It was a long
day and Ben was tired, there had been a mischievous rat in the electric room
and yes, it had bitten some of the cables so, the lights began to misbehave and
so did some of the computers. Ben had spent the whole day, hunched with one of
the electricians on his team trying to fix the damage. At the end of the day,
they had fixed it but lost the best part of the day as the students had had to
learn without power.
He hadn’t seen
Amanda in three days and not that he was bothered or anything but his mind kept
drifting to the video of him walking down the beach. Yesterday he had
telephoned his mother to ask if he’d ever ‘sleep walked’ before in his life and
she had said no that he had never ever sleep walked even as a child, she had
been concerned too, asking him if everything was alright.

No, nothing was
fine! Atleast not for Ben. After watching the video, he had become obsessed
with finding out what went wrong. He had transferred the video from Amanda’s
phone to his and watched it over and over again, on his phone, his laptop and
even on the television screen. And yes he was so disturbed.
Now as he walked
back to the lodge to sleep, he made a mental note to go into his room, ring for
room service and have them take his keys only to return it the next morning so
as to hinder him from going out of his room during the night. This was an idea
he had come up with two days ago and he had been doing it since then.
He quickly
climbed the stairs and made a dash for his room only to find the door open,
puzzled at the new development, he stepped inside.
“Hey dearie…”
Princess said, smiling at him from the bed. She was dressed, this time in a
white transparent dress which shone beautifully.
Ben looked at her
in surprise, it was Princess, the beautiful and sexy lady he had met at the
beach hangout a week ago.
are you doing here?” Ben asked in shock.
Princess jumped
off the bed and flew into his arms.
“Shhh….I’ve missed
you baby….did you miss me?” She said breathlessly as she clung to him.
Ben wrapped his
arms around her tentatively, as though trying to contemplate if she was real or
“Yes I did…how
on earth did you get in here? Who gave you my room keys? How did you get into
my…” He continued.
“Shut up and
kiss me…I’ve missed you terribly…these past few days have been miserable…I long
for you Ben…I need you…” She said, moaning as she spoke and staring deeply into
his eyes.
Ben lost control
and kissed her back, forgetting to lock his door shut, he carried her in his
arms and found his way to the bed.
Layla was
worried, she sat on the couch helplessly, and stared around at the shabby-looking
place they called home. Her husband was setting the small battered duffel bag
on the ground beside the door.
“When did this
happen? What happened to us honey? What?” Layla said as tears spilled from her
“Shhh…baby don’t
cry…we are bent but not broken…” Her husband consoled, walking over to her and
putting his arms around her.
“I feel so sad…why
are we like this? We had to practically beg for transport fare to come back to
Lagos and even the bus driver had to insult us because we couldn’t pay the full
money. We trekked from the bus park to the house instead of taking the fifty
naira bus…why are all these happening to us? Why?” Layla cried. “I remember my
days at the bank, things were going well, then all of a sudden, we got married
and…I had a very difficult pregnancy that I had to resign from work, I stayed
at home hoping that as soon as I was through with birthing, I would go back to
work. Sharon was born and she was so sickly and whenever I planned on leaving
her in the care of someone, she became so sick that I had to stay back again
and what I was figuring would take just about a year of my time took me twelve
whole years. And you…you had a steady job and all of a sudden one day you were
just laid off and when we were happy that you had landed another job, our house
caught fire and all your important documents couldn’t be salvaged and the
company gave the position to someone else because you had no certificates to
present. Tell me honey, are we cursed? What is happening?” Layla said in tears.
“We are not
cursed and we will find a solution to this problem no matter what!” Her husband
said to her, while drying her tears with his palms.
There was a
knock at the door and the couple looked at each other quizzically, wondering who
was at the door.
“Who is it?”
Sharon’s father asked.
“Baba Sharon na
me ooo…mama Chinedu…” The female voice answered.
“Tell her we are
busy, I really don’t like entertaining these our neighbours…” Sharon’s mother
“What will it
hurt? Let’s see what she wants…” Her husband said and walked to open the door.
“Ah…una don come
back? Welcome ooo…” The woman said in greeting as she made her way into the
sitting room. “How una dey?”
“We are fine…”
Sharon’s mother answered, trying to be civil.
“Na wah for
power holding company, dem nor dey bring light reach dis side anymore…na wah…”
Mama Chinedu said complaining about the ‘no light’ situation.
have spoiled this country…look at Ghana, celebrating constant power supply after
so many years…” Sharon’s father complained.
“Yes ooo…Ghana
wey be small pikin. Anyhow, as our old people talk am, if big person dey do
slow slow, the small brother go fire am and before you know am, e fit big pass
the older brother.” Mama Chinedu said smiling.
“This one that
you came to pay us a visit, I hope all is well.” Sharon’s mother said, trying
to hasten up the visit.
“Yes ooo…all is
well…I just come to tell una that after fifteen years of bondage in this
compound, my family and I don dey park comot.” Mama Chinedu said triumphantly.
“Really? That’s
good news!” Sharon’s father said in surprise. “Where are you moving to?”
“We dey go Tedi,
na wia my husband build fine bungalow…three bedroom and palour e even get boys
quarters sef…” Mama Chinedu said with a big smile.
“I am happy for
you ooo…wow! This is great news, did your husband win the jackpot? Is it the
money he gets from danfo driving that you guys were able to secure a plot of
land and build a house just like that?” Sharon’s mother asked baffled.
“Yes ooo…we both
do combine building sha, I do ‘esusu’ for seven good years ooo…na dat money
plus de one wey e save…” The woman supplied. “Ehen…plus prayers…serious ones
because my husband brother wey dey cult dey fight us bad bad…de man don tie my
husband money inside pot, e come dig ground put am for dia but God…oh God…” She
breaks into a loud song. “What a mighty
God we serve Halleluya, what a mighty God we serve, heaven and earth adore Him,
angels bow before Him, what a mighty God we serve…”
“Congrats ooo….mama
Chinedu…I wish we could sing happily as you are singing right now…” Sharon’s
father said in a hurt voice.
“Why you dey
sad? Nor sad ooo…God go work for you…” Mama Chinedu said.
“Mama Chinedu,
you won’t understand. My husband and I have been through a lot, we lost our
jobs years ago and we moved here since then to manage to pick ourselves up but
to no avail. I have been having so many miscarriages, I had my twelfth one
barely a week ago…” Sharon’s mother said and burst in tears.
“God forbid!
Chukwu ekwena ihe ojo! What? Miscarriage? Twelve times? Na lie you dey talk or
na true…” Mama Chinedu exclaimed.
“It’s true…we’ve
been through a lot…we are just coming from the village were we went to seek for
solution from a traditionalist. After we had bought everything for the
sacrifice, she told us to go that she can’t help us.” Sharon’s father said.
“What? You went
where? To do gini? Una bow to strange gods because of your problem? Shio!” Mama
Chinedu asked in shock.
“We had no
choice….” Sharon’s mother cried.
“You have a
choice…you have Jesus Christ…na only Him be your option out of this!” Mama
Chinedu shouted passionately.
“But we have
called on Him, I invite prophets and pastors here often…” Sharon’s father
“Not everyone wey
shout ‘Lord Lord’ go see Jesus korokoro…na wetin bible talk.” Mama Chinedu
said. “This is serious. Infact ehn…mama Sharon, go and bring your scarf, make I
take you to my church. We have revival program dia today, I for nor wan go before
because we get too much packing but because of you ehn, I go hold my packing
till tomorrow. Oya go bring scarf, oginidu?”
Sharon’s mother
quickly rushed into the room and emerged soon with a scarf.
“Can I come too?”
Sharon’s father asked.
“Dat one na
question abi na comment?” Mama Chinedu asked rhetorically.
Sharon’s parents
followed her out of the house and quickly locked the door behind them. As soon
as they left, Ebonee appeared out of thin air looking as furious as ever.
“Hello…are you
asleep? Ben!” The voice asked.
Ben heard the
voice from miles away, it was as though waves were crashing in his head, he
tossed and turned and quickly opened his eyes to see Amanda stare at him, a
look of embarrassment crossing her face.
“I am sorry…I …errr…I
saw your door open…I asked for your room number from the reception…I err…didn’t
knock because the door was open…I am sorry…I’ll leave…” She said hastily.
Ben blinked and
looked and himself, he was stark naked on the bed, he quickly grabbed his duvet
and covered himself.
“It’s okay
Amanda…I should have locked the door…” He said, looking around for any signs of
“I am sorry…” Amanda
said covering her eyes with her palms.
“It’s okay…” Ben
said as he stood up from his bed, wrapped the heavy duvet around his waist and
walked to his bathroom looking for Princess, there was no sign of her there.
“What time is
it? I must have slept off…” He said, turning to stare at the time.
“It’s almost ten
pm…I should have come earlier but we were setting questions for the first camp
quiz and we just finished setting them.”
“Did you see any
lady leave my room?” He asked.
“Lady? No! Did
you have company?” Amanda asked.
“Yes…my friend
she…never mind…so err…give me a moment, I’ll go into the bathroom, get dressed
and I’ll be out in a jiffy.” He said and disappeared into his bathroom.
Amanda shrugged,
so he was with a woman, she thought. ‘Hmmm…whatever rocks his boat’ she thought
to herself as she looked around at the room Ben occupied, it was slightly
bigger than her own and a bit more exclusive. She was still standing and looking
around when Ben came out from the bathroom, dressed in his PJ’s.
“What’s up?” He
asked casually, as though she hadn’t seen him naked.
“Well…I wanted
to tell you what my pastor said to me when I told her about your escapades to
the beach.” She said, trying to make it sound lighter.
did she say?” Ben asked disinterestedly.
“She said that
err…it could be sleep walking and I told her that you said, you do not sleep
walk. She said that when you are free you could maybe come to the church for a
deliverance session…I mean…it won’t hurt will it?” Amanda said.
“Wait…do you
think I’m a joke? Deliverance session? Do I look possessed? No thank you, I am
not interested.” Ben said harshly.
“It’s fine…I just
came to tell you what she said…” Amanda said quietly and turned to leave but
stopped short and turning back to him she said. “Life without God in it, is
worthless, I hope you know that.”
“Are you going
to lecture me now madam Almighty? I bet you have never done anything bad in
your life. I bet you are so perfect that you sit at the front pews in church
nodding and echoing words like ‘preach it pastor’ ‘ride on pastor’, girls like
you don’t fool me. I don’t know why you’ve taken to me since I got here and
even got to video tape me walking down the beach. I am baffled you see…because
with these new generation churches, there are new tactics to getting church members,
and I am seriously beginning to doubt the authenticity of that video.” Ben spat.
“Excuse me? What
on earth are you implying?” Amanda said hotly.
“Please go…take whatever
opinions you have about God and your church and shove it down your throat
because do you know what? This young dude called Ben has a lot of things going
on in his life to create space for God. Anyway, He created me…what else does he
want? That I serve him here on earth and leave my work, subjecting myself to deliverance
sessions? He’d better chill till I join Him in heaven, I’ll have His time there…”
Ben said.
“May God have
mercy on you…” Amanda spat as she headed out of the room.
“Yea…He already
has…” Ben spat, fuming angrily that Princess had left him again without
dropping a message or even her phone number.

Amanda hurried
down the stairs, cursing Ben and everything he stood for.


    • Thank you dear for loving the series. Yes, hopefully it will show God in a bigger way than the last season…the last season was just an introduction, as the saying goes 'you don't pour all the salt into the soup pot at first, you put them in measures'

      Thanks so much dear!


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