Thelma was still keeping
a safe distance from her enraged husband after the episode with the pastors two
days ago. Obinna was treating her like a stranger, he refused to speak to her,
eat her food or even have any sort of communication with her at all. Thelma was
depressed, she had begged, cajoled, threatened, all to no avail as her husband
refused to speak to her.
It was on one of such
days that Obiageli decided to pay them a visit at their house. Obiageli was
Obinna’s eldest sister and she was married with children.

“Sister…good evening…”
Thelma greeted as soon as she stepped into the house.
Obiageli took one look
at Thelma and raised her nose in the air.
“Hmmm…” She replied,
walking into the house and into the sitting room.
Obinna was seated before
the television, as soon as he saw his sister, he stood up in greeting.
“Welcome sis, what a
pleasant surprise.” He said.
“Well…I am not here
for anything pleasant…” Obiageli said.
“Sis Oby, is everything
alright?” He asked.
Thelma walked into the
sitting room and sat on the couch.
“Why isn’t she
pregnant?” Obiageli asked, referring to Thelma.
Thelma’s mouth dropped
open but she shut it up as quickly as she opened it.
“C’mon sis…”
“Don’t! Obinna don’t!
Stop making excuses for this man you call a wife! Stop it!”
Thelma began to cry.
“Sister stop this…I
won’t allow you walk into my house and cause problems…”
“Negodu! Just negodu!
See this stupid boy that I knew when he was born. Infact I was there when our
mother pushed you into the world. I was ten years old at that time and I
witnessed it all…” She started.
“You’ve told me this
story a million times…”
“Obi…you are our only
surviving brother. The only surviving son out of three sons and three
daughters. Our father left vast lands for you….lots of property and if you
vanish today I don’t know what will become of those lands…biko…do
“What do you want me to
do?” Obinna asked clearly upset.
“Get her pregnant and if
she’s not showing any signs of pregnancy, look for another woman to give you
children. This is your fourth year of marriage…one, two….three…four whole
years of marriage.” She said raising her fingers in the air and counting them. “Next year, it’ll be five years and you’re here counting
“I won’t let you put
undue pressure on my wife and I, we will have our children at the right time.” Obinna thundered.
Obiageli stood up.
“I give her six months to get pregnant, if she doesn’t I will take up the responsibility
as the Ada of the family and do as I please. A word is enough for the wise.”
Obiageli shouted and stormed out of the house.
As soon as the door
slammed shut, Thelma began to cry and rushed into the bedroom, locking the door
behind her. She entered the bathroom to pee and saw blood, her monthly visitor
had arrived.
Stephanie couldn’t get
the girl she had seen behind Sunday’s window out of her mind and as she filled her leave form at the
office, the girl’s eyes kept reappearing in her mind.
“Hmmmm…someone’s going
somewhere.” Felix, her colleague said.
“Yes ooo…I am
officially tired and need some time off…” Stephanie said.
“Where are you going?
Are you travelling out of the country?”
“Which kain? With this
economy? My dear, money is tight ooo…”
“Don’t tell me that you
intend to sit in your house all through your leave days…”
“I have a boyfriend, so…I’ll spend some days in his place and later go home to
Delta state…I haven’t seen my family in so long…” Stephanie said.
“Oh that’s good…”
Stephanie got up from
her seat and made her way to her supervisors office where she placed the form
on her desk and walked back to her cubicle. She had just sat down when her
phone rang, it was Sunday.
“Hey babe…” She
greeted, trying to sound cheerful, she had learnt that nagging a man about not
calling you after spending nights at his place was not the best ways to keep
“Steph…how are you?”
He asked.
“I am fine…I haven’t
heard from you in days. I was wondering if you were okay. Are you alright?”
“What kind of question
is that? I am fine…” He said.
“Okay…good to hear
“Are you free tonight? I
need some good food and I need to relax….can you come over to my place after
Stephanie felt like
refusing but something in her pushed her to answer.
“Yes…I am free…I’ll
be at your place after work.”
“I want jollof
rice…but I don’t have any ingredients…kindly buy some foodstuff on your way
to the house.” He said.
Stephanie nodded and
winced when he cut the call.
“Thelma…please come out…”
Obinna pleaded.
“No! I won’t…” Thelma
“I am sorry about my
sister’s attitude…you know that Obiageli can be annoying sometimes…”
Thelma opened the door
of the room, her eyes were swollen from so much tears, Obinna reached out to hug her and
she started crying again.
“What have I done to
deserve this ehn? What have I done?” Thelma cried.
“Nothing,…you have
done nothing…”
“The doctors say that we
are fine…the tests say that we are fit…what is the problem?” Thelma cried
“We have been told to
take our minds off having a child and that we will be surprised…” Obinna
“Obi..I have been so
uneasy about the dream I had some nights ago…I feel that there’s something
spiritual holding us back from having kids…” Thelma said looking into his
“Will you stop it? I
have told you that there’s nothing like that! It’s only illiterates that
believe that there must be some kind of attack holding them back. We are
learned people and we stick to modern medicine and since modern medicine says
that we would have kids, we would.”
“Listen to me
Obim…something tells me that we should go deeper in faith. I remember the
bible story I used to read as a child about Hannah, who searched for a child
for years and years and eventually, when she went to God with a promise, He
granted her Samuel and after that, many more children. Since the medical route
is not working, let’s go the spiritual route.”
“This conversation is
closed….” Obinna said and walked away.
“Obi! Obinna!” Thelma
cried and fell to the ground in tears. “I must have children ooo…and I don’t care how I get them as long as I get them.”
Stephanie had prepared a
delicious delicacy of jollof rice and had watched as Sunday wolfed it down. As
soon as he was done eating, she washed the plates, kept the kitchen in order
and prepared for bed. She had left some of her clothes at his house sometime ago
so, she had no problem with what to wear to work the next day.
Soon she was settled by
his side and after a long session of love making he finally fell asleep. 
Stephanie couldn’t sleep, she could not forget the girl that cried at the
window some days ago and as she stayed awake, she expected the cry again.
Unable to sleep, she stood up from the bed and decided to take her clothes from
the wardrobe and get them ready for work. She walked up to the wardrobe, opened
it and searched for her clothes, she found one of her shirts and brought it out
and as she was bringing it out, a heavy box fell. 
She stooped to pick it up
staring at it in curiosity. Keeping her shirt aside she opened it and stared
at its contents. It had lots of cards, cards that bore resemblance to invitation
cards. She took one, opened it and read.
“The families of Akpanam
and Otobo cordially invites you to the solemnization of  the marriage of their children, Theresa
Esiri and Sunday Jituboh on Saturday, the 23rd of April at the
Church of Pentecost, Igueben in Edo State.”

Stephanie froze, her
hands shook as the box fell from her left hand with a thud, while the invitation
slipped from her right hand. She felt tears coarse down her cheeks.
Sunday woke up and
jumped off the bed, rushing to her.
“What are you doing? Why aren’t you asleep?” He asked.
“You’ve been using me!
You’ve been leading me along all these while….why?” Stephanie asked in tears.
“I am sorry…I don’t
know…I love you Steph but…I can’t marry you…whenever I think of my
future…I don’t see you in it..” He said.
Stephanie stood up and
slapped him.
“But you see me in your
bed and in your kitchen right? I wish you the very best Sunday….I really
do…” Stephanie said and quickly began searching the wardrobe for her clothes.
She found them and packed them, took her hand bag and headed out of the room.
“Steph…it’s past one
am…it’s not safe…”
“If I could sleep with
you and think that we are a couple while you planned your wedding right under my nose with another, I’m sure I can brave any storm because you are the devil and I stayed under the
same roof with you without suspecting anything.” Stephanie said.
She rushed out of the
room, took the keys to the door of the house in her trembling hands and opened
the door. Sunday watched as Stephanie left his house and slammed the door.

To be
continued on Thursday….


  1. Wow……wicked man. To think some men actually lead women on like this and end up 'dumping' them is heartbreaking. Keep it coming Ada.

  2. Wicked man when u want good food & sex u see her in your bed room & kitchen but you don't see her in your future abi, that your future wife will definitely dump as well idiot

    • Mtchewww….I shake my head for men like this but also shake my head for the ladies that are so gullible to believe that there's a ring at the end of such tunnel. Well such is life.
      Thank you for reading Amakandidi

  3. D heart of a man is desperately wicked. God will see Thelma through. She seems a good person. As for Obinna, the scales covering his eyes will soon fall off.


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