Alice watched Promise walk up to the closet with the dagger
then suddenly turned around and faced the queen and her girl.
“No…” She said.
The queen looked at her in surprise.
“No?” She asked in shock.
“Not yet, we have forgotten that she is a vital part of this
church, and with Gift gone and Bernard gone as well, we can’t just kill her
like that. We are dealing with people and they will ask questions.” Promise

“Gift is not dead, she’s recuperating.” The queen said.
“Yes we know that but we need Alice alive. Now that she
knows the truth, we have to make her keep silent and at the end of the crusade,
we kill her.” Promise said.
The queen looked at Promise as she took a step towards her.
“I’ll let her go for now because what you say is quite
correct. I don’t want people to ask questions.” The queen said.
“But how do we get her to shut her mouth. If she talks, then
this is over.” The queen’s girl said.
“She’ll be stupid to talk besides, she would be seen but not
heard.” The queen said.
“What are you going to do to her?” Promise asked.
“I’ll seal her lips till the end of the crusade then we kill
her.” The queen said.
Promise nodded and handed the dagger over to the queen.
“No, keep it till the day we decide she has to die.” The
queen mother said.
There was a knock at the door and the queen and her girl
quickly comported themselves.

“Who is it?” Promise asked.
“You asked that we come for a meeting, we are here.” One of
the church workers said through the closed door.
“Okay, wait for me at the hall on the first floor.” She
They heard shuffle of feet leave the door and the queen
mother quickly changed her face from Promise’s mother’s face to another face.
“You’re changing your face?” Promise asked as she tried to
mask her relief.
“Yes, I only changed my face to your mother’s to see your
reaction and know what side you’re on. It seems you’re on my side so, why the
headache? You can introduce me as a general overseer of some church who would
be at the crusade ground.”
“Okay, that’s fine….” Promise said in relief. “What
happens to Alice? Do we leave her here?”
“Untie her.” The queen said to her girl who did as she was
Alice fell to the ground in a heap. The queen said some
incantations over Alice and turned to regard Promise.
“I have sealed her tongue, she can’t repeat what she saw.” The
queen said. “We should be expecting Sir Gideon today, he is supposed to be here
for the crusade.”
Promise nodded and opened the door so that the queen and her
girl could follow her out to the hall.

“Where is Sanchessa?” The queen asked of the other girl who
had been sent to kill Japheth.
“She’s supposed to be back by now, should I go look for her?”
Her girl asked.
“Never mind, we have a meeting to attend. I’m sure she’ll be
back soon.” The queen said.
Japheth hid at a corner on the second floor where Promise’s
office was situated and waited. He had heard the workers speak of a meeting
that Promise wanted to have with them at the first floor and common sense told
him that it would be foolish of him to run into Promise’s office as she could
be there. He was right because less than five minutes later, Promise emerged
from the room with a strange looking woman who looked quite familiar and a
girl. Who were they? He thought as a wave of nostalgia hit him. They were like
the people he saw in his dreams but they looked a bit different. He waited for
them to leave the floor before making his way to Promise’s office. He turned
the knob, the door was locked.
He was frustrated, he quickly ran to the end of the hall, in desperate search of another door into her office but there was none. He ran
back to her office door and pushed it but it didn’t open.

“Alice! Are you in there? Alice!” He called out.
He heard a noise from within and soon, the door was opened
to him from inside. Alice stood inside with the door wide open.
“Alice! Thank God you are fine!” Japheth said relief.
“Yes I am but I have seen the devil’s agents.” Alice said in
surprising fluidity.
“What happened?”
“Let’s get out of here now!” Alice said and grabbing his
hand they ran down the stairs of the church, only to see the church workers
walk up the stairs. They both held hands and rushed back upstairs and Alice
quickly pushed open the door to the choir’s robe room and they both got in.
They were both breathing heavily when the door was shut
behind them.
“What do we do now? What happened?” Japheth asked.
“Promise is working hand in hand with the devil.”
“Did you see her bible?”
“I wasn’t able to see it but I saw worse than that and I
heard worse than that.” She said, narrating to him her experience with Promise and the queen.
“What? The woman cast a spell on you so that you can’t talk?”
He asked incredulously.
“Yes she did but here I am, speaking.” Alice said.
“I figured that the first time, they were able to bind me
because I was afraid. Japheth, I was very afraid and I lost faith and that was
why they were able to hold me captive but when she said that she was going to
seal my lips I thought of the encounter Peter had with Jesus at the water where
he walked on the sea but as he kept walking, he became afraid and he began to
sink and Jesus said, ‘O ye of little faith’ then I realised that I had more
power than the woman and all her agents put together so I wasn’t scared
anymore. I just waited for her to say her dead words and when she left, I
laughed and praised the Lord. I heard you call my name and I recalled that I
had seen Promise keep the spare keys to her office in her drawer and I opened
the door.” She said.
“Oh praise the Lord!” Japheth said.
“We can’t let that crusade happen, not with the motive
behind it!” Alice said.
“No we can’t but how can we stop it?” He asked.
“Do you remember the story of the walls of Jericho?” Alice asked.
“Yes, the children of God were praising the Lord and the
walls of Jericho collapsed.” Japheth said.
“Do you have a bible here?” Alice asked.
“Yes…” Japheth said and brought out a bible from his bag
and handed it over to her.
Alice took the bible from him and opened it to Judges Chapter
six and read it from beginning to end quickly and said.
“We can bring down these walls.” Alice said.
“What? Bring what down?” Japheth almost screamed.
They heard footsteps at the door as Promise said to someone.

“She was in the office, how come she escaped?
“Let’s search everywhere, she shouldn’t have gone far and
you called the security who said that he’s not seen her pass through the gates.”

A voice answered.
Promise and Japheth waited for them to walk past before
speaking again.
“Whatever we do, we have to do it now and fast.” Alice said.
“What do we do?” Japheth asked.
“We pray until something happens! We can’t run away Japheth, we can’t leave…we are here for a purpose and we have to pray. Promise has a made a pact with the devil and we need to help save her as well as alot of innocent people that’ll be coming for the crusade.”
Alice said with determination in her eyes.
“But…it’s just the two of us…” Japheth asked
“Whenever two or three are gathered, the Lord is present!”
Alice said.

To be continued on Sunday….


  1. Ada #strongface.
    I was on my way out this mrn and I remembered today was Thursday and I had joy in my heart cos blackmail will be coming up today.
    But Ada…..short short short
    Anyways I enjoyed every sentence.
    Faith+fear does not go hand in hand so we need to hold on to our faith and hold on To God.
    #ehugs hun. God bless you.

    • Chai @ strong face. Mabinu ejooo…
      It's a miracle that I wrote this episode…the kind of headache that I was having ehn.
      Don't worry, Sunday promises to be longer.
      Thank you for reading Ayo dear.

    • Yes ooo…I saw it. Fear is not a good thing at all but then, as children of God, we succumb to it more often than not.
      Thank you for reading Bilingual Moi.

  2. Yes!!!! Faith does not work with fear! Thanks for the reminder!
    Blackmail is actually my favorite series because of the spritual lessons! P.U.S.H (Pray Until Something Happens)!


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