By the time Gregory realized that Benita was waiting for him outside
his house, he had already retired for the night. He quickly jumped off his bed
and rushed outside to see if she was still waiting beside his gate but she was
long gone. He closed his eyes in disappointment. He knew he needed to call her
and make up some excuses as to the reason he’d not come out to meet her, so as
soon as he got back to his room, he picked up his phone. He was surprised to
see it switched off.

“Did my battery die?” He asked aloud. “How come my phone’s
switched off?”
He turned on the phone and saw that he had twenty messages and
they were from Benita. The first ten were ‘Where are you? I’m still waiting’
while the last messages were filled with insults and the typical Benita
He quickly called her number and she immediately answered.
“Who do you think you are Gregory?” Benita screamed.
“Hey…I’m sorry…I totally forgot and my phone was switched off
without my knowledge and…”
“You forgot? What’s happening to us Gregory? You never ever forget
anything that has to do with me.” Benita said.
“It’s not like that…it’s just that I…”
“What were you doing that you couldn’t come to see me?” Benita
“I was having dinner.”
“What? Dinner? You were having dinner with who?”
“I’m sorry for leaving you hanging…okay…please forgive me.”
“Gregory, do you still love me?”
“What sort of a question is that? You know I do…”                   
“Then why are you leaving me out in the cold? We’re supposed to be
planning our wedding. You’ve proposed to me already and the only thing in the
way of our being together is the fact that your wife has refused to leave that
“I’ll speak to her…but not yet.”
“What do you mean by not yet? How long will I keep waiting?”
“I…I…am sorry.”
“I don’t want to hear your sorry(s), I’m tired of them.”       

“How can I make this up to you?”
“Come over to my place, let’s kiss and make up…” She said
Gregory looked at the clock on the wall.
“It’s already eleven pm and I have a long meeting scheduled for
eight am tomorrow…I need to sleep.”
She paused.
“Are you there? Benita!” He called.
“Yea…I am. So when are you going to find the time to be with
“Tomorrow…is Saturday so I’ll make out time for you…as soon as
my meeting is over.”
“Good. I’ll make your special soup for you…I know you don’t joke
with vegetable soup.”
Gregory had already had vegetable made by Sophia and his wife and
he really didn’t want any other.
“Let’s do take out tomorrow…” He said.
“Why? You love vegetable soup.” She said.
“I errr…don’t want to eat it…” He said not knowing how to tell
her that he had vegetable soup at home.
“I’ll be expecting you tomorrow.” She said.
“Good. I’ll be with you at about eleven am or noon.” He said and
hung up.
As he lay on his bed to sleep, all thoughts of Benita were forgotten
as he kept thinking about the lovely dinner he had just had with his family.
Sophia and her aunt were doing some shopping at the market on
Saturday morning. Sophia was with the list for foodstuff while her aunt priced
the foodstuff and bought them.
“After our shopping could we go and pay uncle a visit at his
office?” Sophia asked.
“I think he has a meeting for this morning…I don’t think he’ll
be free to see us.” Lillian said.
“Oh please…I want to go there and show him the snails we
bought.” Sophia said referring to some large snails in the shopping basket.
Lillian rolled her eyes, she could never say no to her niece
especially as she asked ever so nicely.
“Okay…we can go but once we’re done with our shopping.” Lillian
They soon finished shopping and were on their way to Gregory’s
office. As soon as they got there, Sophia jumped off the car and rushed into
the building. Lillian soon joined her and they walked over to Gregory’s personal
office. The board room was close to his office and the meeting was over, some
of Gregory’s business partners were laughing over jokes as they left the
Sophia smiled at them and greeted them while Lillian stood at a
safe distance.
“Hello….what’s your name?” A female executive asked her.
“Sophia…” She replied.
“Nice to meet you dear…” The female executive said. “Who’re you
here to see?”
“My uncle Gregory.” Sophia answered.
Gregory stepped out of the office and was startled to see Sophia
exchanging pleasantries with his friends and partners.
“Sophia, what are you doing here?” Gregory asked in surprise.
“I asked auntie Lillian to bring me. I wanted to show you the big
snails we bought at the market.” Sophia said in excitement.
Gregory’s friends and partners laughed as they stared at her in
“Everyone, meet my sidekick and my partner in crime.” Gregory said
jokingly as he bent over to lift her up.
“Hear! Hear!” They all chorused as they laughed.
Lillian couldn’t help but smile, Gregory had quickly taken to
Sophia much more than she’d have ever imagined.
“Hello Madam…” A business associate greeted her. “This is your
wife, I believe?” He asked Gregory.
“Yes…she is. Many of you have met her, her name is Lillian.”
Gregory said making introductions.
Everyone was pleased to meet Lillian and soon, everyone was
laughing over more jokes.
“My son’s birthday is today…we’re doing a small get together
home this afternoon, nothing too big.” An associate said. “I’d like you to come
with Sophia.” He said to Gregory.
“Really? A party? Can we go?” Sophia asked in glee.
“Sure…that’s if your aunt wants to come.” Gregory asked looking
at Lillian.
“Sure…I mean, we’ll just have to go home and drop the stuff from
the market, change and head over to the party.” Lillian said.
“I’ll be expecting you guys.” The associate said.
Soon, Gregory cleared up from his office and Sophia joined him in
his car, leaving her aunt to drive home alone.
Benita had carefully taken her bath, curled her hair and combed it
to perfection. She dressed in a skimpy short dress and sprayed a seductive
scent on her body. She had finished making Gregory’s favourite meal of
vegetable soup and she knew that even though he hadn’t been ecstatic over her
making the soup, he wouldn’t resist. She had included some strong love potions
in the soup as well and it was best served fresh for maximum results. She had
vowed that she’ll never lose her hold on Gregory, ever.
She sprawled on her couch closing her eyes briefly so as to be
well rested before her beau arrives. Sleep soon took over.
Sophia, Aunt Lillian and Uncle Gregory had just returned from the
party and they were so relaxed and happy. The party which was really a get
together was so much fun, Sophia had won loads of prizes for answering
questions and dancing. Even Gregory and Lillian weren’t left out of the fun as
they also did a couple dance competition. They didn’t win though but it was so
much fun. Gregory totally forgot about his promise to Benita and as soon as he
got into the house, he sat on the sofa.
“Uncle, are we going to church tomorrow? Together?” Sophia asked.
“Church? Okay…if you want to.” He said with a smile.
“Would you like to share my prizes with me since you didn’t win
 Sophia asked with a smile.
“No…no sweets for me please…” Gregory laughed and pulled her
to him to tickle her.
Sophia laughed loud and fell to the ground laughing while he
continued tickling her. Lillian watched the both of them play and started
laughing too.
“That’s tickly…” Sophia laughed then began to cough.
Gregory stopped tickling and chuckled but Sophia didn’t stop
“Let me get you some water.” Lillian said and hurried into the
kitchen to get water.
By the time she got back, Sophia was still coughing. She gave her
the water and she drank.
“Are you okay?” Gregory asked worriedly.
Sophia kept the cup of water aside.
“Yes…I’m fine…” She said with a small smile.
“Do you feel pains in your chest?” Lillian asked.
“Yes…but a little…”
“You’ll need to wear more sweaters to brace you against cold.”
Lillian said.
“What cold? The weather is warm.” Gregory said.
“Sophia has a lung problem.” Lillian said.
Gregory was shocked.
“What? How?”
“It’s from her childhood years…” Lillian started.
Sophia coughed again and this time, a little blood found its way
out of her mouth.
Lillian and Gregory panicked.
“Let’s take her to the hospital…” Gregory said sounding very
“Don’t worry…it happens all the time.” Sophia said, standing to
her feet.
“You need to see the doctor….” Lillian said to her.
“You know nothing can be done auntie…” Sophia said with a small
“I refuse to believe that,” Lillian said. “I’ll call the doctor
and ask him when we can come.”
 “What’s happening? What can’t
be done?” Gregory asked in panic.
“Nothing…” Sophia assured with a smile. “Let’s not forget that you’re
up for our sharing for today, uncle.” She said, changing the topic.
“Oh…that’s true…I’ve not even opened my bible.” Gregory said
with a start as he stared at the clock which showed four pm.
“What are you waiting for?” Sophia asked stubbornly with her hands
“You should turn off your phone too….if you really want to
understand what you’re reading.” Sophia advised.
Gregory nodded, making a mental note to turn off his phone when he
began studying the bible.
Benita woke up with a start, she knew she’d been sleeping for a
long time. She looked up at the clock and jumped off the couch. It was some
minutes past four pm. Where’s Gregory? She asked herself as she rushed into her
room to see if he’d let himself in with his spare key and had decided not to
wake her up. She didn’t see him in the bedroom so she searched for her phone
and dialled his number.
Gregory’s phone was switched off. Benita opened her mouth and let
out a frustrated scream.
To be continued on Thursday….

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  1. Hmmm…… at times, our challenges are God's way of blessing others through us. Sophia's illness connected her with Lilian's family.

    Benita keep screaming. That's all will do.

    God's light has shone into Lilian's home through Sophia. Halleluyah!!


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