Amaka and her mother stepped into the Shrine at Ohuleri that evening. The weather was a bit cold and chilly, Amaka shivered slightly.

“Are you okay?” Her mother asked her.
“I am fine mom but mom, how do you know this place?” Amaka asked her mother.
“The secrets that lie in the hearts of women are sometimes so deep…” Her mother replied.
They quickly removed their slippers and placed it at a corner and took a seat on the stones. There was no one in sight.
“Mommy…this place looks abandoned…”
“Shhh…she’ll come…just keep silent.” Her mother urged.
Amaka nodded and stared around the small space which was filled with carvings of idols and palm leaves. She was about to ask another question when from nowhere, a woman appeared. Amaka was startled, she almost jumped to her feet but didn’t understand what held her in place.
“Greetings mother…” Her mother addressed the woman in their igbo dialect.
“My children…what do you seek?” The woman asked in igbo.
“My daughter…”Amaka’s mother pointed at her daughter. “Has brought me here to ask for your help.”
“Hmmm…the spirits haven’t revealed anything to me…so make your intentions known.” The woman said.
Amaka’s mother nudged Amaka to speak.
“Dear ma, I am hurting within my soul, my bosom friend seems to have everything in life, a good job, a wonderful family and now, she is getting married to one of the hottest eligible bachelors in town. It is not fair to me so, I want their union dissolved, I want her to experience pain and sorrow.” Amaka said.
“What is her name? Your friend, I mean…” The woman asked.
“Soluzochukwu Adimorah…”
The woman sat down on the ground, brought out some cowries and stones which she scattered on the floor before her.
“Soluzo Adimorah…show yourself to me!” The woman shouted.
Right there on the ground, Soluzo’s image appeared and Amaka was instantly taken aback. It was an image of her friend at the hospital where she worked.
“Is this her?” The woman asked, pointing at the image of Soluzo.
“Yes…it is her…”
“What do you want?”
“I want her to suffer, I want every trace of happiness in her life to be erased completely…”
“Hmmm…the truth is, your friend is stronger than you give her credit for! Her guardian angels are strongly beside her…she seems like the good sort right?” The woman asked.
“Oh yes, Soluzo is a very good person…but…” Amaka replied.
“You know, when you do the right things in life…bad things seldom come your way!” The woman said.
“Does it mean you can’t harm her?”
“No! I can harm whoever I wish but for some people, it’s not worth my time or trouble. Most times, when people are deeply rooted in God, you can’t disrupt their lives easily. For your friend, Soluzo, even though the spirits guiding her are strong, she is weak when it comes to prayers so, I can get through to her easily.” The woman said.
“Thank God!” Amaka said in relief.
“Which of the gods are you thanking?” The woman asked instantly angry.
“No…I meant…thanks to your…gods…” Amaka quickly said.
“We can stop the wedding! We can kill all the happiness she has…but I need three items…her hair, her blood and her husband to be’s clothing. I will cause them to be a misfortune to each other. Whenever they come together, it will be a catastrophe!” The woman said vehemently.
“Thank you so much…I am very grateful.” Amaka thanked her.
“Do not thank me till the deed is done. I give you three days to come back with the items required or there’ll be no time to wreck the havoc we intend to.”
Amaka and her mother thanked the woman and left the shrine hastily.
******”Hahahahahahaha….” Uyi shouted in laughter from the top of the stairs.
“Na de thing wey fit them be dat…all dis police people go dey carry gun dey find who dem go stop for road ehn…na my business say, I get money and you nor get?” Stephen, his friend shouted aloud.
“I like de way you rush pass them with your G-Wagon car! Nonsense! Next time dem go stop dat kain rough play!” Uyi said.
Jombo rushed past them on the staircase, he was obviously hurrying out.
“Jombo! I hope say this one wey you dey rush comot for house like pesin wey see mamiwater, ya eye clear so…” Stephen called out.
“I be get wia I wan rush go! This our meeting today take long sha…” Jombo said.
“Nor be Promise dey waste time for meeting? That guy dey yarn for the whole of Nigeria…”
“Mtcheewww…” Uyi hissed.
“As you dey run go, I hope say you know say na ya house we get de next meeting…” Jombo reminded Stephen.
“I don hear…” Stephen shouted and disappeared down the stairs.
The men had just finished their meeting which was held in Uyi’s house, some of them were still upstairs sorting out issues while Uyi and Stephen needed to quickly go outside to smoke. They reached the sitting room where Nosa was and were shocked to see him sprawled on the couch awkwardly.
“Who is this?” Stephen asked in disgust.
“I don’t know…he doesn’t look like any of my household staff…” Uyi said, peering at Nosa.
Stephen walks up to Nosa and using his left leg, he kicks him awake.
“Mister man, will you wake up? Where do you think you are? In your father’s mansion?” Stephen barked.
Nosa who was far away in dream land struggled to wakefulness, he opened his eyes and saw two men staring at him. The one speaking to him was very slender while the one who stood behind him was quite bulky. He blinked and stared at the two men, then suddenly, he recognized the fatter one, it was Uyi.
“Uyi! Uyi for Cat!” Nosa jumped up in delight.
“Wait…Nosa! Nosa! Is this you?” Uyi grabbed Nosa and they hugged tightly.
“My brother…when I called you yesterday, I was the happiest man alive…” Nosa said.
“I am so sorry, I forgot that you were waiting for me downstairs…you are very welcome.” Uyi said aloud, turning to Stephen, he made introductions. “Meet Stephen my right hand man and best friend, Stephen, meet Nosa, my brother from another mother.”
Nosa extended his hand for a handshake but Stephen regarded his out-stretched arm in disgust.
“When you are done with establishing old ties, you know where to find me.” Stephen said to Uyi and walked out.
Nosa was shocked at Stephen’s rudeness but Uyi shrugged it off.
“Stephen is quite shy with strangers! How are you? I saw mama the last time I visited the house we grew up in…hope she is fine.” Uyi asked gesturing to the sofa so that they could sit down.
“Mama is very okay…you look good…infact you look fantastic! Uyi…you are a big boy ooo!”
“Hahahahaha…forget that talk! God has been good to me…” Uyi said.
“How are your parents? How are your brothers and sisters? Your family has long relocated from the crib we used to all live in.” Nosa inquired.
“My parents are fine, they are in Los Angeles on vacation, my sisters are in Italy and my brothers are in Russia!”
‘Wow! This is big! I am really happy for you?”
‘Let’s talk about you…how are you Nosa?”
Nosa’s face fell as he told his friend the struggles he’s been facing in life and how life has been so unfair to him.
“I am so sorry to hear that…don’t worry, luck will shine on you soon.”
“Thank God I know you ooo…Uyi! I am grateful to God that I have a brother like you. I need help…serious help!” Nosa said.
“Don’t worry about that for now. Where are you staying?”
“You mean…right now? I am at the crib ooo…squatting with mama and her husband and family.” Nosa replied.
“That’s too poor…why don’t you pick your bags and come and stay here with me. I have a wife and daughter and an efficient staff. This house is yours as well as mine.” Uyi invited.
“Serious? God bless you…I will come today and stay! Ehen! This house is paradise least let me enjoy paradise before I die and join my maker!” Nosa said.
Uyi smiled and stood up and Nosa did the same.
“I’ll go and join Stephen outside, you can tell the gate man to tell my driver to take you home to pack your belongings, so I’ll be expecting you tonight okay.”
Nosa hugged Uyi again and thanked him profusely. They both walked out of the house together. Stephen was smoking and nursing a glass of drink in his hand, outside,  Uyi went to join him while Nosa hurried to relay the gateman with the message Uyi had asked him to pass across. As soon as Uyi walked up to Stephen, he took the cigarette pack from Stephen’s pocket and proceeded to light it up.
“Who be that village rat?” Stephen asked.
Uyi laughed loud and hard.
“That boy na brain whiz ooo…for our primary school ehn…na im dey carry first for class.” Uyi supplied.
“See as im resemble dustbin…tufia!” Stephen spat.
“Na condition make crayfish bend na…” Uyi laughed again.
“Wetin him come do for hia?”
“He called me yesterday and told me he was in town so I invited him over.”
“Why? What do you need him for? Do you intend to help him out?”
“Why would I do such a stupid thing as that? The guy needs to feel better about himself so, I invited him to stay in my house for as long as he wants. I just need a lap dog, that’s all…I’m sure he’s thinking I’m about to alleviate him from poverty. If only he knew what I did to get to where I am, he wouldn’t consider asking me for any help.” Uyi said.
The two men dragged their cigarettes and watched as Nosa excitedly hopped into the car, in jubilation over his sudden stroke of luck.Proverbs 14 Vs 30: ‘A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.’


  1. I knew it. I just knew Uyi was unclean. Na wa. Loads of people out there wanna be like Mr A/Mr Z. If only you know what they did to get their wealth.
    And Amaka………
    Soluzo….lots of Christians are like her. Too weak to communicate with God. Ada I hope that mama witch would not harm Soluzo o.
    As always Hun KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  2. @Admin this is so true “Many people disguise as friends but they are really our enemies”. Exactly what goes on my office they’re your friend when you’re around once you turn your back they’ll stab you with a very big knife. we should be careful in chosen our friends because many of the so called friends are foes in sheep cloths.


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