Nosa was completely fed up, he knew he was slowly being
degraded but something told him to accept his predicament and hope for the future.
He was at the back of Uyi’s house washing some of bedding of the house and was
glad that he was almost done when one of the maids walked up to him with a bundle of clothes in her hands and dumped them on the small heap of bedding beside him.

“Wash them. Madam’s orders!” The maid said briskly and
turned to walk away.
“Wash what? I am almost done with the laundry. How can you
spring this up on me?” Nosa asked in an annoyed voice.
“Na me send you work? If you don’t want to wash, go and meet
madam and tell her you won’t wash it…it’s not by force to work!” The maid said
and stormed off.
Nosa stared at the clothes heap in anger, he inched towards
it for closer inspection and almost screamed in alarm. Cassandra had sent a
maid to bring him her underwear to wash, he almost shouted in anger. In all his
life, he had never washed any woman’s underthings and there was no way on earth
that he was going to wash Cassandra’s. He kicked them away and fuming in anger,
he continued washing the beddings. He was still fuming when he heard Uyi call
out to him. Nosa quickly answered and washing the soap suds off his hands, he
headed to answer the call, Uyi was outside the house and Nosa met up with him
“I need you to go to the compound we grew up in, I need to
deliver some things to our neighbors. Items like rice, beans…just food stuffs
you know…” Uyi said.
“Okay…definitely.” Nosa replied.
“Go back into the house, change your clothes to something
suitable. I kept some clothes on your bed…they were once mine but I have a lot
of clothes so you can have them. I also kept a nice pair of sandals for you. Just
have you bath, wear them and represent me at the compound…tell them how busy I
am and how much they mean to me. I have told the driver to take you so, when
you are ready, get into the car and he’ll drive you to your destination.” Uyi
“Yes…Yes sir.” Nosa replied, it was at the tip of his tongue
to tell Uyi that he hadn’t had breakfast or lunch and the time was almost three
pm but he swallowed his hunger and dashed into the house. When he reached his
room, he couldn’t believe the kind of beautiful clothes that Uyi had given him,
the sandal looked very new and in his life, he had never worn such lovely
apparels before. Nosa quickly had his bath and hurriedly wore the outfit and
sandals, he looked at himself in the mirror, aside from the sunken way his eyes
appeared, he looked every inch the rich successful man. With a stomach growling
in hunger, Nosa dashed out of the house and jumped into the car.
Nosa couldn’t believe the screams that were coming from both
the children and adults as he brought out the foodstuffs from the car. His
mother, step-father, cousin and step-sister were there and they kept bragging to
everyone that cared to listen that he was from their household. Nosa watched as
with excitement, they all took the gifts and danced happily.
His mother came to hug him and exclaim at how beautiful and
majestic he looked.
“Nosa…you fine ooo…see as pimples nor dey your face again
ehn! Thank God for Uyi ooo…”
“Yes ooo…mama…” Nosa said through grit teeth, he felt like
telling his mom, ‘all that glitter is not gold’ but he didn’t.
“Nosa…I don’t believe this ehn! And I dey talk since make
you join me for my business. Abeg nor vex, forgive me…see as I for stop this
blessing for you ooo.” His stepfather said apologetically.
“No you don’t need to apologize.” Nosa started.
“Iye! See ma pikin ooo…see as you come fine like all dem
rich people….” His mother continued.
“Thank you mama…” Uyi said as his stomach growled in hunger.
“Wetin be dat? Ya belle dey worry you?” His mother asked,
she had heard the sound.
“Na overfeeding dey cause dis one ooo…dohhh!” His
step-father said.
Nosa nodded in pain, deep down he wanted to shout ‘hunger’
but he couldn’t afford to.
“Na wah ooo…I come dey talk say I go give you de moi moi wey
I just cook finish…” His mother started.
“Ahhh…mama…moi moi? Abeg I go chop!” Nosa said quickly.
“Haba! You wey don dey chop plenty big man food wan chop
wetin dem cook for ontop firewood? Nor dey use my head jo…” His mother said.
“Mama…I mean am, wey de food? I don miss ya food since…I
never siddon chop wetin you cook for long time now.” Nosa said quickly.
His mother nodded and went towards the kitchen while Nosa
followed suit, as soon as they reached the general kitchen. His mother brought
out one moi moi wrap and put it in a plate and handed it to Nosa. Nosa felt
like screaming ‘Halleluya!’ when he saw the moi moi.
“Mama na only one you give me?” Nosa asked.
“You too greedy! This moi moi go last us one week, if I give
you everything now ehn, we go dey here dey suffer hunger and you go dey mansion
dey chop chicken. Abeg chop de one you see.” His mother said.
Nosa started to protest but his step-father joined them in
the kitchen and his step-sister so, he decided to eat the moi moi without
further complaints. Nosa’s singular action of attacking the meal almost gave
him away as his family stared at him as he wolfed the moi moi down.
“Brother Nosa, dis one wey you dey swallow moi moi, you well
so?” His step-sister asked him in a concerned voice.
“Yes ooo…see as you swallow moi moi, nor be eba or fufu na…”
His step-father asked.
Nosa smiled sheepishly, still trying to regain himself after
the food battle.
“See as you fine…I dey envy you ooo.” His step-father said.
“Na so na…” Nosa said, not knowing what else to say.
At that moment, the kitchen was crowded with neighbours who
had come to see him.
“Oga Nosa…na you biko ooo…your level don reach ministry
levels ooo…” One neighbour said to him.
“As Uyi don recognize you ehn, ya levels don change…”
Another neighbour said.
Nosa was flustered by the attention he was getting from the
Neighbours and his family, he decided to lie inorder to sooth his ego and make
all those around him respect him more.
Nosa was surprised to see that money changed people’s
perception of others in a strange way. His family and Neighbours proved that as
they kept calling him ‘Oga Nos’ and kept following him about until he entered
the car and headed back to Uyi’s house. No one knew that he hadn’t eaten
breakfast or lunch and nobody knew that he was practically a slave in Uyi’s
house. He shook his head in self-pity on the drive home. As soon as he got back
to Uyi’s house, he had hardly stepped out of the car when the maid informed him
that madam had asked if he was done with washing her undies. Nosa quickly
rushed to the back of the house to continue his washing, he had no choice, he
had signed up for the ‘suffering and smiling’ life and there was no turning
Amaka hurried with the basket of eggs and fowl in her hands
as she made her way towards the stream. The moon was hidden behind the clouds
and she could hardly see her way about the bushes. Earlier that night, the
priestess had made sure she shed her clothes and tied a black wrapper above her
breasts instead. That night, Amaka looked like a witch doctor as there was no
one in sight and her image was as dark as the night.
Amaka reached the river bank and stooped to drop the basket of
eggs on the ground, then, holding the fowl in her right hand, she waved it over
her head, seven times as the priestess had instructed. Then, came the
“Soluzochukwu…you are my friend but as of tonight we are
enemies. I bring you before the altar of sacrifice and present you to it. Soluzo,
you will never be happy, you will never see good or hear laughter from your
mouth again. From today, you will be a miserable woman and your frustration
would make you go mad. Odili will leave you like the fallen leaves of the trees
and you shall have no succor! Soluzo, I have tried being a friend to you but
cannot continue because you have more than I have. You have shown me that your
good luck surpasses mine and I am too jealous to let that happen, so, I am
going to lay a curse on your head. As I rip the head of this fowl, I am cutting
you off every joy of life, as I throw the eggs into the river, I am destroying
whatever good fortune you may have and as I bathe my hands and feet with the
fowl blood, I am washing my hands off our friendship forever!”
Amaka held onto the head of the fowl and ripped its head
off, then, taking the eggs, she threw them into the river and finally she
bathed her hand and feet with blood and left the scene.
As soon
as she left, the river rumbled in a slight bubbly sound and the fowl which she
had kept at the river bank, disappeared. Then, a mystical creature stepped out
of the river in silence, it had on her forehead, a red ruby and wrapped around
a snakelike creature. It left the waters and quickly disappeared.
The traditional marriage was over and Soluzo was already
asleep in Odili’s family house. The whole house was silent as though in deep
slumber but, Odili’s mother paced the house. She couldn’t sleep, something told
her that something was not right and she was scared of seeing her dreams come
to reality. Quietly, she took out some blessed candles from the small altar in
the house and lighting them, she placed them around the house, singing prayer
songs and saying quick prayers in her heart. By the time she was done with
lighting the candles, she sprinkled a little holy water around the house and
retired to sleep.
The mystical
creature came, appearing from the darkness and ready to launch its attack but
suddenly met a mighty wall which barricaded it from entering into the house.
After moving about to no avail, the creature, disappeared.

To be continued on Sunday…


  1. Hey Ada, I've been following your work and I must confess that your write-ups are amazing. Can we be friends?
    The Teenage Series just got me thinking, I had a lot of drama as a teenager oo and most of the problems I faced was majorly ignited by my peers. I had to form badoo a lot and that always got me into trouble.
    Anyhow, some teenagers need to chill, they want to grow up so fast.
    I love these series.
    Thanks for this!

  2. Amaka is so evil I want to scream, imagine! And poor Soluzo is so naive! Who doesn't pray before a wedding? Na wah! With all the oppositions people face everyday, we really need to buckle up in prayers. I just hope nothing bad happens to this sweet couple.
    Ada jorr…don't let it end in a sad way, I'll cry ooo.

  3. Nosa! Nosa! Nosa! How many times did I call you? We predicted this ooo…we said that soon, you'll be washing madam's underwear. Nor be wetin happen now?
    Thanks Ada for this series, I look forward to them.


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