Mike got to his doorstep at five am the next morning, he was
exhausted, the sacrifice had been draining and he’d seen things that he never
thought existed in his forty years of existence. He lifted his hand to knock at
the door but the door opened almost immediately.

“Daddy, where were you?” Mercy cried as she stared at him in
Mike stared at his thirteen year old daughter and his tongue was
“Where were you daddy?” She flung at him again, this time, her
voice was a higher pitch.
“I…I…was out for business, what is wrong?” He asked.
“If you were here, this wouldn’t have happened…Emmanuel is….is…” She cried as
she threw herself into his arms.
Mike held her close and closed his eyes in pain, he had wept all
the way home as Damien drove the car. He had just only wiped his eyes when he
got to the gate of his compound.
“Emmanuel is Dead?” Mike asked his daughter feigning shock.
She looked up at him.
“He…he …screamed…he screamed so loudly that we all ran there
to see him but his eyes were closed. Mummy and I shook him to no avail but
he…he didn’t wake up.” She said.
“Is he dead?” He asked again.
“Mummy called the neighbour and he was rushed out to the
hospital…” Mercy cried.
“Is your mom with her phone? I want to call her…” He said.
When Mercy nodded, Mike quickly took out his phone from his pocket
and dialled his wife’s number. She answered.
“Hello…Jenny…I just came home.” He said.
“Come to the clinic…we’re there.” She said and hung up.
Mike looked at his daughter and said.
“Stay indoors with your siblings, I will be back.” He said and
took off.
Mercy nodded and went back inside the house while Mike hurried out
of the compound.
Jennifer sat at the waiting room, she had been sitting there since
two am and her eyes stood open like those of the owl. She had made phone calls
all the pastors in the church all through the night, begging them to pray for
her son and she knew they did. She too had sent most of the night outside on
her knees in prayer. She couldn’t understand what was happening but something
told her that she could win the battle with prayer. She was still seated and
staring at the walls of the clinic when her husband rushed in.
“Where were you?” She hissed at him.
“I’ll talk about that later, but what happened? Where’s Emmanuel?”
“He’s inside the intensive care unit.” She said.
“He’s not dead?” He asked.
“What sort of stupid question is that? If I didn’t know better, I’d
say you want him dead.”
“Oh no! That’s ridiculous! I’m just asking because Mercy was
crying so badly and she said he didn’t wake up.”
“Well…we rushed him to the clinic on time, and he was revived
but he’s in coma right now. He hasn’t woken up yet but the doctors said that we
should be patient. I haven’t
spoken to the doctor yet but I must tell you that the prayers I prayed last
night ehn, I’ve never prayed that hard before in my entire life. I called all
our friends, pastors and we all prayed over his life. Emmanuel is a covenant
child and I refuse to believe that his life would be cut short this soon. He’s
not even started living.”
Mike stared at his wife in surprise, he knew he was supposed to be
relieved that his son wasn’t dead but he felt a sharp pain in his heart at the realisation that he was still alive. If
Emmanuel doesn’t die, that means that the sacrifice wasn’t complete and that means he’d
never be able to get the riches and wealth that Matamamatama had promised him.
“Wait…so you mean he’s in a coma?”
“Yes he is…” She said.
“What of the bill? I’m sure this would give the clinic the
opportunity to bill us so high.”
“God has been so faithful, would you believe that sister Margaret
just called me this morning to tell me that the women’s wing have decided to
take care of Emmanuel’s hospital costs?”
Mike’s eyes widened.
“Really?” He squeaked.
“Yes…I am so thrilled. God be praised.” She said.
“Yes…God be praised.” Mike said, not happy at all with the news.
“So, tell me, where were you all through the night?” She asked
facing him and expecting an answer.
“What do you mean by he’s not dead? Matamamatama doesn’t make
mistakes! If you stabbed him through the mirror, he’s supposed to be dead by
now.” Damien hissed through the phone line.
“I…I…can’t understand this…I really don’t understand…”
“Well, I don’t know how to help you…he was supposed to be used
for the sacrifice but…” Damien said not knowing what else to say.
“What can we do? I really need your help Damien.”
“Well…I don’t know but I’m sure that Matamamatama’s agent is not
happy about this…I am sure that this has never happened before.” Damien said.
“This is not my fault…I offered him up. I gave up my son for the
sacrifice but for some reason, he wasn’t taken.’
“Wait a minute…did you say that he’s still in a coma?”
“That means he’s half-dead so, we can still do something to finish
the sacrifice completely.”
“Yes…I am sure we can do that.”
“We have to pay a visit to the shrine again tonight.”
“I don’t know the excuses to give my wife…I made up a flimsy excuse
about my whereabouts last night.”
“You’ll have to make up another excuse. We must be at the shrine
tonight.” Damien said.
As soon as Mike hung up the call, he closed his eyes and sighed,
something had happened that had changed him. Instead of being happy that his
son was alive, his quest for money was so great that suddenly it didn’t seem
like a big sacrifice to give up his son afterall.


To be continued on Thursday….
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  1. "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down stronghold" 2 Corinthians 10:4. AMEN and AMEN!!!

    "Emmanuel is a covenant child and I refuse to believe that his life would be cut short this soon. He’s not even started living.” Those are powerful words by a determined christian mother! Really profound.

    • True…the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God. Emmanuel's mother didn't know how strong her words are but this teaches us to profess positive with out tongues and not negative.
      Thank you for reading Judith.


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