No one told Nosa where to go, he knew where he was headed
and by the time he got there, he rushed into the house and fell on the bed in a
heap. The occupants of the house were shocked to see him and in that state too.
“Broda…u well so…na pesin pursue you enter house?” His step
sister asked in alarm.
His mother who had been lying on the bare ground raised her
head and looked at him.
“Nosakhare! Wetin happen?” His mother asked.
“Mama…no worry…I dey fine…I dey okay…” Nosa said in a small
“Oghogho…go wash pot for kitchen…” His mother said to his
step-sister, a ploy to send her out of the room.
“Ahhh…mama…which kain work you wan give pesin for
afternoon?” His sister grumbled.
“Comot from hia before I wooze you slap!” Her mother
Nosa’s step-sister stamped her foot repeatedly and stormed
out of the room. Nosa’s mother sat up, retied her wrapper over her breasts and
stared at him.
“Nosa! Are you alright? E well so?”
Nosa had been trying to hold back the tears but it came
forth, fast and hard.
“Mama! I nor know de kain palava I carry myself put ooo…”
Nosa sobbed.
“Osanobua! Wetin happen?” His mother asked with concern in
her eyes.
“I nor fit tell you…you nor go understand…” Nosa started.
“Which one be…I nor go understand. Talk! Wetin happen? De way
you rush enter dis house nor dey ordinary at all.” His mother said.
“Mama…wetin I don take eye see ehn… wetin I don use ear hear
ehn…wetin I don take mouth talk ehn…” Nosa started.
Suddenly there were loud shouts outside the door as
neighbours screamed, “Broda Uyi! Uyi!”
Nosa startled, he stared at his mother and at the door. He
wondered why Uyi was at the compound. ‘Did he come for me?’ He thought as he wiped his tears with the back of his palms. Uyi pushed
open the door and entered the room with Nosa’s step-sister in tow.
“Iye Ób’ávàn!” Uyi greeted Nosa’s mother bending low to his waist level.
“Ób’ókhían my pikin!” Nosa’s mother replied in welcome. “How you dey
na? How ya wife and pikin?”
“Them dey fine mama, my wife travel overseas, she talk say
she wan born for dia.” Uyi supplied smiling.
“Ehen! She don carry again?” Nosa’s mother asked excitedly.
“Yes mama…” Uyi smiled in reply.
Nosa wondered how Uyi cloud be so cheerful knowing fully well that his wife was in the earth.
“Wetin do our mid-wife for Bini? Why she nor wan stay hia born pikin?” Nosa’s mother asked in an offended voice.
“Nothing ooo…na her choice.”
“Mtcheww…na so una go dey born for overseas like say una nor
get village…” Nosa’s mother hissed.
“Uncle Uyi, wetin bring you come?” Nosa’s step-sister asked.
“Na Nosa bring me come…” Uyi replied, smiling at her.
Turning to Nosa, he gave him a chilly stare and asked. “How far na? How you
comot from meeting like that ehn? You nor even fit wait for me sef, even when you
know say I wan come compound…” Uyi said accusingly.
“Nosa! Which kain character you dey display so? Uyi wey
carry you join body for him mansion! Na so you want spoil una friendship?” His
mother admonished.
“No be so…mama…” Nosa said protesting quietly.
“Iye…you go help me talk to Nosa ooo…” Uyi said matter of
“Ma pikin, wetin you want make I tell am?” Nosa’s mother
“Nosa na slow guy…if na anoda pesin don dey under my roof these past few days, e for don blow but Nosa too slow. Na so so sleep he go dey
sleep from morning till night. Today, I carry am go my business meeting, before
I talk jack, Nosa don run comot! Wia him dey run, I nor know.”
“Nosakhare! Which kain disgrace you be sef?” His mother
lashed at him. “Na so you wan dey useless? Na so you wan make everybody big
pass you? See as Uyi wan help you and you nor wan help yourself. Nosa why?” His
mother asked as tears filled her eyes.
“Mama…” Nosa started.
“If Nosa continues like this ehn, I go just carry anoda
pesin join body. I nor fit dey try to help pesin wey nor wan help himself…”
Uyi said in a disappointed voice.
“Nosa! Nosa! Nosa! How many times I don call you so? Na who
send you come enter my belle? Look your sister, she sharp pass you by far!
Na so man dey do?” Nosa’s mother shouted at him.
Nosa was speechless, he watched how deftly, Uyi had quickly
made him seem lazy and useless yet he had no words to defend himself.
Everything he says would be held against him.
“I don dey go house… Iye abeg take dis one hold body…” Uyi
said and dipping his hand into his pocket, brought out a heavy bundle of one
thousand naira notes.
“Ma pikin! I love you ooo…God bless you for me ooo…” Nosa’s
mother shouted as she danced around in jubilation at the money Uyi had given to
Uyi said his goodbyes and left the house, with Nosa
following closely at his heels.

Odili’s mother had no idea of where she was. The roads were filled with thorns and
everywhere seemed deserted.

“Where am I?” She asked aloud but her voice echoed.
“What am I doing here?” She asked again but she got no
Suddenly, she felt something fly past her, then they came in
a group, flapping their wings about her and around her. She couldn’t breathe
and she couldn’t see but then she realized that her fear would only give them
power over her, so she fought the small winged creatures with all her might.
She caught one and yanked its head off, she caught another and did the same
till she had rid herself of all the creatures. She looked up and saw a mystical
creature floating in the distance, it was wrapped in black smoke and it had the
figure of a woman yet it wasn’t one.
“Who are you? Where is this place?” Odili’s mother demanded.
The mystical creature didn’t respond but kept floating  away.
“In the name of Jesus I command you to stop!”
Odili’s mother shouted, her voice seemed far way.
Suddenly, she felt a rush of air enter her lungs and she
opened her eyes.
“Mommy! Mommy! Thank you God! Mommy you’re awake!” Uche
screamed and hugged her.
“Whaaaa….wha….aaaaa….” Odili’s mother’s voice came out in
cracks, she couldn’t speak as she felt a huge constriction in her throat.
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“Shh…mommy, don’t talk…thank God you are alive! We almost lost you. The doctors said you weren’t responding to treatment and I
was so worried.” Uche started.
The door to the room opened and the doctor stepped in.
“You are awake!” The doctor said in surprise.
“The God we serve is a living God!” Uche said in an excited
“This is a miracle…you weren’t responding to treatment some
hours ago. How come?” The doctor asked, examining Odili’s mother. After the
examination, he said.
 “Your eyes are seemingly clear, your heartbeat is fine
and it seems our medicines have suddenly started working. Can you remember the
incident that left you in this state?”
“Arrrrr…..”Odili’s mother opened her mouth to speak but the
words didn’t form, she closed her eyes in pain as the pain in her throat seemed quite unbearable.
“Please open your mouth…” The doctor asked.
Odili’s mother opened it and the doctor flashed a light
inside, he looked closely and frowned. Then asked her to open wider.
“What is it doctor?” Uche asked.
“Has she eaten anything since she was admitted? Or did she eat anything before the accident?” The doctor
“Noo…eaten ke? She has not even opened her eyes since she
was brought in and I’m she hasn’t eaten anything this morning. Is there a problem doctor?” Uche asked.
“I need the consultant to see this!” The doctor said.
“I don’t understand…what is happening?” Uche asked.
“There is something in her throat and try as I might, I
can’t explain it…please hold on, I’ll go and see if I can get the consultant to
come here.” The doctor said and left.
Uche looked at the doctor’s retreating back and shrugged.
“What could be the problem? Why is he acting all nervous?”
Uche asked aloud. “Mommy, please open up, let me see what could be the problem
he’s talking about is.” Uche said to her mom.
Odili’s mother opened her mouth wide, Uche peered in and

To be continued on Sunday…



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