Mike felt as though he’d been
slapped in the face. Where on earth did his wife run to? He thought. He quickly
rushed back into the house and into his sons’ room.
“Get up now! Both of you!” He
Micah and Emmanuel who had just
gone back to sleep jerked up in fright and stared at their father.
“Why are you shouting daddy?”
Micah asked.
“Will you shut up? Get up from
bed this minute! We are going out!”

Micah and Emmanuel exchanged
glances with each other.
“We have a test at school today
and…” Emmanuel started.
Mike gave Emmanuel a very hard
slap on his cheek, Emmanuel began to cry. Micah was confused, what had they
done? Why was daddy being so mean to them? They both got out of bed and wore
their sandals.
“Be quick about it! Be quick!”
Mike shouted.
They were soon done and
followed their father out of the house. It was already past four am and they
had no idea, where they were headed and they couldn’t dare ask their dad or he
might beat them.
Mike looked disturbed, he
glanced at his watch over and over again, where in the world was Damien? He had
told him that he’d be at his gate at fifteen minutes past four am and it was almost
twenty minutes past four. He took out his phone and dialled his friend’s
“Damien! Where are you?”
my…car…” Damien said sounding shaken.
“Why do you sound like that?
What’s going on?”
“I don’t know…I can’t explain
it…I honestly…don’t know…” Damien said sounding very afraid.
“Talk to me Damien! I’m waiting
for you at the gate to my house.”
“I don’t…think…I
can….can…make it there….I just saw something that…sent chills down my
“What are you talking about?
You are powerful, rich and you have everything at your feet, what can make a
man like you, scared?”
“There was fire…it surrounded
her…it was burning…” Damien said and burst in tears.
“What are you talking about?
Get a grip of yourself.”
“My wife! Don’t you understand?
My wife has fire at her beck and call! I couldn’t take her with me… I feel so
useless and…”
“Where are you?”
“I’m in the car?”
“Are you still in your
“No! I drove off but not too
far off…I don’t know what I feel…Mike…there’s a stronger power, there’s a
more potent force…” He cried.
“Can you come to my place? We
have to go to the ancient shrine!”
“What ancient shrine? I’m
telling you that there’s a greater power and you’re speaking of an ancient
shrine! To hell with the ancient shrine!” Damien screamed.
“What? Don’t say that! You know
that’s the source of all you have, don’t you dare speak of the ancient shrine
in such way…” Mike said in anger.
Mike was so engrossed with his
phone call that he didn’t see Emmanuel take Micah’s hand and slip out into the
“Look! I need you to pull
yourself together. I am tired of running here and there without getting any
solutions. I wasn’t able to get my wife but I have my kids and I’m going to
pick up my daughters at the school. I want you to meet me in the next thirty
minutes. We need to leave before the sun comes up.”
Damien didn’t respond.
“Damien!” Mike called out.
“I saw fire…it was real, it
burned around her but it didn’t burn up the furniture. The fire…the fire
surrounded her like something surreal…”
“Then that’s what it is…it
was surreal…it was just your imagination at work.” Mike said sounding angry
and frustrated.
“No! It wasn’t…it wasn’t…I
know it wasn’t…” Damien cried.
“Don’t back out on me now
Damien! Don’t you dare!” Mike hissed.
The phone went dead; Mike
looked at the phone and stamped his foot in anger. If Damien wasn’t ready to go
to the shrine, then he’d go alone, he thought, but he was taking his kids with
him. He didn’t know if he’d offer them all up to the ancient shrine but he was
tired of delays. If he left them at home, his wife will surely come back to get
them and spoil his plans so his best bet was taking them all with him. He
turned to regard Micah and Emmanuel and his mouth stood ajar, they were gone.
Jennifer stopped at the door to
the church, the church was locked and there was no one around except the church
security. She was afraid, very afraid. She sat on the steps leading to the
church and burying her head between her knees, she cried.
“Jennifer.” Someone called out
to her.
Jennifer looked up and saw an
elderly woman holding a mop and a mop bucket. She was obviously a cleaner at
the church.
“Ma…good morning…” she
greeted and wiped her tears with the back of her palms.
“Why are you crying?” The woman
Jennifer had never seen the
woman before but she suddenly felt so comfortable in her presence. She also
had no idea how the woman knew her name.
“A lot of things are happening
in my life ma. I am up against an occultic husband, my life and that of my
children, are in grave danger…”
“O ye of little faith.” The
woman said to her.
Jennifer looked at the woman
and sniffed.
“Romans chapter eight, verse
thirty one says ‘In view of all this, what can we say? If God is for us, who
can be against us?’ No one can win the fight with God, for He is the creator of
all things and He is greater than all we can ever think of or imagine.”
Jennifer looked at the woman
and nodded.
“Go home Jennifer, face your
problems and take the bull by its horns.”
“I can’t…ma….he’s too
strong…I fled from him miraculously, he wanted to kill me…” She cried.
“God led you out in safety and
he will lead you back in safety. Don’t worry, just go home…and have faith
that all will be well.” The woman said.
Jennifer nodded, wiped the
tears from her eyes and stood up from the stairs of the church. She walked
towards the gate and suddenly remembered that she didn’t say thank you to the
woman and turned back to do so, but saw no one. The woman was gone.
Jennifer was alarmed, she
scanned the compound with her eyes but saw no signs of anyone so, she walked up
to the gate and met the security man at his duty post.
“Sir, please tell the woman
that cleans the church that I said, thank you.” She said.
“Which woman?” The security man
“The elderly woman who came in
with the mop and bucket, the one who cleans the church. Don’t you know her?”
Jennifer asked.
“The only person that has come
to the church this morning is you and besides, there’s no elderly woman that
cleans the church. The cleaning of the church is done by a cleaning services
company and they resume everyday at nine am.”
Jennifer was alarmed, she
turned back to scan the church compound again, she didn’t know what to think.
Vanessa banged at the door hard
but no one answered, ‘are they still sleeping?’ She thought as she knocked at
the door again.
“Vanessa!” A voice called out
to her.
Vanessa turned to see Jennifer
standing behind her, still dressed in her nightwear.
“Jennifer! What are you doing
outside your house? I’ve been knocking and…” Vanessa started.
“It’s a long story Vanessa but
I’m sorry that I doubted the truth in your words.” Jennifer said to her as she approached
the door and turned the door handle.
The door opened.
“That’s strange…didn’t Mike
lock the doors?” Jennifer asked in alarm. “My kids!”
She rushed into the house with Vanessa
at her heels, Jennifer pushed open the door leading to the bedrooms and opened
her sons room. They weren’t there.
“My God! He’s taken them!”
Jennifer cried.
“Who’s taken who?” Vanessa
“Mike…Mike’s taken our
sons…he’s going to kill them…he’s…he’s…” Jennifer wept.
“Calm down, have you checked
around? Have you looked around the house? Why don’t you search the house while
I search outside?” Vanessa said.
Jennifer nodded and went about
the house, looking for her children while Vanessa stepped outside.
Vanessa walked towards the back
of the house and searched for the boys. She saw a dog’s cage at the corner and
was suddenly scared, she was terrified of dogs. She’d forgotten to ask Jennifer
the names of her sons so that she could call out to them but then again,
calling out their names at this time would disturb sleeping neighbours. She was
just about walking out towards the front when she heard a sob. She stopped and
turned around, it was coming from the dog cage which seemed quite dark because
the day wasn’t bright yet. Despite her fear of dogs, she made her way towards the
cage and crouched low, peering inside and adjusting her eyes to the darkness.
She saw them hurdled there; two young boys dressed in their pyjamas.
She let out a relieved sigh!


To be continued on
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