Kentura stepped outside her house as soon as Melvin called
to inform her that he was at her gate. She was dressed in a pale yellow dress
and it complimented her skin tone. She smiled at him as soon as she got into
the car.

“Hello…” He greeted.
“Good afternoon GO…” She teased.

“Oh stop it…” He said with a smile.
“Of course you are the new general overseer of your
church…or isn’t that true.”
“Well…I’d rather be referred to as Melvin.” He said as he manoeuvred
the vehicle out of her street.
“It’s so surprising you know…the way we met and suddenly
it’s like we’ve become fast friends.” She said.
“Yes, it’s indeed surprising, I guess it was a big test for
me, not to judge a book by its cover. I judged you when I met you.” He said.
“Well…let’s forget about that.” She said.
“But tell me, it’s not like I’m trying to pry into your life
or anything like that but I’ve been wondering what you were doing at the
roadside that night. Have you asked any of your friends to see if anyone was
with you when you…”
She cleared her throat uncomfortably.
“I hope I’m not prying…” He said, sensing her discomfort.
“Let’s call it a confusing night…I mean, it has never
happened to me before and I guess I was errm…out that night because it was
the anniversary of my parents’ death and I was devastated. I think I drank too
much alcohol and…”
“You’ve lost your parents?” He asked in pity. “I’m sorry…”
“Yea… but it’s been a long time…” She said quickly.
“I am really sorry to hear about that. It must have been
devastating. I can’t imagine life without my parents.” He said.
“Well…it happened a long time ago so…it’s nothing to be
concerned about.”
“How did you cope?” He asked.
“Well…like I said, it was a long time ago and I’m all
grown up.” She said evading his question.
“I can’t imagine how you must have felt, losing a parent is
hell, and then losing two parents at the same time is a nightmare.”
“So where are we going to celebrate your new appointment?”
She asked clearly changing the topic.
“Errr…I have a nice place in mind.” He said with a smile.

Melvin’s mother felt uneasy, she didn’t know what the
problem was but something wasn’t right. Right from her childhood years, she was
extremely gifted with sight, some called her a psychic and others said it was a
gift of the Holy Spirit. Before she married her husband, she had seen him
offering her a ring in a dream and before Melvin was conceived, she’d seen
herself holding a male child in her arms.

Her insomnia wasn’t for nothing, something told her that the
end was near and she was worried. She wasn’t afraid of death but she was afraid
of what would kill her. A few months ago, she’d been diagnosed with the dreaded
cancer and the doctors had told her that hers had no cure because it was rare.
The only person that knew of this was her husband and this was the reason he’d
decided to hand over his position as GO so as to spend more time with her
before she left the world. He had wanted to step down earlier but she’d refused
to let him step down all because of her.
Now, she worried, not for herself but for her son. Something
told her that a dark cloud was slowly hovering above his head and that there
was nothing she could do to send the cloud away. She turned off the television and
rested her head on the sofa, and in no time, she’d fallen into a light sleep.
She saw
a beautiful young woman walk up to her with a fresh rose petal in her hands and
she saw Melvin walk up to the woman with a smile and loop his hands around her
waist. The woman handed the rose to him and just as he stretched his hand to
take it from her, the rose turned black and fell to the ground.
She woke up.
“Melvin! Oh no! Not Melvin!” She exclaimed.
The former General Overseer of the Church of Christ
Foundation and Bible Life Church sat in his study and stared at nothing in
particular. He was very disturbed. He had spent most nights in tears and prayers,
begging God for a miracle.
“I can’t live without her Lord, it’s been thirty-five
wonderful years and it’s not enough…I don’t want her to leave so soon.” He
said as his voice began to crack.
He was still speaking when the door to the office opened and
his wife stepped in.
“Darling…” She called out.
His eyes were already reddened with tears and he wanted to
be strong for her and not show his weakness but it was too late to wipe the
tears from his eyes. She walked up to him and turned his chair towards her.
“Are you crying?” She asked.
“No…something just flew into my eyes.” He said with a
quick smile as he dabbed his eyes with a handkerchief.
“Don’t lie to me, I know you haven’t slept properly since you
found out about my illness.” She said.
“It’s just not fair…I have been serving God for more than
forty-five years and is this how He wants to reward me? By taking you away from
“We had the best years of our lives together, and who knows
what the years ahead will bring? We can’t question God.”
“No! I don’t want you to go! I can’t live without
you…I…can’t…I just can’t…” He sobbed like a baby.
She pulled him towards her till his head rested on her
“That’s why we would spend my last days vacationing
somewhere nice.” She said with a smile as she stroked his head.
He looked up at her.
“Why don’t you give chemotherapy a try? Who knows?”
“You heard the doctor. The cancer is not the common type and
there’s really no cure. Why should I subject my body to such torture when I
know that I’ll only cause myself pain and still die?”
“But it will prolong your life for us…and….”
“Say no more darling…I didn’t come here to talk about my
life, I’m here to talk about Melvin.” She said.
“What about Melvin? Do you want us to tell him now? It will
break his heart.” He said in a broken voice.
“Well…we can’t hide the truth from him for long, he’ll not
forgive us if he finds out on his own.” She said. “However, that’s not the
reason I’m here.”
“What is it?” Her husband asked in worry.
He pulled her onto his laps and looked at her.
“I just had one of my visions darling…I think Melvin is in
“Trouble? What kind of trouble?”
“I think the devil wants to test Melvin and he has set a
trap with a woman. I haven’t seen her before but something tells me that she’s
already in Melvin’s life.” She said.
Bianca stamped her feet and growled loudly. She couldn’t believe
that Melvin had ignored her and made her feel like a fool. The door to her room
opened and her mother stepped in.
“Are you back already? I thought you’d be out celebrating with
“He doesn’t want to celebrate with me!” She screamed in
“Calm down…calm down darling…” Her mother said.
“Calm down? I can’t believe you’re saying this mommy! I love
Melvin! He’s my life! I was practically raised to be his wife. What are you
talking about?”
“Bianca! What has gotten into you? Why are you screaming at
“Everyone sees it! Everyone at church feels we should be
together. Do you know that Mrs. Okon saw us standing side by side and asked if
there were wedding bells? I am the woman for Melvin! I love him! He’s my
everything and yet, he doesn’t realise it. I am getting frustrated.”
Her mother looked at her and sighed.
“Calm down and tell me what happened.” Her mother said.
“Mom, Melvin shooed me away like he would a fly when I stood
by his side and graciously accepted the congratulations that was being showered
on him for his new position as GO. After standing by his side for more than two
hours, I looked away for a bit and suddenly, I didn’t see him so I headed out
to see if he was at the car park and there he was, already getting into his car
and speaking over the phone. I waited for him to finish his phone call before rapping
at his window. I told him that I wanted to ride with him so that we can
celebrate and he blew me off. Mummy, Melvin doesn’t love me…he doesn’t…”
She cried.
Her mother looked at her and said.
“That’s impossible my dear. Melvin will marry you even if I
have to move the heavens myself.”
“Do you mean by your prayers?” Bianca asked with tears in
her eyes.
“Prayers without work is dead right?”
“Good work, mom. Prayers without good work is dead.” Her
daughter corrected.
“All these while, we’ve been praying and haven’t been
working hard to draw him to us. I have an idea. I am going to call Melvin’s
mother today and arrange a small dinner party for Melvin here at the house.
When he arrives with his family, all we’ll talk about is how great the two of
you look together.” Her mother said with a triumphant smile.


To be continued on Sunday….
I sincerely apologise for not posting yesterday, I was a little busy and when time to write, it was already late.
Thank you for understanding.


  1. I dunno why I think both women are not good for him. If Bianca does not go diabolical, then Kentura needs close marking. You can sleep around but being a prostitute is just completely offthe radar. Thanks ADA, I come here everyday,ina eme ofuma.


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