Lillian was frantic with
worry, her niece had hardly arrived at their house and was already ill, she had
never dealt with a sick child before and she was almost in tears.
“Pull yourself together,
why are you crying?” Gregory asked, angry that she was over-reacting.
“She has respiratory
problems….I’m so scared…” Lillian said in panic as she lifted her niece
into her arms and made to carry her out through the door.
“Can you calm down?” Her
husband said in a very calm tone.
Lillian looked at
Gregory and burst into tears. Sophia chose that moment to open her eyes.

“What happened?” Sophia
asked staring at her aunt.
“Oh my God! Sophia!”
Lillian said in relief as she hugged the little girl tight.
Gregory sat down on the
bed in the room and stared at his wife, Lillian laid Sophia on the bed and she
sat down too.
“What’s her condition
like?” He asked.
“I have a medical
report, I was thinking of registering her at the hospital we use here in
Abuja.” Lillian said still in tears.
“If you know you can’t
take care of a young child with needs like hers, why did you take her?” Her
husband asked.
“She has no one else! My
mom is angry that I brought her to stay with me, and my siblings think I’m
crazy. My step-sister is very reckless, and everyone thinks this is her ploy to
get into my life but as crazy as it sounds, I don’t think she’ll leave her
child at an orphanage and write my name as the little girl’s guardian if she
had a choice.” Lillian said with tears in her eyes.
Her husband looked at
his wife and he felt so much compassion for her, she looked broken, fragile and
very sad, he couldn’t possibly tell her that he wanted a divorce, not today, he
thought, maybe tomorrow or next week, there was still time.
“How can I help?” He
asked despite himself.
Lillian looked up at him
and he could swear he saw a light in her eyes.
“You can help by
accepting her just as I have and maybe…we could raise her while I search for
her mother.” Lillian said with a small smile.
Sophia lay with her head
on the pillow and stared at the couple, things had certainly kicked off on the
right foot, she thought.
Benita waited for
Gregory to call her with the news that he’d asked his stupid wife for a divorce
to no avail. It was at ten pm that she decided to place a call to his number,
he answered.
“Hey baby…” She
“How are you darling?”
“I’m good and I can’t
wait for the good news from you.” She said hopefully.
“Yes, you were supposed
to tell that tramp that she has to pack her things out of your house.”
“Oh…that…” He said
“Wait…Gregory, don’t
tell me you didn’t tell her!”
She heard his heavy
breathing from the other end of the line.
“I wasn’t able to…I’ll
do that later.”
Benita almost ran mad,
she yelled at him.
“What do you mean by later?
Later? What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you man up and face your wife? What’s
wrong with you?”
“It’s not that,
something else came up…but I promise that soon, I’ll tell her.”
Benita ended the call
and threw her phone at the wall, tears ran down her face as she ran to her
dresser, pulled open the drawer and brought out her candles, lit them and began
her incantations. As she spoke the words binding Gregory to her, she wept,
calling on the gods she served to help her win him over. She was tired of being
his mistress, she needed to get into his life and become his wife. As she
prayed, an idea came into her mind and just then, in the midst of the tears,
she smiled.
Sophia had stayed two
days with her aunt and she was yet to be enrolled into school as Aunt Lillian
was still watching her like a mother hen. Since she came, she didn’t go
anywhere but sat at home and waited till evening when her aunt came home, her
aunt had gotten her some books and drawing materials to keep her busy. That
afternoon, the doorbell rang and the housekeeper who had been helping her paint
some of her pictures hurried to open the door.
“Where is she?” A boisterous
voice that almost quaked the earth came from the door.
“Madam, she’s at work
ma…” The housekeeper informed.
“I’m not referring to my
daughter but to that child of the devil!” Lillian’s mother barked as she
stormed into the house.
Sophia left the dining
table where she had been painting and walked into the sitting room. The woman
who had walked in saw her and stopped.
“Where is your mother?”
She asked her.
Sophia didn’t respond.
“I am here to send you
out of my daughter’s house…how can your mother drop you off for my daughter?
Let me tell you who your mother is, she’s a tramp, a good for nothing imbecile
that my husband was unfortunate to beget.” She spat.
Sophia still didn’t
“I’m going to take you
back to where you belong. To the trash!” Lillian’s mother spewed.
The housekeeper stood
behind her shivering in fear.
“You have so much hate
inside of you.” Sophia said to Lillian’s mother.
“What? What did you just
say to me?” Lillian’s mother asked not believing her ears.
“I said you don’t have
love in you and that means you don’t love God.”
“What are you saying? I
love God, I go to church, I pray and I have a good family to show for it. God
has blessed me. Your grandmother and mother are the scum of the earth and they
were sent by the devil to destroy everything I’ve built. I won’t let them send
you here to destroy the home my daughter has built.”
“The God I know is a God
of love. What God do you serve? Why do you have so much hatred in your heart?”
Sophia asked.
Lillian’s mother stared
at the young girl who didn’t seem least affected by her words.
“I won’t answer your
stupid question. I will sit here and wait for my daughter to come home before
sending you out.” Lillian’s mother said and sat down.
Sophia sat down on the
sitting room sofa and didn’t take her eyes off her.
“What are you sitting
here for?”
“I’m waiting for Auntie
Lillian with you…” Sophia said.
Lillian’s mother hissed
and tapped her feet on the ground impatiently as she waited.
Benita sat before the
woman who had been her greatest help for years and stared at her as she stirred
the contents of the pot.
“I need your help mama.”
She asked.                
“I’m glad you came to
see me.” Mama said to her.
Benita looked at her
grandmother and smiled, she was over ninety years of age and didn’t look a day
over seventy.
“Yes mama, I had to come
ooo…do you know that I haven’t slept for days now? I waited for Gregory to be
a man and face his wife but he’s refused to do so…I am so confused.”
“Hmmmm….” Her
grandmother murmured as she stirred the contents of the pot and soon began an incantation
in her native language.
Benita looked at the
woman who had taken over the position of her mother since she was very little
and sighed, she was relieved, seeing her grandmother make incantations on her
behalf meant that everything was possible and nothing was impossible.
“Gregory! Gregory!” Her
grandmother called out and continued her incantations. As she spoke, smoke rose
from the pot she stirred, it was such a surreal sight because the pot had no
fire underneath. The smoke rose high and filled the room till the room was
clouded with smoke.
“Benita!” Her
grandmother called out in a strange voice. “What do you seek?”
“Death for my enemies. I
want Lillian to die! Since she doesn’t want to let her husband go, then she has
to die!” Benita said loudly.
Her grandmother kept
silent and  soon, the smoke disappeared
back into the pot and everywhere was clear again.
“There is something
wrong but I’m glad you made your request, that’s the only way you can get
Gregory for yourself.” Her grandmother assured.
“Something wrong? What’s
wrong mama?”
“Someone entered their
household and her presence changes everything!” Mama said.
“Who? Gregory didn’t
tell me about anyone…”
“There’s someone in
their house and she’s powerful, she’s standing as an intercessor for the couple
but not to worry, it will be broken.” Her grandmother said.
Benita wondered who the
person was.
“Who is it Mama? Tell me
so that I can tell Gregory to send the person away.” Benita said.
“Look into the pot my
daughter.” Her grandmother said.
Benita looked into the
pot which was dark at first but suddenly opened to reveal the face of a little
girl. She looked at her grandmother.
“I see the face of a
little child.”
Her grandmother nodded.
“What are you saying
“That’s the person who’s
standing against your entrance into that house. If that girl hadn’t come in,
you would have been inside that house as of today.”
Benita stood up in
“What? I’m out in the
cold because of a young girl? Because of a mere child?”
“Looks are deceptive my
dear granddaughter….things aren’t what they seem. In your eyes, she’s a child
“Mama…what are you
saying? What are you saying?” Benita asked in frustration. “If she’s the one
standing against my entering that house, then we’d better kill her.”
“No! Focus on Gregory’s
wife for now. That girl’s spirit is too strong, if you as much as poke her,
you’ll be dead before you know it.” Her grandmother said.
Benita stared at her
grandmother incredulously. What’s so special about this child that her
grandmother refused to venture near? She was worried.
“Go back to Abuja
tomorrow. I’ll give you a perfume. Invite Gregory over to your place, and spray
the perfume on your body and hug him. Once his wife sniffs the scent, even something
as little as a chair would knock her down and kill her.”
Benita nodded, she ought
to be relieved but she was not, something kept telling her to seek for ways to
end the little girl’s life, once and for all.


  1. Wow, nice story, cant wait for d next one, i love how u write to keep a reader in suspense, actually followed u here frm the fertile chick, more grease to ur elbow


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