Her four inch heels clicked on the paved road as she walked,
it was a long way to the spot but she loved the feel of the night air on her
skin. The cars zoomed past, mostly taxis and a few buses, a number of private
cars slowed down but she wasn’t in a hurry, she knew her spot and that was
where she intended to build her clientele for the night.

A Keke Napep stopped ahead of her and the rider alighted to
check the engine, she recalled that she had one hundred naira in her purse so she walked up to the tricycle rider.
“Towers!” She said.
“Hold ya fifty naira change.” He responded without looking
up at her. He blew air into a pipe at the back of his tricycle, hoping to
remove whatever dust was clogging it from performing marvels on the road.
She walked up to the back seat, there was a lady already
seated and a man at the front, sharing the seat of the rider. She got in and
looked away, she could feel the lady’s close scrutiny but she didn’t mind besides, who wouldn’t stare?
She was dressed in a black sheer top which revealed her gold bra underneath,
and she paired it with a a pair of shimmering gold pants and black heels.  She looked like
a lady at the disco.
The rider got into the Keke and kicked the engine and they
were on their way. Soon, they got to her bustop, she paid, collected her change
and alighted.
The tower was merely close as to where she was really
headed. She watched the Keke zoom off and she crossed to the other side of the road and walked to
one of the mallam’s stalls there and sat on the bench. Mallam Yusuf knew her
quite well, she patronised him a lot as she bought all her condoms from his
stall as well as sweets and chewing gum.
It was still nine pm, the night was very young and since it
was a Saturday, she wouldn’t have to wait long till she had to display her

Bianca and her mother sat wordlessly in front of the
television, as they sat, their eyes flew to the clock on the wall from time to
time. Bianca yawned, church service was at nine am tomorrow and she didn’t want
to be late and neither did she want to be caught dozing as the GO preached.
Tomorrow, everyone believed that the GO was going to announce his intentions of
passing the baton of the church to a younger pastor and she couldn’t wait to
hear who it was going to be. Of course, it was going to be Melvin, she was so
sure of it.

“When it’s midnight…wake me up.” Her mother said lying on
the sofa and closing her eyes.
“Mom, it’s important that we don’t sleep before midnight
prayers.” Bianca started.
“Well…I’m sleepy, I spent the whole afternoon, cooking for
tomorrow…I’m tired.” Her mother said.
“Can’t we start our prayers now? It’s almost eleven pm.”
“The prayers at midnight are more effective than other
prayers and unless you’re no longer interested in snagging Melvin, then we can
pray now.”
“You know that’s the reason we’ve started this fasting and
prayer session…” Bianca said. “I need Melvin to take me seriously.”
“That’s why you need to wake me up at the stroke of midnight
so that we can possess our possessions. No one, and I mean no woman born of a
woman can have Melvin except you. We can’t dedicate our lives to God and that
church for so many years and come out unrewarded. God rewards His faithful
children and we are no exception.” Her mother said.
“Yes mom, you are right. By the time we are done with our
three days fast and prayers, the heavens will open and Melvin would begin to
love me as he should.” Bianca said with deep conviction.
“I’ll close my eyes for a little while, when it’s midnight,
please wake me up.”
“Sure mum.” Bianca responded.

Melvin was reading his bible in his bedroom. His father mostly preached on
Sundays but tomorrow, he had no idea if he’d ask him to preach to the
congregation or not. He was still pouring through his bible when he heard a
knock at his door.

“Come on in.”
The door opened and his parents walked in. Melvin was quite
startled to see the two of them in his room at the same time.
“Mom, dad…” He started.
“Melvin, I see that you’re enriching yourself with the
word.” His father said as he walked over to sit on his bed.
“Yes…I felt that you might not want to preach tomorrow so
I’m just getting myself prepared.” Melvin said.
“Hmmm….I’ll do the preaching tomorrow.” His father said.
“Okay, I’ll still continue my bible study.” Melvin said with
a smile.
“We’re so proud of you son….so proud…” His mother said
emotionally. “It’s not easy to have a child who takes God as top priority as
you have and we are extremely blessed to have you. God has been good to us.”
“I am so blessed to have you both as my parents.” Melvin
said with a smile. “I love you guys very much.”
“You are a rare example, son.” His father said.
“Thank you dad…I do it all for God.” Melvin said.
“You know what Melvin, I’ve brought you up to make your own
decisions, and never have I made you feel pressured by my status as the head of the church nor made you
feel that you have to follow in my steps.” His father started.
“Yes, I know that dad. Being a pastor and taking God
seriously, has been my choice from day one, and no one forced me into it.”
Melvin said.
“Yes, that’s very true. Even though we brought you up in the
way of the Lord, we also expected you to find your own path.” His father said.
“And you found God and decided to stick with Him.” His
mother said with a smile.
Melvin looked at his parents, what were they getting at? He
“I will be making a big announcement at the church tomorrow
and since you’re my child, I need to tell you first before I tell the
congregation of worshippers.” His father said and paused. “I am handing over
the baton to you…”
Melvin’s mouth stood ajar for seconds, he couldn’t believe
it. He knew that his father might choose him but it was suddenly so
“I am not fully stepping down from the position as GO but
I’m stepping aside for you to grow and learn from my ropes. Pastor Matthias and
Pastor Ezekiel are also strong contenders for the position of GO and since they
have served the church well, I am sending them to Abuja and Calabar
respectively for them to head the mission there. I have spoken to them about it
and they’ve accepted wholeheartedly.”
“This is too much…I mean, dad…this is…” Melvin
“Don’t disappoint me son, I beg of you.”
“Of course not…I promise…I…I won’t…”
“As soon as I make the announcement tomorrow, be rest
assured that everyone would be interested in all that you do, going forward.
Your life would be an open book for everyone to see and that’s why I want you to find a good woman for yourself. There’s hardly a successful man without a
woman- a strong woman by his side and I want you to crown this new appointment
with marriage. You do know that Pastors Matthias and Ezekiel are married and
already raising a family.”
“Yes dad…I will start looking for the right woman.” Melvin
“I thought you’d found her…” His mother teased.
“C’mon mom…” Melvin said with a smile.
“Don’t rush him dear, this is the biggest decision he’ll
ever make in his life and he needs to go in with his eyes wide open.” His
father said. “We’ll leave you now to continue studying the sacred text. Good
night son.”
“Good night dad…thank you so much…you don’t know how
much this means to me.” Melvin said.
“To whom much is given, a lot more is expected.” His father
said and left the room.
His mother rushed to hug him and when she broke the hug, she
looked into his eyes and said.
“You make me proud…you make all of us proud. You are the
best gift God ever gave to me and I thank Him for you everyday.”
“Thank you mum…but wait, did you influence dad’s decision?”
Melvin asked with a teasing smile.
“No, I didn’t but I’d have certainly boxed his ears if he
gave it to someone else but I’m glad your dad is smart and gave it to you. He
prayed about it long and hard and I think that his decision is God’s decision
for the church too. All you need now, is a good, Christian and born again wife
to stand by your side.”
“Well, I have a list of young beautiful ladies…and they attend
our church too.” She said with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.
“Good night mom, I think I’ll be making that decision
myself.” Melvin said.
“Alright sonny, goodnight.” His mother said and left the
As soon as his mother shut the door behind her, Melvin fell
on his knees and looked up heavenwards.
“Thank you God!”


To be continued on Sunday……


  1. This particular series is full of suspense ooooooooooooooooooooooo… Adaeze, you for just pack am for book, make we buy and read at once, too much hanging things here.

    Good job always


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