Amaka made the journey back home in a bus, she was tired and weary. The sacrifice of the night before had been so drilling that by the time she returned to the shrine, it was almost three am, she had quickly made a bed for herself on the ground and had slept till almost noon. By the time she had woken up, the priestess had woken up and was busying about her shrine.
“Did you sleep well?” The priestess asked.

“Yes ma…”Amaka had answered.
“You released the water spirit last night…”The priested had told her.
“Really? How soon do I expect results?” Amaka had asked.
“You never tell a spirit when it should work, it strikes when it will. However, the water spirit encountered obstacles.”
“Obstacles? What kind of obstacles? I went there and did everything you asked me to…” Amaka started.
“Hmmm…your sacrifice was well received but there was a strong wall fencing the place Soluzo and Odili were in, so it couldn’t penetrate.”
“How? What?”
“Don’t be afraid, the spirit never goes back on a mission, however, it left a gift in the house…its gift should have started destroying things little by little as we speak…” The priestess said.
“Little by little? I’m not ready for babysteps! I want their union dissolved!” Amaka shouted.
“Don’t you dare raise your voice at the messenger of the spirits…” The priestess rebuked.
“I am really sorry, I just need quick answers…”
“Well…if you need quick answers, you too must work hard in making things happen the way you want.”
“How? I have…”
“Shh…..the spirit is here…”The priestess hushed.
Amaka looked around in fright, she couldn’t see anything or anyone except the priestess.
“The spirit says that there is a prayerful person in Soluzo and Odili’s midst, she is the one holding them together.”
“Who is she?”
“Odili’s mother!”The priestess said with eyes flashing.
“Wait ooo…she’s the one who took Soluzo for prayers on the night she was supposed to come to my place.”

“The spirit says that, the woman’s prayers has to stop or our plans might not come to execution as we planned.”
“Haba! What do we do now?” Amaka had asked.
The priestess listened for a while and spoke.
“You have to cut all ties that Soluzo and Odili has with that woman, she can destroy our mission for good.” The priestess said.
“How? She is his mother and her mother-in-law….how can I do that?”
“You’ll have to figure it out yourself because once her prayers stop, we can gain entrance into Soluzo and Odili’s lives but if they continue….I can’t say what would happen!” The priestess had said.
Now, seated inside the bus and on her way to her village, she wondered how on earth she could stop Odili’s mother’s prayers. She brought out her phone and dialled Soluzo, who picked at second ring.
“Oh…Amaka…My gosh! I have been wanting to talk to you all day…” Soluzo gushed.
“What is it? Are you okay?” Amaka asked, feigning concern.
“My sister, I don’t understand how I went through with this…how did you let me marry such…such…annoying, dirty looking man like Odili…it’s like I slept and woke up and then, my eyes cleared.”
“What? Are you serious?”
“I am so confused and the worst thing is, I want to go home but he has refused to let me go…” Soluzo started.
“What? How can he hold you from leaving his house? Abeg pack your things and leave, its not by force to marry…” Amaka said.
“I feel so helpless…please help me Amaka, please call Odili and tell him that this marriage was a mistake…”
“You don’t need me to call him…I just need you to pick up your things and leave that house….” Amaka said.
“What of the white wedding? The preparations…the plans….ohhh what did I get myself into?” She cried.
“Shhhh…just do as I say okay….” Amaka started.
The driver shouted out the bustops.
“Umuahia dey for bus? Unu anokwa ebe’a?”
“Are you in the east?” Soluzo asked quickly.
“Noo….I’m not…do you know what, lemme call you back okay…my television is on and Africa Magic channel is on now…I just heard a knock, let me see who it is.” Amaka blabbed.
“Okay…”Soluzo said.
Amaka quickly hung up the call and shouted in response at the driver.
“Umuahia no ya! Please stop me at the filling station junction.” She said.

“Do you mean she just changed her mind like that?”
“Yes father…it is very puzzling and you know I have been having dreams of this kind of thing…” Odili’s mother said.
The priest had come to their house as soon as she called and pleaded his assistance.
“Where is your son?” The priest asked.
“He stormed out of the house some hours ago, when he found out that he couldn’t get her to change her mind. Father, are my fears coming to pass?”
“I can’t say but it’s unusual that a young lady who was so excited about her marriage some days ago suddenly became saddened by it. Can I see the young lady in question?”
“Yes…she is upstairs …I’ll send someone to call her.”
“Chinedu! Nedu!” Odili’s mother called out to her nephew.
“Ma!” The boy answered.
“Go upstairs and call Soluzo, tell her that reverend father is here to see her.”
“Yes ma…”Nedu answered and hurried upstairs.
“Don’t worry, it will be well.” Father reassured.
“I am so stunned, I never believed that wicked people could be this powerful. What baffles me most is, who could be plotting such evil against them? The devil can’t be so less busy to just decide that he wants to ruin their lives like this. I’m sure that the devil was instigated by someone close to us.” Odili said.
“Life is full of surprises and mysteries, that’s why we are urged to hold on to Christ, the solid rock!” The priest said.
Suddenly, Nedu hurried downstairs in a flash.
“Mommy…aunty Soluzo is not in the room…her bags are not there either and the balcony door is open. I think….I think she climbed out through the balcony!” Nedu shouted.
“What? How?” Odili’s mother screamed in shock.
“This doesn’t make sense! Why is she so desperate to leave this marriage? This is not ordinary at all.” The priest said.
“Quick, run outside and see if you can find her, I’m going to get my car keys and see if I can drive around and look for her. God! My enemies have come at a late hour ooo…they can’t catch me unawares!” Odili’s mother cried.

Soluzo stood at the side of the road with her bags, she knew she didn’t look her best, her hair was still wrapped up in a bun, which was the look her make-up artist created for her traditional marriage. She had quickly worn one of her flowing gowns and here she was, waiting at the road for a vehicle to take her out of this place.
“Onitsha! Onitsha!” A bus conductor cried out loud.
Soluzo halted the vehicle and jumped inside with her luggage and the bus quickly sped off. She took her phone from her bag and dialled her friend.
“Hello…Soluzo…” Amaka said.
“I’m on my way to Onitsha…I decided against going home because my family might not accept me…when I get to Onitsha,  I’ll take a bus to Lagos. Can I stay with you for a while? Till I get back on my feet?” Soluzo asked.
“Sure…why not?”
“Thank you…and please I need a favour…”
“What do you want? I am here to help…”
“I need you to tell anyone that calls, asking for my whereabouts that you don’t know where I am.” Soluzo said.
“Definitely….I will do that…”Amaka promised.
“See you in about five hours…” Soluzo said.
“Soluzo…I’m on a field assignment at the moment and do not know when I’ll be back home…I left my keys with my gateman so, incase I don’t get home today, I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Okay…sure…” Soluzo said and hung up.
Amaka stared at her phone as the call ended and laughed out loud.
“What happened? Has it been done?” Her mother asked.
“As we speak, Soluzo is on her way to Lagos, she is cancelling the wedding, Hurray!” Amaka whooped for joy.
“That’s great news…so you’ll leave for Lagos today then…”
“Yes, I am leaving for Lagos right away…the priestess said I should work hard to make sure that the prayers said by Odili’s mother doesn’t work against our plans.”
“How do you intend to do that? How do you stop her prayers?” Amaka’s mother asked.
“I really don’t know but I’ll figure out a plan soon.”
“Can we ask the priestess to help you with that?”
“Yes, maybe you could go to the shrine and tell her that she should stop Odili’s mother in anyway possible.” Amaka said.
“Yes I’ll do that. Prayers are your strongest enemies right now and you need to make sure that you work hand in hand with the priestess to destroy whatever prayers that are being sent her way.” Amaka’s mother said.
Amaka nodded in affirmative.



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