Promise was getting
agitated, she had searched the whole church for Alice to no avail, the security
men kept reassuring her that Alice had not left the church and she knew they
were telling the truth.
“Where is she?” The
queen asked walking up to stand close to her.
They were both outside
at the grounds of the church and some of the workers were hanging the very
large crusade banner at the entrance of the church, something that should have
been done days ago but was delayed because Gift wasn’t around. The banner at
the entrance of the street was still there, looming large and beckoning.

“I have no idea…I
thought you tied her.” Promise said.
“I released her, I only
held her tongue.” The queen spat.
“What do we do? Where
could she be?” Promise asked.
“You should have taken
care of that woman long ago, instead, you let her roam free.” The queen spat.
“Why are you blaming me?
I have done everything you asked for, what else do you want?” Promise shouted.
The queen looked at her
in alarm.
“Are you talking to me
in that tone?”
“I am tired of this
all….since I joined your mission, it’s been one task or the other…I am
tired.” Promise said as tears fell from her eyes.
The queen glared at her,
wishing at that moment that they were in the underworld, so that she could toss
her into one of her cells.
“Who is tired and of
what?” A masculine voice crept up from behind them.
Promise turned around to
see Sir Gideon standing behind them.
“Talk to your protégé,
or else…” The queen’s threat sliced the air as she made her way into the
Sir Gideon looked at
Promise, he was furious but he hid it well.
“Promise, what is wrong?
Why is the queen angry with you?” Sir Gideon asked.
“I screamed at her.”
Promise said breathing heavily.
“You what? Do you know
that woman has the strength of life and death in her hands?”
“That’s not the
orientation I was given, the only one who holds the power of life and death is
….Jesus Christ.” Promise said and as she called out the name of Christ, she
felt a sharp pain slice through her heart. It felt like the pain of a raw heart
Sir Gideon’s eyes
widened as he stared at her in shock.
“You mention the name?
You mention the name and truly revere it? What happened to my tutorials? I
warned you not to mention the name with great fear and respect.” He asked
“I…I know…I
shouldn’t…but I don’t know what’s happening to me…” Promise cried. “I need
help, everything is crashing to the ground…I am helpless…” She cried.
“Come with me!” Sir
Gideon ordered.
Promise followed him
weakly behind and as she did so, she felt a deep sense of loss. They entered a
room at the ground floor of the church and as soon as they got in, Sir Gideon
shut the door and gave her two hard slaps on her cheeks.
“We serve the devil, and
he alone do we serve! Do not mention that name again to me or say anything in
that name. Am I clear?” He spat at her.
Promise didn’t say
anything, she just stood there and stared at the ground.
“Promise, look at me!”
Sir Gideon said to her.
“No…” Promise said.
“Are you going against
my command? Are you refusing to respect me as your lord and master?”
“You are not my lord and
master! Enough of this!” Promise said looking up at him and meeting his gaze. “I
am tired and sick of this life. I wasn’t brought up to serve the devil, I was
brought up in the ways of the Lord, the one and true God. I want to be free of
this life…I am sick and tired of running from my shadow. Living this life is
more difficult than following God and I want to go back.”
“What do you think I
feel about this life? Do you think I love it so much? Do you think I’m happy? I
see people rush into my church, I watch myself being revered by my congregation
but I don’t feel satisfaction! Do you think I’m not tired of this too? But I
have no choice! No choice at all and same goes for you.”
“No…I have a choice…the
bible tells me that no matter how grievous my offences are, all I have to do is
fall on my knees and ask for forgiveness and mercy…” Promise cried. “And that’s
what I’m going to do. I am going to ask God for mercy.”
Sir Gideon stared at her
as though she’d run mad.
“Do you want to return
to poverty? Do you want to keep begging for congregation while your mates in
the ministry are driving exotic cars and travelling the world. Do you want to
let go of greatness?”
“There is no greatness
in the devil!” Promise said.
“You can’t break the chains
of the devil, and no one can fight for you. Do you think that after all you’ve
done, God will be willing to forgive you just like that? Promise, you made
sacrifices at your mother’s graveside, you killed Bernard…”
“Stop it! Stop! Stop!”
Promise screamed with her palms over her ears.
“You are a sinner and
the wages of sin is death and hell. God cannot brush you up…and bring you
back to His fold. Never!”
“The parable of the
prodigal son shows that God is merciful. Even when the father gave his son his
share, he still welcomed him with open arms when he came back home. I am a
prodigal child of God and I am returning home…I am going home.” She cried.
Sir Gideon grabbed her
and shook her roughly.
“Look at me Promise, you
swore an oath, an oath of blood and you will never be set free. Never!” He
screamed as he shoved her to the ground and left the room and slammed the door.
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Alice and Japheth held
hands, they prayed, they let the words of their hearts flow through to their
lips. They had no idea of what they were praying for but they knew something
had to happen and it had to happen today and at this hour. They were both
sweating in the choir’s closet where there were no windows, and only if they
had opened their eyes would they have seen the radiance of the room at that
moment because God indeed was with them.
“These walls are not of
the Lord and just like the Lord said to Joshua, ‘I am putting into your hands
Jericho with its king and all its brave soldiers. You and your soldiers are to
march round the city once a day for six days. On the seventh day, you and your
soldiers are to march round the city seven times while the priests blow the
trumpets. As soon as you hear it, all the people are to give a loud shout and
the city walls will collapse.’ We have no soldiers, and neither do we have
trumpets but we have mouths, we have tongues and we can sing songs of praise.
This church, this place built for the worship of God is not of God, it was
erected through devilish means and soon a crusade meant to destroy the lives of
people is going to hold in this place. We have the power of God within us and
His word says, wherever two or three are gathered, He is in their midst. We
shall plead the blood of Jesus upon this church, asking Him to flood the
foundations of this place with His precious blood and uproot whatever is not of
Him in this place. We are going to open our mouths and ask God to destroy what
he has not planted.” Alice shouted.
They both prayed,
calling on the Holy Spirit and crying out their hearts to God, then, a crack of
thunder resounded.
The queen was furious,
her second girl whom she’d sent to kill Japheth had been destroyed, she stood
inside Promise’s office in anger and stared at her first girl.
“I spirit travelled and
I found that she was gone.” The first girl said.
“What happened to her?”
“I don’t know…” The
girl responded.
“What happened to her?”
The queen screamed.
:”I think Japheth has
the power of the great God.” The girl said with a shiver.
The queen screamed as she advanced menacingly towards her and stretched her
hands towards her neck when the door burst open and Sir Gideon stepped in.
“My queen…” He said
falling on his knees before the queen.
The queen abandoned her
evil intent of squeezing the life out of the girl and asked.
“What do you want?”
“I have spoken to her
and she will come and ask for mercy.” Sir Gideon assured.
“Stop lying to me! I
know she’s having a change of mind.” The queen screamed at him.
“Yes…she was…but I
spoke to her, I recounted to her all the good things you’ve done for her. Without you, she wouldn’t have built this church or garnered so many followers.”
“I hate taking the human
form!” The queen spat. “It makes me so weak. I should have killed her at the
spot when she dared to open her mouth to scream at me.”
“I ask for pardon my
queen…please forgive…I beg of you.”
“This is all your fault
Gideon, you brought a woman who doesn’t possess enough strong will.”
“I am sorry my queen…”
“I won’t kill her, at
least not yet…I still want the crusade to hold…I still want the church to
stand and by the time Gift recovers, we will both find someone else willing to
take Promise’s place in this church. Then, I will get rid of her.” The queen
said bitterly.
Sir Gideon fell on his
“On her behalf…I
beg…please my queen…please…pardon.”
The queen looked away.
“She’s having second
thoughts, Gideon, you can’t change her mind.” The queen said.
“She’ll be stupid to do
that! She knows well that if she strays from the path, she’ll suffer.”
“She’s going back to her
former God.” The queen said.
“No she’s not…I promise
you, she’s not. The crusade will hold, she will beg for pardon and things will
continue as before.”
The queen looked at
Gideon and said.
“I want Alice, dead…I
want Japheth…dead…” The queen said.
“Alice and Japheth?”
“Should I repeat myself
“No…no…please do not
repeat yourself…again… I beg of you.” Japheth said.
“Look for them and kill
them. I want them dead.” The queen commanded.
As Gideon rose to do her
bidding, thunder struck and shook the foundations of the building.
“What is happening? What’s
that?” The queen asked, looking around.
“I don’t know…it’s
like there’s an earthquake!” Sir Gideon said.
Thunder struck again and
this time, the building started collapsing. Promise’s office began to cave in,
Sir Gideon screamed in fear as a heavy brick fell to the ground, the queen and
her girl quickly disappeared.
Outside the church, the
workers heard the rumble and ran for cover. The only ones trapped within were
Promise, Alice, Japheth and Sir Gideon.

Last Episode
comes up on Thursday….


  1. Ada ooooooo see how you now ended the episode. Chai suspense of life. Omo mehn.
    Nice one.
    Thursday……we are waiting.
    The name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous run to it and they are saved.

  2. Hallelujah!!!! I love the way things played out in this episode. Indeed, the Lord fights for His own. He also is full of mercy and I hope Promise finds it.


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