Bianca stared at her phone, Melvin had not called or texted yet and she was pissed.

“Enough of the humiliation, Bianca! You offered yourself to Melvin as a source of comfort and he can’t even call your phone. Guess what? Your days of stupidity are over and from today, you will take the bull by the horns and take what belongs to you, what rightfully belongs to you!” She said as she dialled his number.

“Hello…Bianca, please can I call you back?” Melvin started.
“No Melvin! No! I won’t allow you cut me out of your life after what happened between us last night.” She said.
There was a short pause as all she could hear was Melvin’s breathing.
“I am in the middle of something and I will call you back.” He said.
 “I need to talk to you…” She insisted.
“Aren’t you listening to me? I am in the middle of something and I will call you back.” He said and hung up.
Bianca seethed, she looked at the dress she’d laid out on the bed, she was supposed to go for choir practice but she had changed her mind. She dialed her assistant’s number.
“Hello, George…”
“Hey Bianca, I’m already on my way to practice…” He said.
“Can you fill in for me? I have to be somewhere.”
“Serious? Our leader travelled and you’re next in command, if you don’t come, who will organise the choir?”
“You be in charge! I really have to be somewhere.”
“Can’t it wait? Today is our practice for tomorrow and you know that you are in charge of picking the songs for service.”
“Are you aren’t you capable of filling in my shoes?” She spat.
“Then stop complaining and get to it.” She said. “Besides, the other members of the choir are capable too.”
“You also have to give us a spiritual talk today, have you forgotten that too?” He asked.
Bianca remembered the talk she had been assigned and sighed; she hadn’t even prepared it as all she’d done all week was think about Melvin.
“Like I said earlier, you are in charge so do it!” She spat and hung up the phone.

Kentura was getting hostile vibes from Melvin’s mother and she suddenly felt so uncomfortable.

“I have to be somewhere, Melvin.” Melvin’s mother said to him.
“I know mom but I really need your help with Kentura…” Melvin started.
“I really don’t need any help and I’ll figure things out myself. Please let your mom go to where she is supposed to go.” Kentura said.
Melvin looked at her angrily.
“Really? Are you serious? Kentura, you have a big problem! I had to bail you out from jail and for the second time, you are being presented as something that you are not.” He fired at her.
“Hey…it’s my decision, right? I am over eighteen and I don’t need a babysitter!” She fired back.
“The next time you get yourself into such mess don’t get me involved!” Melvin shouted at her.
Kentura stared at Melvin, something in him had changed. It seemed as though he had switched from sweetness to bitterness in a snap.
“Fine!” Kentura said turning to leave the house.
“Kentura…” Melvin called out.
“Let her go…let her go.” His mother said.
“Let her go? What happened to the counselling? Aren’t you supposed to help her out?” Melvin asked his mother.
“She’s already a lost cause.” His mother said.
Kentura was already at the door when she heard Melvin’s mother call her a lost cause, she turned to face the woman with anger written on her features.
“What did you just say?” She asked.
Melvin’s mother looked away, she didn’t want to see any more visions or she might not be able to take it.
“You heard me, please leave.” Melvin’s mother said.
“You hardly know me…how dare you call me a lost cause?”
“I know more than you know and I know that you are destructive and dangerous. I also know that I don’t want you in my house. This is the house of the Most High and nothing unclean can come in.” His mother said.
“You’re a huge disappointment! I mean, I’m not a saint but I do know that I’d rather wallow in sin than pretend to be saintly like you do.” Kentura spat.
“Kentura! Don’t speak to my mother in that way.” Melvin said.
“I’m leaving…and thanks for the bail. I promise that I’ll never call you again for anything. Goodbye Melvin.” She said and stormed out.
Melvin wanted to follow her out but his mother held him back.
“’Do not be unequally yoked’ that’s what the bible tells us.” She said.
Melvin looked at his mother and nodded quietly, he knew it was no use to argue with her.
“Will you drop me off at the hospital?” She asked.
“Have you spoken to your dad after the incident last night?” She asked.
“Please speak to him, I’m sure he regrets most of the words he used.”
Melvin nodded and holding his mother’s hand, they walked out through the door.

Bianca sat in Melvin’s bedroom, she flipped through some of the harvest magazines that were on his nightstand while waiting. She had just glanced at the watch on her wrist when the door opened and Melvin walked in. He looked surprised to see her.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.
“I came to see you of course…”
“I told you that I was busy.”
“Well, you’re less busy now.”
Melvin walked into the room and shut the door behind him.
“What do you want and who let you into this room?”
“I told the maids that you are my boyfriend and they let me up.”
“Boyfriend?” He asked with arched eyebrows.
“Yes, we are dating…” She said.
“Sex doesn’t mean dating.”
She looked up at him sharply.
“You are not serious. We bonded like never before last night and…”
“And my parents are disappointed with my actions!” He spat at her.
“Well..they won’t be disappointed if we get married.”
He looked at her as though she’d spoken an abomination.
“Yes, we can get married…why wait when that’s our end goal?”
“Bianca, are you alright?” He asked.
“Yes, I’m perfectly fine…” She said.
“I can’t marry you because I had sex with you…that’s….that’s totally out of the question. I only had sex with you in my moment of weakness and that was one time.”
Bianca stood up from the chair and looked at him, she was very shocked at his words.
“You had sex with me…”
“It was consensual sex and I didn’t force you to do it.”
“Is that it? So, you’re in the habit of taking any woman to bed and leaving her hanging.”
“I never said that…”
“No wonder your father stripped you of the GO title.”
Melvin flinched, he was enraged.
“What did you just say?” He asked.
“You’ll regret rejecting me. I will make sure the church hears of your conquests with women. I will poison the minds of everyone that looks up to you. They all think you’re spotless but I’ll tell them that you’re one hell of a sinner!” She yelled.
“Anyone without sin should be the first to cast a stone. I hope you’ve not forgotten that you were in on this as well so while you feed the congregation with lies, don’t omit yours.”
Bianca stormed out of his room in anger.

Melvin’s mother stared at the stairs weakly and sighed, she couldn’t climb the stairs as she was very weak and tired. She recalled what had happened with Kentura, early that morning and sighed again. She was relieved; she’d rid her son of the daughter of satan and she was happy about that.

She looked up at the stairs again and saw Bianca race down the stairs.
“Bianca…what are you doing here? How long have you been in the house?”
Bianca looked very angry, she spat.
“Melvin is going to pay for what he did to me! I am going to ruin his life and his future as GO of the church.” She said as she rushed out of the house.
Melvin’s mother had always loved Bianca and felt that she was a suitable match for her son but the venom in her voice made her rethink her intentions. She stared as Bianca banged the door and left.
As she stood up to climb the stairs, she felt a wave of nausea hit her and her vision came clear.
She saw Kentura walk boldly into her house and laugh with Melvin, then suddenly, her countenance changed as she brought out a knife and struck it into Melvin’s stomach. She could see the look of horror in his eyes as he stared at Kentura and then at the knife in his stomach.
The vision cleared and Melvin’s mother let out a horrified scream from her lips.
“She’s a demon! She’s the devil! I have to intensify my prayers and Melvin has to as well….oh my God! Oh my God! Not my Melvin, please God…take her far away…take her far away…” She sobbed.
Melvin made his way down the stairs and was surprised to his mother crying at the foot of the stairs, he rushed up to her.
“Mom, are you okay? Is everything alright?” He asked.
“Promise me Melvin…promise that you’ll stay away from that girl…promise me…” She cried.
“What girl? What are you talking about mom?” He asked.
“That…one you brought to me for counselling.”
“Do you mean Kentura?”
“Yes, please promise me…”
“Okay mom, but please sit down and rest…panicking is not good for you.” He said as he led her to the sofa.
As soon as she sat, Melvin’s phone buzzed, it was a message from Kentura.
“Hello, Melvin…it’s me Kentura. I know I said I’d never ask for your help again but I really need your help. My house is on fire and kind neighbours broke in helped me retrieve a few valuables plus my phone and that’s why I can text you. I need your help. Ijeoma is not in town and there’s really no one to assist me. I need a place to stay for a few days before getting back on my feet. Please help me.” The text read.
Melvin pushed his phone into his pocket and stared at his mother who was still mumbling the words,
“Promise me…that you will stay away from her…promise me…”
Melvin knew he was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.


To be continued on Thursday….



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