Jennifer was invited for an interview, she’d received the message
on her phone and she was frustrated that she was given little time to prepare.
Emmanuel was still at the hospital and she had spent the most of her day by his
bedside. He was still in coma and he hadn’t woken up as his body lay still save
for his steady breathing.
She was thankful that she had an older daughter, Mercy, who
doubled as a mother figure at home and helped take care of her siblings while
she sat in the hospital with her son, praying deeply and meditating. All the
while she was at the hospital, her husband was nowhere in sight. She had called
him a dozen times but he wasn’t answering his calls, she was already growing

Her interview was to take place the day after tomorrow and she wasn’t
prepared yet. She needed someone to stay with Emmanuel as she had to get
herself ready for the interview. She looked at her son’s still frame on the
bed, hooked to machines and tubes and silently thanked God for his life. She
was so certain that he’d been marked for death the night before but for the
grace of God, he’d not have been alive. She pulled out her phone and dialled
her husband’s number, the network service informed her that she had no call
credit left on her phone. She sighed and walked out of the hospital room and
headed towards the reception area. She needed to call her husband desperately
and she thought of asking the nurse to borrow her one minute from her call
credit. As soon as she stepped out of the room, she almost collided with a man.

“I’m sorry…” She started, apologising profusely.
“Oh…I’m sorry…” He said then stared at her.
A moment of recognition and she saw that she knew him but where
did she know him? She thought. He was wearing a medical garb so he was
obviously a doctor at the hospital.
“I know you…but where?” She asked with a smile.
“Yes, I think we’ve met somewhere before…” He said smiling at
She stared at him and tried to remember and then it registered.
“Oh my goodness, are you the pastor who told me that you’d like to
pray for my children? You were the visiting pastor at our church some days ago
right?” She asked with a smile.
“Oh, is that so? I had no idea that I’d met you at church before.
My name is Edmund…Doctor Edmund Okonta or Pastor Edmund.” He said with a
“Oh my Lord! I had no idea that one could be a doctor and a
pastor. I’m so pleased to meet you. My name is Jennifer Okonji.”
“Of course…medicine is my profession and serving God is my
calling. I combine the both of them, besides they are both life saving.” He
said with a smile.
“Do you work in this hospital?” She asked.
“Yes, yes I do…I took over from Doctor Fredrick. Do you know
him?” He asked.
“No…I don’t…there are a number of doctors here so I don’t keep
tabs.” She said.
“Well, I’m here part-time, I work with the government hospital but
I’m here to help out.” He said. “What brings you here? Are you ill?”
She looked at him sadly.
“Do you remember that night of the service, you told me to bring
my children to you for prayers?” She asked.
Edmund looked at her and shook his head.
“I’m sorry but I can’t recall, I remember telling a few people
different things.”
“You told me to bring my children to you for prayers but I forgot
about it, I’d left the church before I remembered.” She said.
Edmund didn’t seem as though he remembered ever telling her to
bring her children to him for prayers.
“Well…when I get a message, I pass it across then if nothing is
done at the moment, it all fades away.” He said.
“What do you mean by that?” She asked.
“I mean that, I really don’t store information like that inside my
head. When I get a message and pass it across and the instructions are not
followed at the appropriate time, I lose track.”
“Really? That’s strange…” She said to him.
He shrugged.
“Yes, it’s so strange.”He said. “That’s how my gift works. At the
time I told you about the prayers, I must have received a message but since you
didn’t show up, I can’t remember the message I received or why I asked that you
bring your children for prayers.”
Jennifer looked at Edmund in disbelief, she was stunned.
“Wow! It’s really strange.” She said.
He shrugged.
“So what brings you here? Are you ill?” He asked.
“No, it’s my son, Emmanuel…on the night after the service, we
all went home and just as he lay on the bed to sleep, we heard a scream from
him. We actually thought he was dead but…” She told the doctor the story of
all that happened.
“What did the doctors say? Is it a brain problem? I don’t understand
how he could go into a coma when he had no prior medical problems.”
“Well, that’s what the doctor has been trying to figure out. His
case is rather strange.” She said.
They were still conversing when Mike walked up to them.
“Honey, where have you been? I have been waiting for you…it’s
almost three pm already and I just got a text message from a company I applied
for asking me to come for an interview, the day after tomorrow.” She said.
Mike seemed distracted, he nodded absentmindedly and turned to
greet Edmund.
“Good afternoon doctor.” He greeted.
“Hello sir…” Edmund responded.
“Meet Edmund, do you know he’s a pastor and a medical doctor? How
 Jennifer said to Mike with a smile.
Mike nodded, he looked a bit tense and he wasn’t in the least
“Honey I have a meeting with a client and I don’t think I’ll be
home early.” He started.
“What? What kind of meeting is that? Mike, you know you arrived
home very late on Saturday night all because you had to go for a meeting with a
client. It was on that night that our son almost died. I too have an interview
to prepare for and coupled with Emmanuel in the hospital, I really have a lot
on my plate. Can’t you stay with him for the rest of the day at the hospital?”
She asked.
“I really have to be at the meeting, it’s important.” Mike said.
Edmund looked at them and quickly excused himself.
“I have to go now, I have some rounds.” He said.
“Please when you have the time, could you come and pay him a
visit? Please…”
Jennifer pleaded.
“Sure…no worries.” He said and walked away.
Jennifer turned to face her husband.
“What is wrong with you? Why do I suddenly feel that you’re
becoming so selfish? Have you forgotten that I’m the one who’s always at home
with the kids? I need to get a job too or we’ll starve. The kids have been
skipping meals and it’s not healthy for them and I don’t have the money to
provide for them. I need to help you out in our present situation.” She said.
“I don’t need you to help me out! I am the head of our home and I
will provide for you.” Mike said.
“You haven’t provided in eight months! Where do you think the
money will come from? We have no money to even pay Mercy’s school bills.”
“Listen Jennifer, I really do not want to get into an argument but
I have an important meeting today and it’s happening outside Lagos. I won’t be
home till tomorrow. Once everything goes successfully, our money would begin to
pour in like rain so you shouldn’t bother about how to make money but how to
spend it.” He said to her.
“I don’t believe this…I really can’t believe that you’re talking
like someone who has no understanding of the present situation at hand. This is
the same kind of meetings you’ve been having for months now and yet, nothing!”
“Don’t you upset me Jennifer!” Her husband shouted.
 A nurse walked up to them.
“Please this is a hospital, I’d rather you continue your
conversation outside.” She said.
“I’m sorry nurse, I’m already done with the conversation.”
Jennifer said and walked back into her son’s room.
Mike sighed and walked out of the hospital in anger.
Edmund was looking through a patient’s files when something
flashed in his head. He closed his eyes and tried to block the vision from
coming. Right from childhood, Edmund had the gift of seeing what the future
held. At first it’d been alarming to his family and they hadn’t known what to
make of it. Once in secondary school, his best friend had tried to make money
from his gift by telling all the students in the school to pay for a free
future reading. He had been embarrassed and his friend had been almost expelled
from the school for that. After that incident, he battled so hard to hide his
gift as he didn’t want the world to see him as a freak till the day he had an
encounter with Christ. He had been in his classroom in the university, reading through
the night when he kept seeing the images of the holy bible flash through his
mind. His parents were Christians but the every Sunday kind and he skipped
church quite frequently. He had stood up quickly and glanced around the class
of many night readers and kept staring till his eyes settled on a pretty young lady
who had chosen that moment to walk into the classroom with the bible he’d seen
in his vision in one hand and her books in the other. He instantly walked up to
her and they’d began to discuss, she invited him to the fellowship she attended
on campus and that was where his life in Christ begun.
Years later, when the lady who’d introduced him to Christ was
lying critically ill in a hospital bed, he’d known that she’d die because he’d seen it. He
also knew that no matter how much prayers he’d offered, there was no way she
was going to make it. They had been married for six years and those were the
best years of his life. They had been prayer buddies, best friends and partners
and now as he remembered her, he felt a tug in his heart at the empty void that
stood in her stead.
He didn’t remember Jennifer from the church and he had no idea of
the message he’d passed across to her because as his gift had advantages, it
had its disadvantages as well. His late wife was always quick to tell people
that they had to follow through with his instructions within the time frame he’d
passed the message or it’ll clear from his mind forever and there was nothing
to do to bring it back.
Now, as he stared at the patient’s files, he could hear loud
heartbeats in his head. It came pounding like a headache but as he heard the
heartbeat, it was growing fainter and fainter. Suddenly, he saw the image of a
man walking into a very deserted and evil place, the man had a huge knife in
his hand and he walked with determination. He closed his eyes as he saw the
image of the man in his mind’s eye, emerging from the deserted and evil place
and walking into hospital. He was headed towards the door of the young boy,
He suddenly opened his eyes as the vision vanished. Edmund was as
pale as a white sheet of paper.
“Doctor…are you alright?” The nurse asked staring at him
“I am fine…” He said reassuringly and smiled at the patient.
As Edmund stared unseeingly at the files in his hand, he knew that
there was grave danger lurking around the little boy’s life. He could tell that
the boy’s coma wasn’t something that needed the doctors intervention.
Someone was after his life and it was God who could get him out


To be continued on Sunday…
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