Mike returned home feeling very depressed, he slumped on the sofa
of his sitting room and buried his face in his palms. He wanted to weep. There
was no one home and since he’d taken the spare key with him, he was able to get
into the house. The agent at the shrine had literally sent him out and he had
quivered to see such a calm man suddenly turn ferocious.

“Get out of here! Get out now!” He’d screamed.

“Please…I promise that I will give you someone else…I beg of
you.” Mike had cried with tears streaming down his face.
“You have wasted enough time. The ritual is supposed to have
started but since your daughter is still where she is, nothing can happen to
“I called my wife, I asked her to send Mercy home but she hung up
the phone on me. I don’t know what else to do.” He’d cried.
“What are you saying? Leave my shrine now because I have a lot of
other people waiting for my help.”
Mike had walked out of the shrine dejectedly, he had waited for
Damien who was going through his rituals and once he was done, they both left
the shrine. On their way back, none of them spoke to the other as they weren’t
really in the mood to discuss. Just as Damien dropped Mike off at the junction
close to his house, he’d asked.
“How far with your ritual?”
“It’s been postponed.” Mike said bitterly.
“Hmmm…so when are you returning to the shrine?”
Damien shrugged and said.
“You have to return to the shrine because you have unfinished
business there, also, you need to return all the money I gave to you. You know
that I just assisted you with the money and I need to get it back.”
“I am aware of that.” Mike said sourly.
“Well…I have to go now. My renewal was successful and I have
another five years to be more wealthy than I am now.” Damien gloated.
Mike nodded.
“Lucky you!”
“Well, you have kids and I don’t. So, you’re the lucky one.”
Damien said.
“Humph! Having kids with an empty stomach is not worth it at all.”
Mike said and alighted from the car.
Now, as he sat and waited for his family to return from wherever
they’d gone to, he plotted.
Jennifer had no idea of why she was trembling as she knelt in the
church and prayed. Tears streamed down her face as she held her sons hands
tightly, Micah and Emmanuel knelt beside her wondering what on earth had gone
wrong with their mother. They were hungry and were still on their uniforms and
carrying their school bags. Jennifer closed her eyes and prayed deeply, she
begged God for mercy and compassion. She placed her children at the Lord’s
altar and reminded Him of the covenant she’d made with him on each of her
pregnancies. She cried and prayed for an hour and by the time she was done, her
kids were exhausted.
“Let’s go home mom. I’m tired.” Emmanuel whined.
“Yes, we’re going home now.” Jennifer said.
“Why didn’t Mercy and Isabel come home with us?” Emmanuel asked.
“I’ll tell you about it later.” Jennifer said, standing to her
Pastor Edmund walked into the church and immediately he saw them,
he walked up to them.
“I’ve met Emmanuel but I haven’t met this young man.” He said with
a smile to Micah.
“My name is Micah, good afternoon sir.”
“Such well behaved boy. How are you? Did you come to pray?” Edmund
“My mom came to pray, we just came to watch her pray.” Micah said.
Jennifer smiled, Edmund looked at her and said.
“I see you’ve had a stressful day.”
“Yes…” She said.
“I’m sorry you had to go through the stress.”
“I followed your instructions pastor, you told me that my
daughters were in danger so I had to quickly do something.”
“I don’t even remember what I said to you. I guess that’s the
downside of my gift. Once I pass the message across, I quickly forget.”
“I’m even surprised at myself, I never believe in prophesies
especially from most men of God.”
“Well…that’s why we ask for a spirit of discernment, to be able
to tell Good from Bad.”
“Yes, you’re right.” She said.
“Are you going home?” He asked.
“Yes…we are.”
“I’m on my way home too. I’ll drop you guys off.”
“Serious? Won’t we be a borther?”
“Ofcourse not.” Edmund smiled.
Five minutes later, they were in his car and soon, at the front of
their house. As soon as he stopped the car, the boys jumped out and ran towards
the house while Jennifer stayed back.
“Thank you so much for the ride.” She said.
“It’s nothing.” He said.
“I’ll have to go now…”
“Wait…you didn’t tell me what you did. Where did you go after
the prayers?”
“You mentioned that my daughter shouldn’t leave the school so I
went to ask that they both be boarders for tonight, since I have no idea of the
daughter you’re talking about.”
“Oh…did the school authorities agree?”
“Well, they want me to pay an extra fee. I don’t have the money
and I don’t know if my husband will have the money to give to me but I really
don’t want what happed to Emmanuel to repeat itself.”
“How much did they ask for?”
“Five thousand, plus feeding.”
He pushed his hand into his pocket and brought out his wallet.
“No, please…don’t…it will be so awkward and honestly, you don’t
owe me anything.” She said.
“Let me do this…please…let me help you out.” He said.
“No, I will find a way out of this…” She said.
“Listen Jennifer, let’s look at this as a loan, when you have the
money, you’ll pay me back. What if your husband doesn’t have the money to give
you? What will you tell the school authorities?”
Jennifer looked at him and nodded.
“Okay, thanks.” She said and stretched out her hand to take the
Just then, the passenger door of the car was yanked open and an
angry-looking Mike yelled at her.
“Is this it? You now have a boyfriend? Is this the reason you’ve
been disrespecting me? How dare you!”
Jennifer’s hand froze in mid air, while Edmund stared at Mike in
Vanessa was just turning off the cooker when her husband walked
“Hello darling…” She greeted once he stepped into the kitchen.
“Hi babe…”
“How was today? Did you go to the office?”
“I had some meetings. I feel smelly, I need to have a bath.”
She smiled and him and winked.
“What’s the wink for? You look very excited.” He said.
“It’s nothing much…” She smiled.
“You have to share. What are you up to?” He asked.
“Go and have a bath, then come and have lunch and after that, we’ll
“Hmmm..are you sure we’re going to talk or…”
They both laughed.
An hour later, they were both under sheets and staring at the
ceiling sated. Vanessa had never felt so happy in her life and she knew that
this was it. She was sure that she was going to get pregnant. Damien felt
uneasy, his body felt so strange and it seemed as though some sort of fire was
burning him at the waist.
“So, I’ll tell you the reason I’m so happy today.” His wife said
Damien winced in pain and sat up on the bed, he wanted to get some
water to drink. Perhaps it’ll cool the burning sensation, he thought.
“I went to a church and I got delivered.” Vanessa said in triumph.
Damien looked at her.
“It sounds surreal right? I went to a church and I must tell you
that after the prayer sessions, I felt so whole and…”
“You dare touch me after going to a church?” Damien screamed in
alarm and flew off the bed.
The fire on his waist line suddenly began to burn hotter and he
screamed and fell to the ground helplessly.
“Damien! Are you okay? Damien!”
“You’ve killed me! You’ve…” Damien whispered and fell into
To be continued on Thursday….



  1. Ada you write sooooo well. You are infact a genius. God will continue to bless and uplift you.
    Damien…….money isn't everything you know.
    Vanessa I'm happy for you.
    Jennifer your breakthrough is around the corner.
    Ada love…..#ehugs


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