The doctor and nurses stared at Jennifer as though she was insane. None of them believed what she was telling them.

“It’s true…he woke up…he woke and spoke…” Jennifer said in a quiver.

“Are you sure of this madam?” The doctor asked as he checked Emmanuel’s pulse again and examined him.

“Yes…yes…I am so sure…he spoke to me right now and that’s why I hurried to call you…I ran to your office and I…I…” Jennifer said and burst into tears.

“Calm down madam, we haven’t seen any signs that he’s woken up at all.” The doctor said.

“Do you doubt me? Are you implying that I’m lying?”

“No one is saying that madam but it’s understandable that as a mother you’d want your child to wake up. It’s a normal thing to think that he said something when he didn’t.” The doctor said.

“I am sure that he said something…” Jennifer said with tears in her eyes.

“What did he say? What were his words?” The doctor asked.

Jennifer opened her mouth to speak but shut it close.

“I guessed…” The doctor said to her. “You didn’t hear him say anything. It was all in your subconscious.”

As soon as the doctor left with the nurses, the door opened and doctor Edmund walked into the hospital room. Immediately Jennifer saw him, she started sobbing.

“Doctor Edmund…I am so sad.” She cried.

Edmund walked up to her and patted her at the back.
“I came to check up on you…I’m sorry to see you like this.” He said.

“Emmanuel spoke…he spoke to me but the doctor said that I must have been dreaming because he hasn’t woken up again since he spoke.”

“Shhh…don’t cry Jennifer, for the fact that he woke up, it means that he’s slowly getting out of coma. Very soon, he’ll be fine and you’ll go home.” Edmund said.

Jennifer nodded and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.

“What were his first words when he woke up?” Doctor Edmund asked.

Jennifer looked at Edmund, she didn’t know what to say.


“What is happening? What is happening?” The agent screamed over and over as he stared at Mike who was trembling and shaking like a leaf.

“I don’t know…I stabbed him…just like you asked me to…just like you asked me to…” Mike sobbed.

“You have wasted a lot of resources! You have destroyed and desecrated our shrine with your false sacrifice! How dare you?” The agent screamed at him in fury. “How dare you bring a child already dedicated to another, here to us? Do you think Matamamatama is a child?”

Damien threw himself before the agent in pleas.

“We are very sorry. On behalf of my friend, I sincerely apologize…I
apologize…” Damien said.

Mike knelt there in tears, he was very afraid.

“We can’t use him! He has been anointed…and there’s nothing I can do to change that.” The agent said in finality.

“Please sir…I beg of you, I have four children and I can offer up another of the four…I just beg that you help me…I beg you…” Mike cried.

The agent looked at him for a long time and said.

“I will give you one more chance…” He said. “Offer up another sacrifice in two days and everything will be fine.”

“Which of my children does Matamamatama want?” Mike asked shakily.

“I’ll consult the great one…” The agent said as he walked up to the front of the shrine where four mirrors stood and suddenly, Mike saw the reason he’d initially thought the agent was four different people.

The agent stood there for quite a while and turning back to Mike, he said.

“Bring your daughter!”

“I have two of them, Mercy and Isabella.” Mike said.

“Bring Mercy!” The agent said.

Mike nodded and stood up from where he was kneeling.

“Can we leave now?” Damien asked the agent.

“Yes, you can both leave but I expect to see you in the next two days. Damien, help Mike out with some money for upkeep but once his sacrifice is done, you can should take the money back from him.”

“Thank you sir…thank you…” Mike said as he left the shrine with Damien.

“What?” Edmund exclaimed as he stared at Jennifer.

“I didn’t know what to tell the doctor…I couldn’t say something like that.” Jennifer said to him.

“Do you mean your son said that your husband wants him dead?” Edmund said.

“Listen, my son must have been speaking out of his subconscious…he doesn’t know what he’s saying.” Jennifer said.

“I’m sure he doesn’t…” Edmund said sounding very wary.

“Why do you sound like that? It’s almost as though you think he’s telling the truth. My son is a child and he is in a coma, I’m sure he was probably dreaming and…and…” She started.

They saw Emmanuel’s body move and they both shot off their chairs to his bed. Emmanuel’s eyes were open.

“Emmanuel! My God! You’re awake…you’re back. Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus!” Jennifer rejoiced.

“I want water mom…” Emmanuel said weakly.

Jennifer nodded and smiled, she was so relieved.

“I’ll go and call the doctor who’s been attending to him. I’ll be right back.” Edmund said and left the room.

Jennifer stood there and stared at her son.

“I want water mom.” Emmanuel said again.

“Let’s have the doctor check up on you first…okay…” She coaxed.
Emmanuel nodded weakly.

“I feel so tired mommy…” He said.

“Yes, I understand…you’ve been sleeping for too long.” Jennifer said.

“Emmanuel, do you remember what you said to me the first time you woke up?”

Emmanuel shook his head.

“Are you sure darling? You don’t remember anything?” She asked again.

“No mom…” Emmanuel said as his eyes scanned the room. “Where’s my dad? Isn’t he here?”

“No, he’s not but he’ll be here tomorrow and he’ll be thrilled to see you. Are you happy to see him?”

“Yes mom, I am.” Emmanuel said to her.

The door opened and Edmund walked into the room with the doctor who quickly walked up to Emmanuel.

Jennifer felt relieved by Emmanuel’s words, she was certain that the first time he’d spoken, he didn’t know what he was saying.

To be continued on Thursday….

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