Bianca stepped into her house as silently as a mouse and shut the door behind her. The lights came on and her parents stared at her.

“Where were you?” Her father asked.
“Daddy…I…” She started.

“What is the matter with you? We had guests here and you disrespected them by leaving during dinner.” Her father said.
“She left with our guest’s son so I don’t see any reason why you’re acting as though she’s done wrong.” Her mother defended.
Her father turned to regard her mother.
“You are destroying our daughter’s life…and you shall definitely reap what you sow.”
“I am only trying to secure her a future that you couldn’t secure for her and her siblings!” Her mother fired.
“Continue! Take her side! Make her feel like she’s doing the right thing. I hope you know that nothing good ever comes from doing wrong.” Her father said and walked away.
Bianca’s mother watched him leave and hissed. She turned to her daughter and smiled.
“Welcome home darling…how are you?”
“Mom…” Bianca whispered. “I did it…”
“What did you do?” Her mother asked looking around to see if anyone was in the sitting room with them.
“I slept with Melvin.”
Her mother’s eyes widened and a smile plastered on her lips. She raised her hand for a high-five and her daughter slapped her palm with hers.
“That’s my girl!”
“Guess what mom? Melvin’s mom is dying…the GO’s wife is dying…”
Her mother looked surprised.
“Are you serious?”
“Yes, and that’s why I think his parents really want him to settle down…”
“Wow! So, you mean that Melvin’s dad is going to be single again?”
Bianca looked at her mother.
“Mom, what are you thinking?”
“Nothing…I am just baffled by your news…how come they never told anybody about this?”
“I guess they want to keep it a secret but since I’m now a new member of the family, I was told…”
“I am so proud of you Bianca, with what you’ve done tonight, you’ve succeeded in roping Melvin in. He must marry you and there’s no turning back.”
“Come on mom…let’s go to my room and discuss.” She said.
As they made their way to Bianca’s room, all her mother could think of was the fact that the GO’s wife was dying at that soon, everything would fall into its rightful place.

Melvin stared at his hands, they were shaking. He had jogged around his estate this morning, in order to free himself of excessive tension to no avail. He was very worried. His father’s tone last night had bellied disappointment and in his thirty-two years of existence, he had never heard his father speak to him in such tone. He felt really ashamed.

He thought of the service on Sunday; his father had threatened to take away the position of GO from him and he knew he was right-he didn’t deserve the position, not with what he’d done last night with Bianca.
Now, there was the issue of Bianca, she clung so desperately to him and he wished he could like her as she wanted but he couldn’t. She was a very pretty woman, respectful and nice but he saw something cold in her eyes, something that chilled him to the bone and proved that things weren’t what they seemed on the exterior.
He was still deep in thought when his phone rang. He didn’t bother looking at the caller ID but answered the call.
“Good morning…” He greeted.
“Good morning sir…this is Tina sir.”
Tina was the church secretary and she was in charge of the administrative department of the church.
“Hello, Tina.”
“I am so sorry to call you this early in the morning but we just received a call from the police station and it seems that you’re needed there.”
“Police station? Me?” Melvin asked, confused.
“Yes, sir.” She said.
“Why? Do you know why I’m being summoned?”
“Well, the officer who called the church said that someone in police cutody asked of you.”
“Did the officer leave a number?”
“Yes, he did…”
“Please call it out.” He said.
He took down the number as Tina called it out and when she was done and hung up, he dialed the number.
“Hello, this is pastor Melvin of the Church of Christ Foundation and Bible Life Church.”
“Hello sir…thank you for calling, my name is inspector Kendrick.”
“Good morning Inspector. How can I help you?”
“Well…I have someone in the police custody, she was arrested last night.”
“Who is the person?” He asked.
“Her name is Alicia but she seems to give us different names so we don’t really know which is which.”
“I don’t know anyone by the name Alicia.”
“Perhaps she’s one of your congregation. We are calling because she refuses to speak to us until she sees you.”
“That’s strange. What charges are leveled against her?”
“She was arrested for prostitution.”
Melvin was confused.

Melvin got dressed and made his way downstairs. He had just reached the foot of the stairs when he saw his mother make her way towards him.

“Good morning mom.”
“You woke up really early, are you okay, son?”
“Yes…I am.” He said.
“I’m sorry that all this is happening and I knew you were grieving last night and that’s why you…you did what you did.”
“Have you tried Chemo mom? I mean….you could try Chemotherapy right?”
“I don’t want to hurt my body besides…death is inevitable.”
“The least you could do for us is fight it…try to fight this…”
His mother looked at him and smiled.
“Don’t worry about me son, I will be fine.”
“Think of what I said…okay…just do this, for my sake.”
She sighed and smiled again.
“Where are you off to?”
“I need to get to the police station, apparently one of our members is in some sort of trouble.”
“Really? Who?”
“When I get there, I’ll see who it is.”
“Don’t forget that the pastors meeting comes up today and you’re supposed to be in charge.”
“Dad took the position away…I’m sure he’ll figure out how to organize the whole thing.”
“Melvin, you disappointed your dad yesterday but it’s not the end of the world, I’m sure he’ll take back what he said.”
Melvin looked at him mom and hugged her.
“What would I do without you mom? If you leave me…I would be empty.”
“No, you won’t. You’ll leave your life to the full.” She said to him.

Kentura was behind bars, she didn’t understand anything. All she knew was she’d woken up this morning to find herself in a small dingy cell. She had yelled at the top of her lungs to be released to no avail. Then, an inspector had spoken to her and asked her to write a statement, stating her business at a so-called bar and she was confused. She was sure she’d spent the night at home but something happened and she miraculously found herself in a cell. She couldn’t explain it.

“Madam…your visitor is here.” The inspector said, unlocking the cell and letting her out.
Kentura stepped out of the cell, in bare feet-she had no idea where her shoes were. She was dressed in one of her micro-mini skirts which had been hung in her wardrobe for longer than she could remember. She made a mental note to toss the skirt out once she got home.
She stepped into the counter and saw Melvin standing there.
“Melvin….” She said in a hoarse whisper.
“Kentura! What are you doing here?” He asked, taking in her dressing.
“I swear…I don’t know…I went to sleep last night and I woke up this morning to find myself here…I am so scared. When they asked me to call someone, I realised that I wasn’t with my phone so I told them to contact the new GO of Church of Christ Foundation and Bible Life Church. I hope I didn’t bother you.”
“No…not at all…but…this is confusing…what’s going on here?” Melvin asked.
“Mr. Melvin, this young woman was caught shamelessly flirting and offering her services to customers at the popular night club in town. She was caught red-handed and had to be taken into custody.” The inspector said.
“Can you hear what he’s saying? He just called me a prostitute! I have told them over and over that, I work with real estate and I have no idea of what they are talking about? What do I need to prostitute myself for? I am a decent young woman who makes a six figure salary yearly and I have survived on that and have done so for the past few years.”
The inspector looked at Kentura in a demeaning manner.
“We know your type so quit lying.”
“Melvin…I called you here so that you can please…please go to my apartment…help me get my ID card, my office ID. I need to prove to these people that I am no prostitute.”
“This woman thinks we are fools. I met you last night, you introduced yourself as Alicia and you told me that you were willing to do business with me. I led you on till you were caught in our trap.” The inspector said.
“First of all officer, I never left my apartment last night. The last thing I remember was that I saw a movie and I think I went to sleep after that.”
“Look at you! Lying like no man’s business! You are going to go to jail for the silly act of prostitution.”
Melvin had had enough.
“Hold it guys…please…let’s not drag this issue further.” He looked at Kentura. “Please tell the police what you were doing at the bar last night.”
Kentura looked at him in amazement.
“Melvin…do you believe him?”
Melvin looked at her, his mind flashed back to the day of their meeting.
“I don’t know…I mean…” He started.
Kentura looked hurt.
“Please leave…it’s no use having you here.” She said.
“Don’t take it the wrong way…” He started.
“I called you here because your church’s contact information is online and because my friends’ numbers are on my phone, which I don’t have with me. I didn’t call you here to side with the police. I am a responsible woman and I have people who can prove that! I don’t need you so please leave.”
“Kentura…don’t be this way. You know that I met you a few weeks ago and we’ve only seen each other twice or thrice within that short period of time. I really don’t know …”
“Please leave.” Kentura said with tears in her eyes. “Go away from here.”
“Officer…I mean, inspector….how can we get her out of here?” Melvin asked.
The inspector looked at him.
“Are there ways that she can leave this place?” Melvin asked.
“She’s supposed to go to court but…” He said and looked at Kentura. “There are other ways of getting her out.”
“Thank you…I’d really appreciate that.” Melvin said.
The inspector beckoned to him and they both walked up to a corner of the station to speak.


To be continued on Thursday…..



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