It was almost eight pm and Amaka was getting frustrated, the bus she had boarded to her village which was by the way, not too far from Soluzo’s village had taken a turn for worse. The commercial vehicle had stopped three times on the way, after running a snail pace from Lagos. The heavy rains did nothing to pacify things as no sooner had she alighted at the bustop than the rains began, threatening to bring the heavens down with it.


She just had left the bus park and was standing at the side of the road when a small car passed by and splashed mud water on her. Amaka’s screams could be heard miles away as the car had to stop and the driver alighted quickly to offer his sympathy. Surprise turned to shock as Amaka stared at the driver, the driver was none other than, Odili’s mother’s former driver, Oga Felix, who used to pay frequent visits on his madam’s behalf to Soluzo, bearing gifts of different kinds. The driver had been suspected of being responsible for attracting the kidnappers who had at that time, launched an attack on Odili’s father who thankfully narrowly escaped with his life-and was quickly fired. Now, Amaka wished to the heavens that she hadn’t been standing there, she wished that she was somewhere else, perhaps inside the safety of the bus park waiting for the rain to subside.
“I am very sorry ma…I am so sorry…” Oga Felix started.
“Hmmm…don’t worry…hmmm” Amaka murmured trying to walk away.
“Please don’t be angry…don’t be angry…” The man continued, following her behind as he tried to catch a glimpse of her face and offer his apologies.
Amaka tried walking away but the man’s persistence at speaking to her was quite overwhelming as she found herself sandwiched between the man and a rundown truck which stood before her, restricting her movements.
“Wait ooo…sister Amaka, is it you?” Oga Felix asked after seeing her face, all thanks to the strong beams of light from a car which was making its way into the park.
“Oooohh…Oga Felix, how you dey now? I have to rush off…bye…” Amaka said quickly and dashed past him and quickly crossed to the side of the road where she quickly halted a bike which took her away.
Oga Felix, seeing that Amaka wasn’t in the mood to accept his apologies, felt a bit slighted. “Does it mean that these people haven’t forgiven me for mistakenly being the link for the kidnappers to get across to Papa Odili ehn? But it was a mistake na, it was at the beer palour where I chatted more than I should have and the bad boys mistook what I had said  and traced Oga…” He thought to himself as he entered the car and drove off.
Nosa woke up to the loud banging at his door, he looked around and remembered where he was, he was in the room allotted to him at Uyi’s mansion.
“I am coming…” Nosa shouted.
Nosa had hardly opened the door when Cassandra stormed in.
“Good morning madam…” Nosa greeted in surprise.
“How dare you Nosa? How dare you?” Cassandra’s eyes flashed.
“Excuse me madam, what have I done wrong?”
“What time is it? Why are you still sleeping at this hour? Do you think this is a charity foundation? Are we running an NGO?” Cassandra
“Please madam, calm down I do not understand you…”
“Are you stupid? Are you daft? What time is it? It’s almost seven am and you haven’t woken up yet…what kind of a house boy are you?”
“Me? Osanobua! Me houseboy? For which generation? Who told you that I am a houseboy? I am a distinguished guest of this house and I am not a houseboy!” Nosa yelled at her.
“Distinguished guest? Haha! What audacity! You are fired! Infact…I am calling my sweetheart here right now. I am not taking this insult from someone in your station.” Cassandra said and stormed out.
Nosa was still thinking about his life and the fact that Cassandra had referred to him as a houseboy when he heard Uyi’s voice. Uyi soon appeared with his wife in tow.
“Good morning…” Nosa said sounding vexed.
“Nosa…which kain problem be dis one for early morning na?” Uyi asked switching to pidgin.
“Uyi…nor be like dis na. We be brodas naaa…why ya wife go dey insult me anyhow?” Nosa said.
“You know say na chinko, and dia body too dey hot…” Uyi said aloud.
Cassandra stared at the both of them, totally lost at what they were saying to each other.
“Can you excuse us for a minute?” Uyi told his wife.
Cassandra fumed and stormed out, leaving her husband and Nosa together alone.
“What is this all about? Can’t I trust you with the affairs of this house without having to hear any stupid noise?” Uyi demanded.
“Bros…nor be like dis na…why ya wife go dey talk to me anyhow? Which kain rubbish be dat one? Imagine her calling me the houseboy! What an insult!”
“Listen and listen real good, you are my friend but as long as you live under my roof, you are my staff and I am your boss as well as my wife. Or…would you like to return to your mother? The choice is yours.” Uyi stated ignoring the fact that Cassandra had called Nosa a houseboy.
Nosa thought of the suffering he had undergone before coming back to Benin and the fact that he would have to join his step-father’s trade if he went back to his mother’s place because he had nothing else to do, filled him with remorse.
“I am sorry Uyi, you have given me such great opportunity, I am sorry that I offended you and your wife.” Nosa said.
“You know that we are brothers, never forget that! My wife is just a foreigner, and who knows if she’ll pick up her things tomorrow and divorce me but you, you are my brother and you can’t leave me, do you understand? Even if she shouts at you or tells you things which you feel are too disrespectful, I want you to swallow it all for my sake.”
“I will do that…all for you…all for you, Uyi.”
“Remember, as long as you are under my roof, I will be addressed as Oga Uyi or sir.”
“Yes sir, yes Oga Uyi.” Nosa said quickly.
Uyi nodded and left Nosa’s room, he quickly searched for his wife and found her in one of the sitting rooms downstairs, flipping through television channels.
“What did you tell that moron?” His wife asked.
“I told him his place.” Uyi replied, walking over to give her a kiss.
“I don’t understand your people at all, even after you picked him from the gutters, he doesn’t even appreciate your help. Does he think we pluck money from trees? He lives here and eats here, what else does he want?”
“Don’t worry about him dear…”
“I don’t want him around us anymore…he needs to go!” Cassandra said.
“Let him stay, don’t bother yourself about him.”
“I really hate this place, this city and everything! I would have loved it if we settled in Asia or someplace around the world…this place just irks me.”
“This is my country and no matter what you say, I’m staying here!” Uyi shouted.
“But the money is mine! The investments are mine! Everything is mine! Do not forget that I made you who you are…you owe me everything, Uyi,
everything!” His wife yelled.
Uyi glared at her with a murderous look in his eyes.


To be continued ….



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