Melvin was at his desk, sorting through some paper work when
his phone rang, he looked at the number on his phone screen and answered the

“Yes, who am I speaking with?” He asked.
“This is Kentura Obiani, I errrmm…got your number off the
receptionist at the hotel.”

Melvin’s head snapped. It was the prostitute and she was
speaking fluently and in sound English. Weren’t prostitutes supposed to be
under educated? He wondered.
“Yes…I found you wasted at the roadside yesterday, in
fact, I almost ran you over.”
“Me? You can’t…you can’t be serious.” She said with the
softest voice ever known to man.
“Well, that’s the truth or how does that explain how, I, a
total stranger would lodge you in a hotel?”
“That’s the same question I’m asking myself.”
Melvin rolled his eyes, ‘why was she pretending?’ of course
she was a prostitute, there was no other reasonable explanation for the state
he’d found her in, last night.
“Well…I hope you got home safe. Good bye.”
“No…please…don’t hang up. I need to repay you the
favour…for…for helping me out. I really don’t know what happened but…I
have you to thank for everything.”
“Look lady, I think we both know who and what you are! Stop
pretending to be chaste when you’re not. I am not in the mood for games.”
“I honestly don’t understand you.” She asked with all
“Listen, Kentucky or whatever you call yourself.”
“Kentura…Kentura Obiani.”
“Whatever….I only did what the good Samaritan in the bible
would have done and my work is finished.”
“I would like to thank you…if you didn’t pick me off
the road, then, I would have been telling another story if not for you.” She
“You can just say ‘thank you’, and that’s fine by me.” He
“No, that wouldn’t be enough. Let me take you to lunch…let
me buy you lunch…please.”
Melvin almost laughed out loud. A prostitute wanted to buy
lunch for him?
“Look here Kentucky….”
“Kent…or whatever your name is, I know your type and I’m
baffled at myself for holding up the conversation for too long. I know what you
do for a living but I don’t judge you…I won’t. I am happy that you’re fine,
so take your thank you lunch with you, I am a busy man.”
“It’s so sad that you hardly know me, yet you condemn me.
Doesn’t your bible tell you not to judge lest you’d be judged?” She asked.
Melvin stiffened.
“I am busy but I can spare ten to fifteen minutes.” He said
“Okay…I am at work now and err…I go for lunch at one
o’clock. Is the Sundown Eatery along the alternative route fine by you?”
Melvin was speechless, she was at work? So she worked in the
afternoons? Didn’t her privates ever rest?
“I know the place…I’ll be there.” He said and hung up.
“Melvin, you’re stupid you know…really stupid.” He said to himself.
Kentura looked at the phone and was shocked, he had hung up
on her. She sighed and looked at her computer screen.
“Kentura, are you handling the Downtown Estate project?” Her
colleague, Cynthia asked.
“Yes….yes I am…” Kentura replied.
“Why does it look like you didn’t sleep a wink last night?”
Cynthia asked.
“It’s a long story but yes, I slept last night.”
“Uh uh…you look like you went clubbing.”
Kentura smiled and said.
“On a work night? No way!”
Melvin knew he was late to the lunch with Kentura and he
deliberately wanted to be late. He was sure she was used to having men at her
beck and call but not him, definitely not him, he assured himself. Just as he
parked his car at the eatery’s parking lot, his phone rang, it was Bianca.
“Hello…Bianca…how are you?” He asked, happy to speak to
someone holy after speaking with the devil herself.
“Hello Melvin…good afternoon, I am well. How are you?” She
asked cheerfully.
“I am fine.”
“I err…called to ask if you’re fired up for Friday…it’s
special service day.”
“You bet!” He laughed. “Guess what?”
“Guess who’s preaching on Friday?”
“Oh my goodness! You are kidding me! Are you preaching on
“Yep I am…” He said with a smile.
“Wow! I am impressed! It’s been long since we’ve heard you
“I leave it for the other pastors…you know…” He said
with a smile.
“I would love to see you preach, to hear the word of God,
straight from the lips of an anointed man of God, like yourself.”
“You flatter me Bianca.”
“No, I’m only telling the truth…you are phenomenal.” She
“And you have the voice of an angel…you sing so well. I
loved your solo rendition on Sunday.”
“Oh really? I’m glad you loved it…I sang from the heart.”
She said.
There was a pause.
“We make a good team you know…you’re a great pastor and
I’m a good Christian singer.” She laughed nervously.
“Yes…yes…” He said and glanced at the time, it was
already one thirty pm. “Bianca, can I call you back? I’m late for a small
“Okay…sure…see you tomorrow.” She said and hung up.
Melvin got out of his car and walked into the eatery, the
place wasn’t crowded as the only people there were two couples and two
individuals having lunch. The couples faced each other while the individuals sat
on separate tables. The man faced the entrance of the eatery while the lady’s
back was seen. He walked up to the lady even though he was sure that it wasn’t
the prostitute he’d saved last night and peered at her.
At that instant, she looked up at him and his heart skipped
a beat.
“I…I’m sorry….I guess I have the wrong person. I am
looking for someone.” He said.
“Oh…” She said. “Me too…but I guess he might not show
up…”  Then she looked at him and asked.
“Are you by any chance, Melvin?”
Melvin was taken aback at the mention of his name.
“Yes, I am Melvin.”
She stood up with a smile and stretched out her hand at him.
“I am Kentura, thank you so much for coming and for saving
me…thank you.”
Melvin’s mouth hung open. This was not the same woman he’d
seen yesterday. The woman he’d seen was a prostitute. She was skimpily dressed
and had tons of makeup on but this woman looked like an angel. She was dressed
in a navy blue pencil skirt, a white satin shirt and a bright yellow blazer.
She had her Bob Marley braids wrapped in a doughnut bun on top of her head.
“You are who?” He asked.
“Kentura.” She said to him. “You lodged me in a hotel room
Melvin quickly shook her hand and sat down in surprise.
“I can’t believe it! It’s like you’re a totally different
person.” He said.
“Yes…I had lots of makeup on….I was barely recognisable.
You see, I think I usually like to make up a whole lot when I feel no one is
looking. Many times I wake up with loads of makeup so I believe that since I
don’t use so much make up on my face during the day, I make up for it at night
Melvin stared at her, he still couldn’t believe it.
“What would you like to have? Lunch is on me.” She said. “I
have to go back to the office in thirty minutes…since I left about
forty minutes ago.”
Melvin didn’t speak, he only nodded.
“Errmmmm…” She didn’t know what else to say.
“I…don’t know what to say…I thought you were
“A what?” She asked so innocently.
“A prostitute…no offence to you…”
“No offence taken…” She said. “I still can’t explain how I
got out there but I’m grateful that you helped me…thank you again.”
“I’m sorry for judging you and for mistaking you for a
“Don’t bother about that, prostitutes are people, aren’t
they?” She said with a smile.
“Yes they are.”
They both shared a smile and the waiter walked up to them
with the menu. When they’d placed their orders, Melvin spoke.
“So, tell me…what do you do for a living?”
“Do you mean, when I’m not prostituting?” She said jokingly
and laughed.
“I already apologised for that.” He said embarrassed.
“I’m just joking. I work with real estate…I actually work
with the biggest real estate company in Lagos.”
“That’s cool.” He said.
“You? Where do you work?”
“Well…errm…I shuffle between my job as the General
Manager of Didani Group of Companies and errm…a pastor at my church.”
“Wow! That’s incredible!”
“What’s incredible? My work as a GM or my vocation as a
“It’s the pastor part, I mean…not many young men would
…you know…”
He laughed.
“Well…I have to fill in my dad’s shoes and I must confess
that I love it. What church do you attend?”
“I’m still on the scout…I just moved to this city a few
months back and I’ve not really attended any church.”
“Then, you must come to my church…infact, you should come
this Friday because I’m preaching.” He said.
Her eyes widened.
“Are you serious? I’ll definitely be there!” She said.
To be continued on Thursday….




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