Obinna woke up that
morning and the first thing he did was to walk to his father’s house. He saw
the old building, standing solidly at the center of the compound and smiled in
pride, he remembered his father. His irrepressible gait, his courage and his
affectionate manner and smiled.
He missed Mazi Obiagu so much and wished that
he had lived longer.

He walked to the house
and as soon as he stepped his feet on the frontage of the house, he felt a kind of electric
shock, he straightened himself and walked to the house and turning the key in
the lock, he stepped in. He began to feel a kind of perspiration rake his body
and he felt a bit drowsy too, his phone rang and he looked at the caller ID, it was
his wife.
everything?” She asked.
“Hey….fine…” He
said, struggling to comport his words.
“Are you okay?” She
asked. “You sound weak.”
“No…I’m well, how are
you?” He asked but felt a sharp stab of pain at the back of his head.
“Yes, I am well…I am
on my way to the office…” She said.
“You shouldn’t work
yourself too hard….and even when the pot of beans was on fire, you still did
not cook it!” He said.
“Excuse me? What beans?
What are you saying honey?” Thelma asked, sounding upset.
Obinna didn’t reply, he
threw away the phone and instantly began removing his clothes and scratching
himself as though there was some sort of termite infestation on his body.
“The itch…the itch…”
He kept saying as he slapped his body and writhed.
Ekweme walked the short
mile from his compound to his brother’s which was the adjourning compound and
smiled. The door to his brother’s house was wide open which meant that his
nephew had stepped into his father’s house. He took quiet steps to the house, tiptoeing
as he went as his face held a mixture of hope and joy, he hoped that the charm
had worked.
“Obi….Obi nwam…” He
called out.
He heard the low
mutterings and the laugh, short and distinct.
“Obinna!” He called out
again as he inched closer to the house.
The short laughter reached his ears again and as soon as he stepped into the house, he saw him
sprawled on the ground stripped to his boxers.
“Obinna!” Ekweme called
Obinna looked at him
with confused eyes and continued biting his nails and laughing mysteriously.
“Finally! At last! This
is all mine!” Ekweme roared in laughter as he looked around the house. Then to
Obinna he said, “What are you waiting for? Why are you sitting on the ground
like a child? A mad man is supposed to roam! Get up and get out!” he commanded.
Obinna looked at him and
began to laugh like a child.
“Get up and
leave….now!” Ekweme started.
Obinna stood up,
giggling and rushed out of the house racing as fast as his legs could carry
Ekweme left the house as
well and headed out to his compound.
Thelma held the phone to
her ear, her mouth was wide open in shock. She had called her husband that
morning and they had spoken normally till he started speaking strangely, then,
she heard the phone tossed away but since the line was still on, she kept
speaking, calling out to him and crying. 
She heard laughter from him and distorted words but soon something happened that had shocked her to the roots of
her hair. It was Uncle Ekweme who had suddenly called out her husband’s name and she, at the other end of the line cried in gratitude that help had come, as
she was sure that Obinna was going through some kind of trouble but instead of
Uncle Ekweme to call out for help, she had heard him say some nasty words
As soon as he shouted ‘A mad man is supposed to roam! Get up and
leave….now!’ Thelma had heard hasty footsteps and, something
told her that the dream she had of Uncle Ekweme casting a spell on her husband
was real and it had just began to work.
Obiageli was about
leaving the house when she heard the doorbell.
“Jude…go and open that
door! I wonder how you expect me to get up and open the door when you’re in the
sitting room with me.” She chided her fourteen year old son.
“Okay…I’ll get it!”
Jude answered and he got up and walked to the door.
“Good morning auntie
Thelma…” Jude greeted as he opened the door.
“Thelma…” Obiageli
started, as she watched her sister-in-law step inside the house.
“Sister Oby…I’m in
trouble…ooo….” Thelma began to cry.
“What kind of trouble?
Please stop those tears….don’t you know your mood can affect our child?” She
said quickly. She had known about the pregnancy as her brother had made sure he
told her about it.
“Obinna is in trouble…”
Thelma cried louder.
“Obinna! Trouble?”
“I called him this
morning and…” Thelma started, launching into details of what she had heard
and everything that Uncle Ekweme had said.
“Are you sure about
this? I don’t believe you….” Obiageli said in a tensed voice.
“I am so sure…it all
seemed as though I was dreaming but it is true…” Thelma started.
“I’m going to call my
brother now because I am sure that he is fine and that you’re simply making this story up…” Obiageli said.
Thelma cried louder and
sat on the sofa, Jude stared at his uncle’s wife in confusion, he had no idea
of what she was talking about.
Obiageli picked up her
phone and made a call to Obinna’s phone, it kept ringing but he didn’t pick up. She made the call about fifteen times, when she found that he’d never
answer her call, she called her uncle’s number.
“Uncle…” She started.
“Nne….” He started. “How
are you?”
“I am fine…I have been
calling Obinna to no avail, is he with you?”
“Obinna? I haven’t seen
him this morning…” Ekweme said.
“Are you sure?”
“What do you mean by am
I sure? Ofcourse I am sure….”
“Ha! I have been calling
him and he’s not answering his calls.” Obiageli cried.
“Why are you crying? Is
there something you’re not telling me? I am at err…” He started.
Obiageli heard the loud
shouts of people over the phone and she could have sworn that someone had called Obinna’s name..
“Uncle…what is
happening? I can hear loud shouts…”Obiageli started.
“I will call you back.”
Her uncle said grimly and hung up the phone.
Thelma looked at her
sister in-law.
“Sister Oby, what did he
“At first he said he had
no idea of where Obinna went but later, I heard people screaming and ….”
Obiageli said. “I hope nothing has happened ooo…I hope nothing has happened
to my only brother…”

Thelma began to cry,
suddenly blaming herself for not stopping her husband on embarking on his trip at
the nick of time.
To be continued….
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