart was numb. The children stared at their
father who scratched his hair repeatedly and mumbled some incoherent words as
he advanced towards them.
“He looks thinner.” Micah said
to Isabella.
The children watched as the nurses
helped their father to a chair.
“How is he?” Jennifer asked.
“He not getting any
better….he recently contracted an infection but we’re treating it.” The nurse
Jennifer nodded.
A year ago, when Mike was found
inside a canal far away from home, some good Samaritans had been kind enough to
give her a phone call and Edmund had taken charge of placing him in an
“Can we talk to him?” Mercy
“He doesn’t know you or what
you’re doing here but you can speak to him if that will make you feel better.”
The nurse said to her.
Mercy nodded and looked away.
“We are afraid his infection
might be contagious so, your visit will be shortened” The second nurse said.
Mike stared at his feet, he
didn’t know where he was or who the people sitting right opposite him were. All
he knew was that he wanted his life to end soon, he was tired of suffering. The
pain was unbearable and he spent most nights lying awake and staring at the
ceiling instead of sleeping.
“Daddy…” Micah called out.
Mike didn’t respond.
“He doesn’t know us, dummy.”
Emmanuel said.
“What…what happened to turn
him like this? How did this happen?” Mercy spoke. She remembered coming home
from school with Isabella only for her mom to give her the news of her father’s
state. “Will daddy get better?” She asked with tears in her eyes.
Jennifer reached out to her
daughter and gave her a half-hug, she couldn’t tell her children the truth or
it’ll mar them forever. She couldn’t tell them that this man they really loved
had wanted to sacrifice them for wealth and things of the world. She looked at
Emmanuel who was staring at the ground and knew that he might know more than
his siblings did but was wise enough to keep silent.
“Let’s go now. We’ve seen him
already…” Jennifer said.
The children stood up with
their mother and waved to ther father while he stared at the ground like one
without sense of direction. The nurses took him away and Jennifer and her kids
went home. As Mike walked back to his room, he turned to glance at his visitors
for the last time.
That night, he died.
Vanessa and Damien welcomed
their first child into the world two years after Damien became born again.
Damien began evangelising and teaching everyone he met about the good news of
Soon after he’d been freed from
the clutches of satan, their house was razed to the ground in a fire incident
which shocked many as no one knew the cause of the fire. Same thing happened to
his businesses as the bakeries and restaurants also began to burn to the ground,
one after the other. The couple started from scratch again as Damien went back
to his business of cooking and supplying food to offices for a living.
Vanessa and Jennifer became
closer than ever and they began a bible study group for women; spreading the
good news of Christ and propagating the gospel.
With the help of pastor Edmund,
Jennifer got a good job and single-handedly raised her children.
Mercy, Emmanuel, Micah and
Isabella grew up in the ways of the Lord and never departed from His path.


The End.
Thank you all for being fabulous readers.God bless you immensely.

A new series begins soon #watchthisspace


  1. wow what an ending, its pays mike right for wanting to sacrifice his children all because of wealth. the one that took him there later repented but he didn't have that opportunity.


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