I have a good feeling about this month, not only is the month of September the blogversary of this blog, -yup we’re four years old this month- something tells me that this month is going to bring to fulfilment all our hearts desires, plus it’s my dad’s birth month too. Happy new month of September dears, may God continue to bless you, uplift you and shield you from all harm in Jesus name. Amen. His banner over us is love, now and forever.
Lillian heard the commotion
at the front of her house and ran out in a hurry to see what was happening. She
opened the door and saw a young man wielding a bible and speaking in loud tongues.
He was also pouring some olive oil at her doorstep while Callistus stood there and
‘What’s happening here?
I let you bring in someone to pray over this house but I didn’t give you the
right to create a circus here. What sort of rubbish is this?” Lillian screamed
at no one in particular.
“Come come come Holy
Ghost come…” The young pastor sang.
Sophia joined in, her
hands were clasped together and her eyes were shut tight in  deep concentration, Lillian stared at the
little girl’s countenance and was startled. What was going on? She thought.

Seeing that no one
wanted to answer her questions, she placed her hands on her hips and waited for
the prayers to end. After what seemed like an eternity, the pastor said.
“In Jesus precious name
we have prayed.”
“Amen!” Sophia and
Callistus responded.
“Thank you very much for
your time…” Lillian said walking up to take Sophia by the hand.
“Thank you ma for having
me.” The young man said.
“Won’t you give him
something for his prayers?” Sophia asked.
Lillian wanted to
scream, the girl had such nerve.
“You mean, like an
offering?” Lillian asked through grit teeth.
“Yes…like an offering.”
Sophia said.
“Don’t worry madam, I am
fine.” The young pastor said and turning to Sophia he continued. “Thank you for
your kind gesture and I’m glad that you love God so much at this age.”
Lillian rolled her eyes,
no one could see God so why was there any need to love him? She thought.
“Can we go in now?”
Lillian asked.
As Sophia nodded, the
gate swung open and very big car drove into the compound. Lillian withdrew a
sharp intake of breath. She quickly called the househelp who ran up to her
“Quick! Get a rag and
clean the front of this house. I don’t want my husband to see the oil…” She
said, speaking of the anointing oil that the pastor had sprinkled.
The pastor nodded with a
blank facial expression and made his way out of the compound, stopping to greet
Gregory who was alighting from his car.
Gregory took a good look
at his wife and his heart skipped, he was going to tell her today that their
marriage was over. Benita had given him an ultimatum, he had to either choose
between her or Lillian and he was convinced that he wanted Benita by his side.
“Welcome home.” He said
“Thank you…welcome
back.” Lillian said stonily.
The couple regarded
each other like complete strangers till Gregory looked downwards at Sophia who
was staring at him with wide eyes.
“Who’s this?” He asked.
“My name is Sophia,
pleased to meet you.” Sophia said holding out her hand for a hand shake.
Lillian was caught
off-guard by Sophia’s words.
“How are you Sophia?”
Gregory asked and looked up to give his wife a questioning stare.
errr…” Lillian stammered, not knowing the right words to say.
“Are you my aunt’s
husband?” Sophia asked quickly.
“Is she your aunt?”
Gregory asked Sophia, looking at his wife.
“Yes…she’s my mom’s sister.” Sophia supplied.
“Kenta has a daughter?”
Gregory asked, knowing fully well that Lillian’s younger sister, Kenta had only
one son and that he was about three years of age.
“No, not that
sister…it’s the prodigal one.” Sophia said quickly.
“Prodigal?” Gregory
asked sounding clueless.
“Yes, do you know the
meaning of prodigal?” Sophia asked.
When Gregory didn’t
answer, she quickly said.
“The prodigal is somebody who lives recklessly.” Sophia said.
Gregory stared at his
wife in confusion.
“What’s she talking
about? Who’s this?” He asked his wife.
“I’ll explain it to you
inside.” His wife said.
“Doesn’t he know my mom?” Sophia asked.
Lillian turned to regard
the househelp who was cleaning the oil that was poured on the ground.
“Take her to the room
prepared for her.” She said quickly.
The maid took Sophia and
left and Lillian turned to stare at her husband.
:”You have another
sister that I do not know about?” He asked.
Lillian swallowed, it
was going to be pretty hard explaining to him the things she’d avoided telling
him at the beginning of their marriage. Kenta was the only sister, Gregory knew
and Mark and Luke who were Lillian’s older brothers were men.
“Yes, I do…I didn’t
tell you because I didn’t feel it was necessary at the time.” She said.
:”You’re such a hypocrite! What more do I have to expect from you?” Her husband asked with
venom on his lips.
“Hey, slow down with the
insults okay…she’s my half-sister, a product from the torrid affair my dad
had with his secretary.”
“Humph!” He smirked.
“What was that for?”
“What’s her daughter
doing here?” Her husband asked.
“My sister is nowhere to
be found so, I’m playing guardian for a while.”
“What? Without informing
“I called to tell you
but your mistress answered…how shameless of you!” She spat.
“Listen to me and listen
good Lillian…I am tired of your rubbish. Since you’ve decided to go above my authority
as the head of this home to bring in a waif under my roof, you leave me no
choice but to ask for a…” He said and wanted to end with the word divorce.
Suddenly the door flung
open and the maid ran out towards them.
girl…she don faint…she don faint…”
Lillian ran into the
house while Gregory hissed at his missed opportunity to tell his wife that he
was starting a new life with his girlfriend, he grudgingly followed her into
the house, as he couldn’t wait to give his breaking news.
Sophia eyes were open as
she stared around at her beautiful room but as soon as she heard the footsteps
hurrying towards her room, she closed her eyes and feigned unconsciousness. She had known that the couple were tearing at each other downstairs and one look at her aunt’s husband told her that whatever he was going to say wasn’t going to be good so, she had fallen and pretended to have fainted so as to scatter whatever arguments they were having downstairs. Something told her that auntie Lillian’s husband was like a puppet and that someone was pulling his strings but who?


  1. Wow! I love Sophia! She's a true crusader for Christ. I pray daily for my girls to have such anointing. Love this story Ada, I think this is my best Blackmail series. What I love about your stories is apart from being engaging they are also things you can relate to as well.

    • I love Sophia too and surprisingly, I just got to know that the name means 'Holy Wisdom'. I pray your girls have such anointing and even more. Thank you for enjoying the story and thanks a lot for your compliment too. I rely on God's inspiration for all my stories. God bless you.


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