Benita raged about her room like a roaring lion, she couldn’t believe
that her man was keeping her in the dark about his life. Who was that little
girl anyway and who said she couldn’t kill her with the snap of her fingers?
She wondered. From her findings, she knew that Sophia was the one stopping
Gregory from being hers.
She hadn’t concentrated all day at work today, Gregory had
not called her in two days and it was weird, very weird.

After Gregory’s housekeeper had informed her that the family
was praying, she had instantly hung up the phone and had promised not to call
Gregory till he called her but surprisingly, Gregory had not even bothered to
call her or ask about her welfare plus he hadn’t even paid her a visit since
Benita got up from her bed, walked up to her wardrobe,
pulled out her clothes, got dressed and put on her best perfume. She walked up
to her dresser and taking a key she opened up her drawer and took out an empty
bottle. She hadn’t wanted to do this but she had to do what had to be done.
The bottling exercise was something that only her grandmother
could do and she only did it in desperate situations when a captive refused to
be held captive. Benita had never tried the bottling exercise but today, she
was determined to try it as Gregory was proving too difficult to snag.
She took the bottle and walked out of her room and soon, she
was out of the house and heading towards her car.
“So what do we understand from the bible story about Abraham
today?” Sophia asked with a smile.
Gregory and Lillian shared a glance, they had been doing the
bible story sharing for two days now. It was an interesting exercise but it
seemed weird that they were being taught by a seven year old.
“Don’t be shy…” Sophia said. “It’s okay if you can’t
really get the question right.” She smiled.
“Well, I remember this story from my days as a student and I
think it talks about sacrifice.” Lillian said.
“Good.” Sophia smiled. “Uncle?”
“What about me?” Gregory asked amused.
“What else did you learn from the story?” Sophia asked.
“Sacrifice.” Gregory answered, giving the same answer that
Lillian had given.
“Who else made such great sacrifice in the bible just like
Abraham did but more than Abraham?” Sophia asked.
Lillian and Gregory were clueless, they stared at Sophia,
who happened to be their new bible teacher and shrugged.
“Come on…I know you can do it. Who do you think made an
even greater sacrifice?” Sophia asked again.
“The answer keeps coming to my head but I forget it….”
Lillian said.
“Is it Jesus?” Gregory asked.
“It’s God.” Sophia said. “For God so loved the world that He
gave His only begotten son.” She stressed.
“Ohhhh that’s true…I remember that verse…” Lilian said
with a smile. “I can’t believe I’m rusty with the word of God but God
understands that I’ve been busy.”
“Even the busiest minds still make out time for God,
auntie….you shouldn’t be an exception.” Sophia said.
Lillian looked at her niece and smiled.
“So, I’m doing the sharing for today but Uncle Gregory, you’re
doing the sharing for tomorrow and auntie Lillian, your sharing comes up the
day after tomorrow.” Sophia instructed.
“What am I supposed to share?” Gregory asked clueless.
“Pick up your bible and read.” Sophia said to him as though
talking to a child her age.
“So you mean that I should just open the bible and read any
chapter.” Gregory asked.
“Yes….but first pray to God and ask for understanding, it
helps a whole lot.” Sophia said.
“Okay, that sounds like a plan…but how do we ask? Do we
just say, something like…dear God, I need understanding.” Lillian asked.
“Ask any way you want, He is your father…” Sophia said.
“Okay…” Lillian echoed.
Sophia smiled and placed her book of bible stories on her
bed. They were seated on the bed, making a circular formation.
“I think that Abraham’s story makes us understand that God
loves us and is willing to do anything for us.” She said.
“But didn’t Abraham love his son? It was his only child
after so many years of having none. That sounds like a very unrealistic
request. How can God ask you to offer up a child that He gave you after many
years of childlessness?” Lillian asked.
“I think God wanted to know how much Abraham loved him and
how much he was willing to sacrifice.” Uncle Gregory said.
“It still doesn’t make sense. Look at us for instance, we’ve
been searching for nine years. So imagine that we finally get a child and then
God comes from nowhere and asks for our child. Does it mean we have to
sacrifice the child?” Lillian asked emotionally.
“Well…I guess that’s why He’s God…” Gregory said
sounding quite clueless.
“That makes no sense!” Aunt Lillian spat.
“Auntie, are you angry with God?” Sophia asked softly.
Lillian looked away and she felt tears nudge the corners of
her eyes.
“I dunno…” Lillian said.
Gregory looked at Lillian in sympathy.
“Continue your sharing Sophia…” Gregory started.
“You can’t be angry with God auntie…” Sophia said. “Have
you read the story of Job?”
Lillian shook her head.
“I’d like you to open it and read it. Despite all that
happened to him, Job never cursed God. Things don’t always happen the way we
want it to but God has our best interests in mind.” Sophia said consolingly.
“I don’t ….have…a bible…” Lillian said with a sob.
“I’ll help you download a version into your phone. My
assistant at the office always reads hers from her phone.” Gregory said helpfully.
“Thanks Gregory.” Lillian said with a small smile.
“Good. Since we’ve had that cleared and taken care of, maybe
auntie Lillian would share what she learnt from Job’s story with us once she’s
done reading.” Sophia said cheerfully.
Lillian nodded, her heart was too heavy and she was afraid
to speak as she knew she’d burst into tears.
“I enjoy your prayer time and sharing, Sophia….and even
though it’s been two days since we started this, I look forward to coming home
for it.” Gregory said with a smile.
“Me too…” Sophia said with a smile. “During break at
school, I read my bible stories and I knew I had to share about father Abraham
“That’s good…I’m surprised that as young as you are, you’re
so invested in God.” Gregory said.
“Well…I found Him and I’m never letting Him go.” Sophia
“How did you come to know about God? Seeing that your mother
wasn’t hands on with you.” Gregory asked with interest.
“I guess it was when I began to read and the first book I received
as a gift from a neighbour was a bible stories book. Whenever my mother left me
alone at home to go somewhere, I read the book to keep me company and slowly, I
began to take comfort with the stories from the book. Before I started reading
it, I used to be afraid of everything but when I started reading it, I stopped
being so afraid and I was bolder.” Sophia said with a smile.
Lillian stood up and brushed her skirt with her palms.
“We made dinner….” She said to no one in particular.
“Yes… auntie and I made vegetable soup and pounded yam.”
Sophia said excitedly.
“Really? That’s my favourite meal…” Gregory said, pleased.
“Yup, I asked auntie what your favourite meal was and she
told me so I asked that we make your favourite meal together. I think that
auntie and I should make our family meals more often instead of leaving it to
the housekeeper.” Sophia suggested.
“She’s doing a great job of it…” Lillian said. “Her food
is good.”
“I really don’t like eating it…for instance I didn’t eat
lunch this afternoon because she made it. I had to make noodles for myself.”
Sophia said.
“What? You made your lunch today? How could she let you go
to the cooker on your own?” Lillian asked.
“I’m a survivor auntie…if I could survive my mom’s coming
and goings, what’s so difficult in turning on the gas and making noodles. I’m
not a baby.” Sophia said.
Gregory laughed; he liked the little girl his wife had
brought to their home.
“You, Sophia, are such an interesting child.” He said.
His phone chose that moment to ring and he looked at the
caller ID.
“Excuse me…I have to take this call…” He said and left
the room.
“Come on Sophia, let’s go and set the table.” Auntie Lillian
Sophia and her aunt left her room and went about to set the
table, by the time they were done and were just about settling down to eat,
Gregory walked in.
“I’m sorry guys, I have to go.” He said.
“Why?” Sophia asked.
“It’s quite urgent…” He said.
“We didn’t even end our sharing with a prayer.” Sophia
“Sophia, I’m sure your uncle has somewhere important to
go…” Lillian said.
“He promised.” Sophia said stubbornly.
“He promised?” Lillian asked in surprise.
“I promise to make it up to you Sophia…” Gregory said,
feeling bad that he was leaving.
“If you’re not joining in this meal, then I’m not hungry.”
Sophia said standing up from her chair to go to her room.
“What? Why? No…okay…wait…I could err…maybe go later.”
Gregory said.
Sophia smiled and sat down at the table again. Gregory
dropped his phone on the table walked over to the sink to wash his hands and
Sophia quickly slipped up to the phone and turned it off. She slipped back to
her seat just in time and soon, they were all settled for a nice dinner.
“Let’s hold hands and pray.” Sophia said.
Lillian and her husband obliged and they both held out their
Benita sat in her car as she waited for Gregory who had
promised her that he’d be outside his house in a moment. Her bottle was there
on the floor of the front passenger seat waiting for its victim- Gregory. She
had made the incantations and all that she had to do in order for Gregory’s
essence to find its way into the bottle. All she needed was to see Gregory and
everything would work as planned. She had rubbed a lotion in her tongue and was
waiting to kiss him. As soon as she did that, she’d bid him goodnight and once
he’s left, using a small cotton bud, she’ll swipe her tongue for his saliva and
push the bud into the bottle and make some incantations. Then, she’ll go home,
light her candles, take his shirt and his hair-items she already possessed- and
keep awake all night invoking her gods to seize his essence and place it into
the bottle. Then at dawn, she’d see the signs in the bottle and he’ll be in her
power forever.
She sat in her car and waited and waited but he didn’t
emerge so she dialled his number only to find it switched off. She was shocked.
To be continued on Sunday…..

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