Thelma watched Obiageli
sleep, she had caused quite a scare last night as everyone thought she was
going to die. She had just finished her Morning Prayer session and was quite
excited that pastor Emmanuel had said something about rescuing her husband in order
to pray for him. She shook her head at life and thought of how she had taken
certain things for granted- from Obinna’s laughter, to his jibes and even his
annoying side-life had a way of robbing you of the most important things and
making you realize how important they are when they are gone. Chi walked up to
her with a small smile on her face.

“You look so
worried….” Chi said.
“Yes I am worried….”
“Evangeline said you
believe my uncle Ekweme has a hand in Obinna’s state of mind.”
Thelma nodded.
“I don’t know what to
think but the events of the past few days have opened my mind to the fact that
my uncle might be diabolical. Look at what he made Obiageli go through. Do you
know a villager came here this morning for prayers and when he saw Obiageli, he
said ‘tufia!’?”
“Why would he say that?”
“He said she confessed
to the crime of killing all our brothers and of wanting to kill Obinna too.”
“That’s ridiculous!”
Thelma said.
“Exactly what I thought.
Pastor Emmanuel told me that on taking the oath, she opened the doors for the
evil spirits to enter her and that it wasn’t her that confessed to the crimes
but the evil spirits.”
“Are you serious?”
“This is the reason we
should be careful of where we go to seek for solutions.” Chi said.
Obiageli’s husband walked
up to Thelma and Chi and said.
“The pastor said we are
going to bring Obinna to the church today.”
“Really? Thank you God!”
Thelma said in joy.
“How are we going to do
it? Uncle Ekweme has him in chains…” Chi started.
“Uncle Ekweme can’t stand
against the power of God…we will go there and bring him out for prayers.
Enough of the traditional sacrifices!” Obiageli’s husband said, and addressing
Thelma, he continued. “I want to say a big thank you to you for locating this
place, if not for the prayers led by the powerful men of God in this place,
Obiageli won’t make it out of this village alive.”
“I didn’t find
them…they found me.” Thelma said with a smile, remembering how Evangeline and
her husband had taken her to her husband’s family house on the day she had
arrived the village.
Obiageli’s husband
looked around the tattered-looking church.
“I have decided that
once everything has been finalized, I would rebuild this church into a more
befitting place for worship.” He said.
“Really? That would be
so nice…Evangeline would be so happy.” Thelma said with a smile.
“What a good way to
support ministries….especially the ministries that are genuine.” Chi said.
Nnayelugo watched in
father in concern, the old man wasn’t speaking, he was lying on the sofa in
“What really happened?
How did you find him?” His mother asked for the umpteenth time.
“I was on my way to see
Dike the palm wine tapper when I saw that the door to the room where Obinna was
confined was open. I rushed in to see papa on the ground and Obinna was nowhere
to be found.”
“Have you searched
everywhere for him?” His mother asked.
“I searched the whole
house and he’s not there. I told you from the beginning that I doubted that
Obinna was really mad. He is too smart to be mad…”
“Shut up! You saw that
he ran mad here in the village and he’s been senile all the while he’s been
confined in the room.” His mother said.
“Well…I don’t know
ooo…I’m sure this is planned work! Obinna wanted to kill my father in order
to inherit all our properties.” Nnayelugo said.
“Will you shut up? What
properties? The ones you have sold? We have no properties except this compound
because you have sold all our lands. The one with the lands is Obinna and it
makes no sense that he’ll try to kill your father as he has nothing to collect
from him.” His mother said.
“Well…I just wish papa
would talk….so that we can understand what really happened.”
“Did you call his
friend, Dibia?” His mother asked.
“Did you ask me to call
“I told you to call him
this morning.” His mother spat.
“It’s not true…you
told me nothing….”
“Look at this man
ooo…do you want your father to die? Run quickly and call the dibia, now!”
Nnayelugo looked at his
mother angrily and left the room.
Ekweme’s wife walked
over to her husband who was lying on the sofa but looking around as though he
was aware of his surroundings and said.
“What happened to make
you suddenly dumb eh?”
She walked away from the
sitting room and left him alone.
Ekweme had heard
everything his wife and son had said but had found that his tongue was tied so
he couldn’t reply. Something had happened last night when he had wanted to
finish off his nephew once and for all.  He
had felt a heavy slap on his cheek and had quickly passed out, only to wake up
to find that he couldn’t move the right side of his body and he couldn’t speak
‘What is happening to
me?’ He had asked himself.
He was happy to hear his
wife ask his son to go and call his friend, Dibia. Thankfully she decided to
use her brains this time. He thought.
Nnayelugo took the
longer route to the shrine, there was a small tap where young girls came to
fetch water and he had his eyes on many of them. He waited for them to fetch
their gallons of water before obstructing their movements by standing at the
center of the road.
“See this old fool
ooo…out of my way biko.” One of the girls said to him, her large bucket of
water was on her head.
“You are so
beautiful…infact, you are the most beautiful woman the world has ever seen…”
He said.
“Aren’t you old enough
to be married? What are you still doing around, chasing young girls?” Another
girl asked.
“You know that I love
seeing your pretty faces….without you, I can’t think…I can’t sleep.”
Nnayelugo said.
“Which of us?”
“What do you mean by
which of us?” He asked.
“You are addressing all
of us. Which of us is your choice?” She asked.
“All of you now! How can
a man have just one woman? It’s not possible…” He smiled.
“Mtchewww…see dis
vagabond.” One of the girls said and rushed past him.
Nnayelugo grabbed her
and her bucket of water fell and water poured on the both of them. The girl
fought him while her friends joined.
Emmanuel, Evangeline,
Thelma, Chi and the ministers were standing in front of Ekweme’s house. They
had come to take Obinna away for prayers and were ready to face whatever
obstacles posed by Ekweme.
“Good day to everyone in
this house.” Emmanuel greeted.
Ekweme’s wife came out
of the house, as soon as she saw them, she smiled in welcome.
“Thelma! Chi! Welcome ooo…I
have been worried about you two….where’s Obiageli? Were you able to find her?”
She asked.
“Yes and she is in the
church with her husband. Auntie, we came for Obinna…” Chi said.
“Obinna has left
ooo…he’s nowhere to be found…”
Thelma wailed and fell
to the ground in tears, Evangeline rushed up to her.
“What happened? Where
did he go?”
“My daughter, it’s a
long story. Even your uncle Ekweme is critically ill, inside the house.”
“Yes ooo. Infact I am so
confused…but come to think of it, the pastors here can pray for him.” Uncle
Ekweme’s wife said.
“Pray? For uncle Ekweme?”
Chi asked.
“From the bibles in
their hands, it’s obvious that they are pastors. Can you all come in and pray
for him? I sent Nnayelugo to call Dibia, his friend but he has taken too long
and I’m afraid that something bad might happen to him if I leave him in this
Chi looked at Pastor
Emmanuel questioningly and he nodded. The ministers joined him and they entered
the house.
As soon as they entered,
Ekweme looked up at them in surprise.
“Nnayi, I invited the
pastors to pray for you. They came to pray for Obinna but since he’s
disappeared, I told them to come and pray for you.”
Ekweme’s eyes widened,
it was as though they were about falling from their sockets.”

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