couldn’t explain what possessed him, all he knew was that he felt so strange
all of a sudden and after what seemed like hours, he regained himself and found
that he was lying on the ground as though one dragged through a torturous
was there too, but this time, he sat up and breathed heavily as though he had
survived some sort of heart attack.
happened?” Mike asked looking around in panic.

helped revive me…I summoned the ancient spirits and they needed a host body.”
Damien said sounding tired.
Mike shouted.
are you shouting? You helped revive me…shouldn’t you be happy that you did?”
don’t understand you…I don’t understand anything.” Mike said in fear.
not be afraid Mike, we are in this together.”
want to understand what happened to me. I can’t remember what just happened
within the past minutes…it’s like I fell into some kind of deep slumber and I
feel so exhausted.”
are a lot of things that you’re yet to understand especially now that you’re
not fully a part of the ancient shrine. You still haven’t sacrificed anyone
looked at him and said weakly.
wife is making things difficult for me. I just realized that she’s been the
backbone of my problems all these while.”
you’d have to tell the agent about her. If she’s blocking you from receiving
what rightfully belongs to you, you need to stop her and fast.”
has some kind of help…I saw a man…with her today and just as I wanted to
confront him, your wife called.” Mike said.
reminds me, where is my wife?” Damien asked in panic.
sent her to get you some painkillers.”
you serious? You knew that you had to send her far away from here? You’re a
natural! It’s like you were born to be an occultist.” He said.
felt that if you’d summoned for me, I was the only one who could help and that
you wouldn’t want anyone else around.”
am so relieved.” Damien said.
what happened? You were in a scary state when I came in.”
women won’t kill somebody!” Damien sighed.
mean your wife?”
my wife has a hand in what just happened to me. In fact, she’s the reason I was
in the state that I was.”
you serious?” Mike asked.
you imagine that the woman went for deliverance?”
eyes widened.
not supposed to or is she?”
course not! She’s been running helter skelter in search of a child and I’ve
supported her the best way I can as long as it’s the orthodox way but today,
she did the unthinkable and something tells me that she delivered herself out
of the whole situation.”
do you mean by that?” Mike asked in alarm.
looked at the closed door and whispered.
mean that…that…she might have ended up destroying some things that I’d done
already for wealth…” 
can’t talk here…let’s go somewhere private.” Mike said.
go to the shrine, I need to know the extent of damage she’s done.” Damien said
getting up from the ground.
stared at him uncomfortably.
still haven’t told me what happened when the ancient spirits possessed my body…I
still have problems understanding it all.” He said standing up from the floor.
spirit that possessed your body sounded very angry and that’s how I know that I
need to get to the shrine as fast as I can.” Damien said.
wish I could get home first, there are some issues I’d like to trash out with
my wife.” Mike said.
you have to come with me…” Damien said walking over to pick the keys of his
they left the bedroom together, Mike couldn’t stop thinking of what had
happened to him a while ago and what that meant for him.
sat outside beside the flowers used to decorate the house, she was hidden from
view as she watched her husband and Mike, leave the house together and head to
his car. She was very shaken by what she’d heard that she’d spent the past
thirty minutes convincing herself that she heard wrong. She was still watching
them when her husband suddenly stopped and said to Mike.
did you say my wife left the house?” Damien asked.
she did…”
car is here.” Damien said walking over to his wife’s car and peering inside.
think she left on foot, she ran off as soon as I told her to get you medicine.”
Mike informed.
Damien shouted.
felt fear grip her heart as she inched closer to the flowers. The gateman
rushed up to Damien and said.
is my wife?” Damien asked.
dey inside house sir.” The gateman said.
didn’t leave the house?” Damien asked.
wan comot before but she rush enter back inside the house.”
Mike and Damien shared a look.
you sure that she didn’t leave this house?” Damien asked again.
dey sure sir.” The gateman said.
hurried back into the house while Mike followed suit. Vanessa panicked, should
she go back inside the house? She asked herself. Should she scale the fence? If
she goes back into the house, what excuse would she give her husband to try to
convince him that she’d not ventured towards their bedroom and heard all that
went on there? She panicked, if indeed her husband was an occultist, he didn’t
want her to find out about it and if he found that she knew about it, there was
no telling what he’d do to her.
gateman stood there confused and after a short while, he made his way into the
acted on instinct, she quickly rushed to the gate, opened it and dashed out
into the street. She was breathing heavily when she stopped running and stood
at the front of a nearby empty stall. Tears rushed to her eyes and she stared
at the building that her husband had erected in the middle of the street. She
shook her head when she thought of the people who envied her and who wished to
live the life that she was living. ‘All that glitters is not gold’ was the
phrase that kept repeating itself in her head and as hard as she tried to think
otherwise, she couldn’t.
had dropped the phone on her when she’d told her about what she’d found and
she’d called her several times after that but Jennifer hadn’t answered her calls.
She wished that Jennifer wouldn’t act so fast in confronting her husband about
what she’d found just yet but her silence was quite unnerving as Vanessa
couldn’t help but think that Jennifer might spill the beans. She had just wiped
the tears from her eyes when she saw her husband’s car drive out through the
had to make it believable, she thought, so she quickly got out of the stall and
made her way out into the street. Her husband’s car stopped and he alighted
from the car and hurried up to her.
have you been? The gateman said you didn’t leave the house but here you are.”
He said.
was too disorientated…that I didn’t realize that…I had left money
at…home. How are you? You…are better…right?” Vanessa asked trying to pull
herself together.
I’m fine.” Damien said. “I don’t believe you’ve met Mike.”
looked at Mike in the car and shook her head.
a good friend of mine and he…errm…knows some medical stuff so…”
nodded as her husband lied through his teeth.
I’m glad that…you’re better…errmm…I’ll be going home.” She said.
on my way to check the bakery…I’ll be back tonight.”
you supposed to rest and maybe see a doctor?”
worry…I’m fine.” He said with a smile. “I love you honey.”
couldn’t find the words to respond, so she nodded.
have to go now…see you later.” He said.
nodded and stood there by the side of the road watching her husband get into
the car and drive off. She took a step towards the towering building she called
home and stopped, she couldn’t go any further. She turned around and ran.
and Mike stood before the agent who was visibly angry. He stared at the two of
them in open hostility.
am sorry…I promise it won’t happen again.” Damien begged.
warned you against people who pray to the higher God. I warned you from the
start. They spoil our work and render it useless.”
had no idea…you see, my wife has never really been a prayerful woman so I
never thought she’d do a thing like that.”
you know what that had caused you? You are losing one third of your fortune
because of this.”
clutched his chest with his hand, his heart beat hard and fast.
One third of what? I didn’t do anything…it wasn’t my fault.”
don’t think you know what just happened to you.” The agent sneered. “Your wife
got delivered from the chains we’d used to tie you from having children.
Coupling with her today opened the door for a child and believe it or not, she
could be carrying your child which makes it impossible for you to still retain
your fortune.”
Damien sobbed.
cannot help you! You have broken the seal that bound your fortune.”
on my behalf, I can’t lose it all…I can’t lose my wealth, my riches, my
fortune…I can’t…I can’t…go back to poverty.”
watched Damien cry like a baby and stared at him in pity.
can I do? Please tell me what I must do. I beg of you…I beg of you…” He
only one way and that’s only to help secure your remaining fortune because the
one third must go whether you like it or not.”
sir…I beg of you…please…”
assistant will give you a pot of water which you must add to your wife’s
bathing water. This will help force out any pregnancy that your mistake might
have caused and cleanse her completely.”
give me…I need the water…thank you…” Damien sobbed.
agent turned to Mike and said.
you figured out why your children have refused to die?”
believe that my wife has a hand in it.” Mike said stiffly.
agent walked over to a very large calabash at the center of the shrine and
brought it out then walked back to Mike and handed it over to him. It was
she sleeps tonight, kill her!” The agent said to Mike with a firm look in his
Damien and Mike left the ancient shrine that evening, they both had determined
looks on their faces. A single call had informed Damien that two of his
bakeries were on fire and all attempts to reach the fire service proved
abortive.  Mike on the other hand, knew
he had to do what he must, he loved his wife but anything that stood against
his wealth, at this point, needed to be removed completely.
‘For we are contending not against flesh and blood, but against
principalities and against rulers of the darkness of this world; against
spiritual wickedness in high place.’ Ephesians 6:12
To be continued on Thursday…
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  1. This is a very tough one – having your own spouse as the very enemy who wants to destroy you. Eph 6: 12 says it all. Mike and Damien have been possessed by demons.


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