Jennifer stood there breathing heavily, with her back to the
door, she didn’t know what to do. The keys were in her hand but the door was
locked and unlocking it was going to be a long process.
“Where are you going with my kids?” Mike demanded, taking a
step towards them.
Emmanuel and Micah looked at their mother, then at their
father, they were confused.
“Go to your room…Micah, Emmanuel.” Their father said to
Emmanuel held his brother’s hand and squeezed it, he didn’t
understand what was going on.
“Didn’t you hear what I just said? Go into your room now and
don’t come out!” He spat.

Jennifer shook her head slowly but firmly.
“No! Don’t go anywhere…stay with me.” She said to her
“What are you saying? What has gotten into you?” Mike spat.
“What has gotten into me? Mike! How can you ask that
question? What has gotten into you? You…” She started but stopped.
“Emmanuel! Take your brother with you and go into your room
Emmanuel obeyed his father, he held onto his brother’s hand
and pulled him out of the kitchen and as they headed out, Jennifer reached out
to them with a small sob but they hurried out of the kitchen.
“Can you explain why you’re running from your home in the
middle of the night?” He spat at her.
“You tried to kill me! I saw you!” She accused.
Mike stared at her, his facial expression didn’t change.
“Are you having some kind of mental illness? I tried to kill
you? What are you saying?”
“Listen Mike…just…just let me leave…I need to clear my
“Clear your head? Wait a minute…is there someone else? Is
it the man I saw you with?”
“What are you talking abouit?”
“You suddenly jump off your matrimonial bed in the middle of
the night, wake up our kids and try to run away from the house claiming that
you want to clear your head?”
“Yes, I want to clear my head! I want to be far away from
you…as far away as I possibly can.” She said with tears in her eyes.
“Jennifer, what happened to us? We used to be so close, so
much in love and so happy with each other. What changed that? What changed it
all?” He asked.
“Don’t sound patriotic with me. Just ….let me go with the
“With the kids? You want to take my children with you? Are
you insane?” He fired.
“No, I’m not in sane.” She said.
He took quick steps towards her till he was very close to
“Don’t come any closer or I’ll scream…don’t touch me or I’ll
scream…” She said in a strangled voice.
Mike grabbed her hands and took the keys away from her.
“You’ve lost your mind Jennifer and I’ll be damned if I let
you leave this house! You can’t leave! Do you hear me? You can’t leave!” He
spat and turning around on his heels, he walked away.
Jennifer slouched to the ground and began to cry, she knew
she couldn’t leave, not when her kids were still in the house with their
The ground floor of the house was dark and as Vanessa ran,
she couldn’t see. Her leg hit a stool and she fell crashing to the ground. Her
husband was upon her in an instant.
“Help! Let me go! Help!” She screamed.
“Will you keep quiet?” Her husband spat at her as he lifted
her up in his arms and tossed her onto his shoulder.
Vanessa kicked and screamed, as she beat her husband’s back
with her fists and struggled to no avail. He took her into one of the rooms in their
house and dumped her there. She stood up and ran towards the door but he
slammed it shut and locked it from the outside.
“Let me out! Let me out of here you evil swine! Let me out!”
She cried.
She banged the door till her palms were sore and when she
was tired she lay there breathing heavily. She knew she had to call someone but
her phone was somewhere in the bedroom she shared with her husband. She didn’t
know what to do.
Mike stood at the balcony of his house with his phone to his
“How do you mean she knows you wanted to kill her?” Damien’s
voice rasped at the end of the line.
“I have no idea…I…raised the dagger and just as I was
about to strike, she rolled off the bed.” Mike said.
“This is getting too complicated.”
“I am afraid to go back to the ancient shrine, what will the
agent say of me? I have failed all of my missions. This is the third one and I
failed too….”
“It seems you’re not the only one who’s been having
problems.” Damien said in a resigned voice.
“What do you mean?”
“My wife accused me of being diabolical…and she tried
running away but I was fast enough. I had to lock her up in one of the rooms in
the house.”
“What? Are there any rules that state that our spouses can’t
find out?” Mike asked with bated breath.
“Sometime ago, I saw a man at the shrine who lamented that
his child found out about his dealings with the shrine and I remember that he
was asked to bring the daughter for inititation.”
“Serious? Mine is more complicated, you remember that I was
asked to kill my wife.” Mike said in a whisper.
“Yes I know but now that she knows, won’t it be better if
she was intitiated? That would make it simpler for the two of you to offer up
one of your children.”
“Do you think so?” Mike asked.
“Well, do you want her dead? Atleast, now, you can try to
convince the agent to get her inititated so that she doesn’t have to die
anymore.” Damien said. “That’s what I’m going to do with my wife, I’m going to
get her initiated. I can’t…loose her, I’ll die if I do.”
“So do you mean that we should take our wives to the shrine?”
Mike asked.
“Yes, before dawn, we should take them to the shrine.”
Damien stressed.
Mike paused.
“Are you having any doubts? Or do you want to end your wife’s
life as you were told?”
“No, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want her dead…she’s been
my pillar through the years but I know my wife, and I know how stubborn she can
be. She won’t agree to this inititation.”
“I don’t remember telling you to beg her to be initiated.
She must be initiated whether she wants to or not.” Damien said.
“My kids are in the house, how do I force her to go with us
to the shrine? Who will get my kids ready for school if we leave at dawn? This
is so complicated.”
“I don’t think you’re ready to make money! You complain too
much, you whine too much and you always have limitations. Figure it out! I’m
getting my wife out of this house at four am this morning and I’ll be at your
gate by four fifteen am, you’d better be there with your wife or if you feel it’s
better to end her life, why not do so now and stop wasting time? You owe me a
lot already!” Damien spat and hung up the phone.
Jennifer was in her children’s room, she’d locked the door
from within and was seated by their bedside, waiting for morning to come. She
looked around at the pitch dark room and prayed inwardly that morning came
fast. Her mind went to pastor Edmund and she sat up in a start. Yes, she could
call him, he would definitely have an answer to her problems. She would tell
him everything she knew and surely, he would pray her out of this mess. But
where was her phone? She suddenly remembered that her phone was in the bedroom
she shared with her husband. She could either sit here and wait till it was
morning or get up and get her phone, besides, what would it hurt. Her eyes
shone like that of the torchlight. She was scared of her husband and terrified
that he could try to stab her again just as he’d tried to do about an hour ago
but she really needed to call pastor Edmund, to ask for his help.
She stood up from the bed and tiptoed to the door.
‘I’ll just get my phone and hurry out…he won’t even notice
because he’s asleep.’ She assured herself as she made her way out of the room.
There was no light so the whole house was quite dark save
for the light which streamed in through the windows from their neighbour’s
house which was powered by a generator. She made her way towards the bedroom
she shared with her husband and pushed the door open.
The bed was empty as he wasn’t in it. Where was he? Where
could he be? She wondered but common sense kicked in and she quickly hurried to
the small stool beside the bed to take her phone. It wasn’t there.
“Where’s my phone?” She asked herself as she searched the
room for it. She could’ve sworn that she kept the phone on the side stool
before going to sleep for the night.
She was still searching when she heard her husband’s voice.
“Searching for this?”
The light of her phone came on and she stood there in fear
and shock, she couldn’t move. Her husband was leaning beside the wardrobe
holding out her phone to her and daring her to come and get it.


To be continued on Sunday…..


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