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Promise jumped off the bed with a scream, Japheth woke up and rubbed
his eyes.
“What is it? Promise! What is wrong?” He asked.
“He’s here…” Promise said in a whisper.
“Who are you talking about?”
“Bernard! Didn’t you see him?” She asked, turning to look at him with
glassy eyes.
“No…no…I saw nobody…are you sure you’re not hallucinating? You need to
go back to sleep.”
“No! I won’t….I can’t…” She said shakily.
“Come, sit on the bed and calm down okay…”
Promise walked over to him and sat down on the bed, she cradled her
head in her arms and wondered why she was going through all of this.
“Can I get you some water?” Japheth asked.
“No don’t go anywhere…please stay here…please…” She said in tears.
“Promise, talk to me…are you okay? First you said you wanted to sleep
in my room and now you think you saw Bernard? There’s something wrong…” He
It was as though something snapped in Promise, she stood up and headed
towards the door.
“Don’t bother about all that happened here tonight…I’m so stressed out
from working so hard on this crusade and Bernard has always been present at
every crusade so, I kinda miss him. Plus the fact that Gift is not too well,
has taken me off guard.” She said as she opened the door and left Japheth’s
Japheth stared at her retreating back and shrugged, he knew that the
crusade was going to be a big one, perhaps the biggest that the church had ever
had and he knew she was stressed and he felt sorry for her but something wasn’t
right. The Promise who had walked into his room looked terrified, she didn’t
look as one who was stressed by the planning of a crusade, instead she bore
close resemblance to a frightened rabbit.
He couldn’t sleep so he placed a call to Alice who picked almost
“Japheth…it’s almost two am.” She said.
“Yea…I’m sorry if I woke you up.” He said.
“I’m awake…I had a nightmare and I couldn’t sleep again…”
“A nightmare?”
“Two nightmares actually, the first was of Pastor Hope and the second
was of Bernard. I am confused, I don’t think I should be dreaming about dead
people right?”
“Yea…I don’t think you should.”
“Unless they are trying to tell me something…” She said.
“What kind of dreams did you have?” He asked.
“I dreamt of a very strange place where Pastor Hope was chained and
then Promise did something to her that I can’t really explain. Then I saw
Bernard, he…he looked very bleak…he wanted to tell me something then all of a
sudden I saw Promise with some people, they walked over to him and I heard him
call out my name and I woke up. I am tired of sleeping…I don’t want to dream
anymore.” Alice said.
“Let us pray then, because we fight not against flesh and blood but principalities
and powers. I believe that the devil and his cohorts have found out about the
crusade and want to fight against Promise and the church.”
“How’s that possible? Don’t you see that I keep dreaming of Promise as
the culprit in all of this? Something is not right, Japheth! Something is
wrong. Do you know I killed a snake in Gift’s office?”
“A what? How can a snake get into the church? How did it get in?”
“I can’t say. All I know is that it was a very big snake and I hit it
on the head and Gift fell to the ground and is in the hospital…” Alice trailed
off then said in alarm. “Could it be that Gift is somehow linked with the
“I don’t understand you…how can Gift be linked with a snake?”
“You know I tell you always that God’s not in that church…I have a
feeling of it and every day I get more convinced of it…”
Japheth stopped to think then suddenly said.
“Do you know I have stumbled on Promise’s bible? I found that it’s not
a bible at all.” He said.
“What do you mean by that?” Alice asked.
“Do you want to see if what I’m saying is real? Then, go to her office
and check on her bible…and tell me what you see.”
“My God! Let this not be true! Let it not be that Promise sold her soul
to the devil to get power, wealth and riches.”
“Is that what you think? If that’s true, then she’s building a kingdom
for the devil and not for God.” Japheth said.
“I refuse to believe that those who attend her church share in the
“Of course not, they are innocents looking for miracles…”
“This is too much…I can’t believe this! If Promise is really for the
devil that means, the crusade is also of the devil. We must stop that crusade
from happening.” Alice said.
“Can that be possible?”
“Yes, with prayers and with God’s direction we can stop it.” Alice
“Let us pray…” Japheth said with strong conviction.
Alice and Japheth began to pray over the phone.
The spirits of the underworld were going about their business when one
of the cages was pushed open. The queen’s girls were shocked to see a man strut
out like a king from the cage and head out of their confinement.
“Mother!” They screamed as they stared at him in awe.
The man shone brilliantly as he walked majestically to his freedom and
soon disappeared.
“What happened?” One of the girls asked.
They all hurried over to the queen who was listening to one of her
subjects speak and shouted.
“Our captive has set himself free!” They said.
“Impossible! No one gets into our cages and leaves of their own free
will!” The queen said.
“But…he…he…left and we couldn’t stop him…because he looked so powerful…so…strong…”
A girl said.
“That’s impossible! Which of our captives is that?” The queen asked.
“You mean the eye we have on Promise?”
They nodded.
“That’s not possible! The crusade is already here, how can we lose our
eye in the world at this time?” The queen said. “How did he have the power to
lose our chains?”
“The only power that can defeat us is from above. Maybe he has
identified with the power.” One of the girls said shakily as she was afraid to
call the name of God in the underworld.
“Remember, we also lost Gift so…we really have no other of our own in
the world.” A second girl cried.
“Who shall we send now? This is critical.” Another of the girls said.
“I’ll go!”
Everyone turned to see who spoke. It was none other than the queen

To be continued…


  1. Ada ooooo. This is definitely short. I was reading and all I wanted to do is keep reading.
    I love how this season of blackmail is going. I love how God is using you to spread his gospel.
    At the name of Jesus all powers will bow. Jesus is king and he'll remain king forever.
    Let's see how this unfolds.
    Thanks again Ada. God bless you abundantly.

    • Really? You should see how I'm rushing to end the season because it seems as though it's running around like a headless chicken.
      Thanks for the inspiring comment Bilingual Moi. God bless.


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