Mike was waiting for Damien at the spot he’d asked him to wait for
him. He had come up with a flimsy excuse for his wife who was hell-bent on
making sure he went for the church programme that evening.
“C’mon honey, I went last week and besides, I really want to go
out and talk to one of my old clients, he seems to have something for me.” He’d
told his wife when she pestered him too much.

“Darling, it’s a weekend. You can always go to that client of
yours on Monday.” She’d said.
“Do you like the situation we’re in? If you like it then I’ll go
to church with you but if you don’t, then let me be. I only have five hundred
naira and that’s going to go nowhere for tomorrow’s meals.” He’d said.
“What if nothing fruitful comes forth from this meeting of yours?”
She’d asked.
“Of course something good is going to come out of it.” He’d said
Now, as he stood at the junction, he glanced at his wristwatch, he
had spoken to Damien forty five minutes ago and he’d promised to be at the
junction as soon as he could but he wasn’t here yet. The sun was already
setting and he could feel the cold breeze touch his body indicating that the
harmattan season was about to begin. He shuddered to think of spending
Christmas in penury. Two years ago, he had taken his family to Ghana for
Christmas and the year before that, they’d been to Nairobi but with the way
things were going this year, he doubted that they’d have any money to feed talk
more of travel.
He was still deep in his thoughts that he didn’t notice the car
that had driven up to him and the horn blaring in his ears.
“Mike!” The voice called out.
He startled and turned towards the voice then saw that Damien had
wound the window of his car down and was calling out to him. He rushed up to
the car quickly.
“I am sorry…have you been here long?” Mike asked.
“No, I just arrived…I’m so sorry for keeping you waiting, I
encountered a bit of traffic.” Damien said. “Hop in.”
Mike nodded and got into the car, the cool air-conditioning breeze
touched him and he felt so relieved.
“So, are you ready to make money?” Damien asked with a smile.
“Of course…God forbid that I continue to remain this way.” Mike
“That’s the spirit. I like it when I see fighters…” Damien said
as he drove the car.
Mike had no idea of where they were going but all he knew was that
Damien was going to show him the way to great wealth and he wasn’t ready to
pass up on the offer.
Jennifer and her children made their way out of the church, the
church was a long way from their house but there was no money to spare on
transportation so they walked.
“I am tired of walking.” Isabella lamented.
“Me too…” Micah said.
Emmanuel held on to her hand and was humming to a song as he
walked beside his mother while Mercy walked behind and had an ear piece stuck
in her ears.
“Mercy, get that earpiece off your ears!” Her mother snapped at
Mercy jolted at her mother’s voice and removed the earpiece from
her ears, she trudged behind her mother like a lamb led to the slaughter house.
“Mercy, walk up…” Her mother instructed.
The thirteen year old did as she was bid. Jennifer looked at her
daughter and for the first time in two weeks noticed that the once chatty Mercy
had sunk into her shell.
“Are you okay?” Jennifer asked her daughter.
“No.” Mercy said.
“What’s the problem?”
“Everyone has registered for junior WAEC and I’m lagging behind.”
She said.
“You know there’s no money…” Her mother said.
“At the beginning of the term I asked you to register me in a
government school with the money you and daddy had saved up for my school fees
because I knew that it’d be hard for you to pay for the WAEC fees but you
didn’t listen.”
Jennifer sighed and turned to stare at her daughter.
“Is it wrong for us to want the best for you?” She asked.
“Kids that attend government schools also get quality education. I
only want to be the same league as my mates. I am the only one in school who hasn’t
paid her junior WAEC fees and my classmates say things behind my back.”
“Mercy…please be patient with your father and I, we will pay the
fees when we get the money.”
“Daddy got some money two weeks ago and I was expecting him to pay
my fees with it but he didn’t.” Mercy lamented.
“That was just fifty thousand naira and we had no food in the
house. Your fee is forty-two thousand naira. If we pay the fees, we won’t be
left with anything.”
“The WAEC registration will be over soon.” Mercy said with tears
in her eyes. “If I am not able to pay for it, then I might as well as repeat my
Jennifer sighed, she knew her daughter hurt but she was helpless
to do anything about it. She began thinking of whom she could borrow money from
when she remembered something.
“Oh my Goodness!” She exclaimed. “I totally forgot that the pastor
asked that we see him after the service.”
“Are we going to go back to the church?” Emmanuel asked.
“Maybe we’ll see him after Sunday service tomorrow.” Jennifer said
to her son.
“If he said he wants to see us after the service, then it must be
really important.” Emmanuel stressed.
“Pastor Emmanuel!” Micah teased his brother. “My legs hurt and I’m
not walking back to the church only to start trekking back home again. If you
want to go, then go but I’m not going back.”
“Me too…I want to sit down.” Isabella said.
“Let’s go home, I’ll look for the pastor tomorrow and apologize. A
lot of things are in my head and that’s why I forgot.” Jennifer said to her
The children nodded and trudged the side of the road to their
Mike had dozed off and when he woke up with a start, he found that
they were still in the car. He looked at Damien and stared outside the window.
“We’re going really far…” Mike said.
“Yes but we’ll be there soon.” Damien said.
Mike stared at his wristwatch, it was a few minutes to nine pm.
“I have to call my wife and tell her that I’ll be home late.” Mike
“There’s no need, you shall return home in safety.”
“I don’t stay out late…I am worried that she’ll be worried about
me.” Mike said.
“If you tell her that you’ll be staying out late, she’ll ask
questions and what will be your answer?” Damien asked.
Mike nodded and stared at the road. Soon, Damien stopped the car
and they both got out, Damien walked up towards a large swamp while Mike
followed him behind. He had never been to a place like this before. Damien
walked up to the swamp and got into a canoe while Mike followed suit. The canoe
paddler began to paddle the canoe and in ten minutes, they’d crossed over to
the other side. Mike began to feel afraid. They got off the canoe and Damien
handed the man some money and they both made their way out into a clearing.
They walked for about fifteen minutes before getting to an ancient looking
house. The house had no gate as it was surrounded with some kind of trees.
Damien removed his shoes and kept them at the foot of a tree and Mike did the
same. They wordlessly walked into the ancient building and Mike kept staring
around the dark interior of the place in fear. Damien walked up to a door,
knocked and walked in.
The room revealed red and white candles, black calabashes of
different sizes and skulls of different types of reptiles. The backdrop on the
wall was a black and red banner which read ‘Matamamatama’. Four men who wore
nothing but tied red wrappers on their waist stood facing the walls when they
walked in. Damien fell on his knees and Mike did the same.
“Damien, I see you brought us a new follower.” A voice spoke out
of the darkness.
“Yes…great Matamamatama!” Damien said.
“What is his name?” The voice asked.
“Mike! His name is Mike.”
The four men turned to face them at the same time and Mike’s heart
skipped a beat. They all looked as though they were the exact same person the
only difference was the markings on their faces.
“Welcome to the shrine of the great Matamamatama.” They chorused.
Mike watched their lips move at the same time in great
fascination, he’d never seen such before.
“What is your request? What brings you here?” They asked together.
“He…he wants…” Damien started.
“Let him speak, he should be able to say what he wants from the
great Matamamatama without mincing words.” The men said in unison.
“My business has failed, I have nothing…I need help, I need
money again.” Mike said with a slight stammer.
“Pick one of the pots.” The men said to Mike.
Mike stood up and walked up to pick one of the largest pots on the
“You are a man with great ambition.” The men spoke. “The size of
the pot you’ve picked determines the size of the empire you want to have.”
Mike nodded.
“The bigger the wealth, the larger the sacrifice.” The men
chorused. “You’ll give us three sacred things. Three things that is of great
importance to you.”
“Errrm…my car is of great importance to me…” Mike started.
The men threw back their heads and laughed, Mike stared at them
with confusion in his eyes.
“Your sacrifice has to be bigger than a car. Look at Damien for
instance, he chose a medium sized pot and he sacrificed his manhood.” They
Mike stared at Damien in shock.
“You are a married man and you already have children so
sacrificing your manhood means nothing to us.” They said.
“What do you want me to give?” Mike asked with a faint tremor in
his voice.
“Your first gift to us should be your first son.” They said.
The calabash fell from Mike’s hand and clattered to the ground.


To be continued on Sunday….

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