Mrs. Eje wasn’t one to be trifled with and as she booked her
flight back to Nigeria, her husband stared at her and feared that she was going
to have a nervous breakdown.
“Calm down dear…” He said.
“Don’t you dare tell me to calm down.” She shouted, wagging
her index finger at her husband. “We both know that all this is your fault. If
you had been content with one woman and had not run off in search of others, we
wouldn’t have stupid fellows as Ruby and her mother still meddling in our

Her husband bowed his head in shame as he did every time she
reminded him of his infidelity to her over thirty-five years ago.
“Hello…” She rasped down the line as she quickly booked a
flight back to Nigeria, hence cutting short her vacation with her husband in
“Can we wait a while? You know we’ve not had a vacation in
years and this is the first time we’re…” Her husband started.
“Our vacation can wait! I am going back home to Nigeria to
drag that pig’s daughter out of my daughter’s home. I will not…I repeat, I
will not have that daughter of Jezebel in my child’s house. I will fight for
Lillian if she won’t fight for herself, I am her mother and I will work hard to
make sure that she sees reason.”
“What if she doesn’t see reason?” Her husband asked.
“Do I have time for that? I’ll drag that girl out and fling
her away before she can say Jack Robinson.”
“Honey, that little girl is innocent in all this.” Lillian’s
father reminded.
“She’s your granddaughter isn’t she? That’s why you’re
defending her! All of a sudden, all our grand kids don’t matter but that little
Her husband was annoyed but he’s been married to his wife
for forty years to realise that screaming at her would only fuel her fire.
“Yes, she’s my granddaughter, I didn’t know about her birth
as Ruby hasn’t spoken to me or called me since she left our home since she was
eighteen but I feel protective of the young girl.”
His wife eyed him from head to toe and hissed, long and
“That’s your business! I am going back to Nigeria with the
first flight tomorrow, if you want to come, you’re welcome but if you want to
stay here, happy vacation honey!” She spat.
The flight was very smooth and for the first time in a very
long time, Lillian enjoyed her flight. She smiled at the air hostesses and even
complimented their services as she left the plane with her niece. Soon they
were at the terminal and she sighted her driver, as soon as he saw them he
hurried up to her and quickly took her bags.
“Good afternoon madam, welcome back ma.” He greeted.
“Callistus, how are you?” She said in response.
“Good afternoon sir.” Sophia greeted.
“How are you my dear?” The driver asked with warm and kind
eyes, then turning to his madam he said. “I’m fine ma, it’s so good to have you
back.” He said.
She nodded and taking her niece’s hand they both walked out
to the car. The Abuja air seemed to be filled with so much excitement as Sophia
was so happy that she’d finally left the orphanage. They got into the car and
the driver started the vehicle.
“Would you like some ice cream?” Lillian asked.
“Ice cream? Sure…that’s if it’s no bother.” Sophia said.
“Of course it’s no bother…you can have whatever you want,
all you need to do is ask.” Sophia said.
“Thank you for the offer but I’d stick with my needs. I also
want to thank you so much for deciding to take me with you.” Sophia said.
“You’re welcome honey, besides, that’s what family is for.”
The driver looked at the little girl through the review
mirror in surprise, she didn’t sound like a child, he thought.
“Callistus, please take us to the ice cream place.” Lillian
Ten minutes later, Sophia was enjoying a cone of ice cream
as they drove home.
“Do you like your flavour sir?” Sophia asked Callistus.
“Yes…I haven’t tasted it yet because I’m driving but when
we get to the house, I’ll have mine.” He said.
Lillian smiled and said.
“She insisted that I get you some ice cream too and said she
said she’s positive you’d like banana flavour.”
“Yes ma…I do…thank you.” The driver said with a smile.
“I didn’t make proper introductions, this is my niece
Sophia.” Lillian said. “Sophia, meet my driver, Callistus.”
The driver smiled from the review mirror and Sophia smiled
back at him.
Soon, they were at the house and Sofia alighted from the
car, her mother hadn’t been kidding when she’d told her that her aunt was very
wealthy. The sprawling house was bigger than any house she’d ever seen.
“Do you live here all by yourself?” Sophia asked.
“Yes, I live here with my husband.”
“Wow! This house is really big.” Sophia said amazed at the
beautiful place.
“Yes…it is…come on in, let’s go inside. Callistus will
help you take your bags inside.” Lillian beckoned and held unto her niece’s
house as they approached the entrance door.
The door opened and a young woman in an apron smiled at
“Welcome home ma…”
“Thank you, Faith.” Lillian said.
Sophia followed her aunt and just as she took a step into
the house, she froze and stopped.
“Are you okay?” Lillian asked turning to regard her niece.
Sophia saw at that moment, different figures running around
the house and destroying and breaking things. There was one that stood far
bigger than the others, its teeth was sharp and it had claw-like hands, it was
giving orders while its agents went about destroying things, things that only
Sophia could see.
“Sophia!” Lillian called out.
Sophia took a step backward.
“What is it? Sophia are you okay?” Lillian asked in concern
as she felt her niece’s head with the back of her palms.
Sophia quickly jogged out of her trance and looked at her
“I can’t go in.” She said breathing heavily.
Lillian smiled and stooped low to regard her, she felt that
since the girl had come from extreme poverty, she felt so overwhelmed coming
into her house.
“Look, this is just a house. Yes, it’s big but it’s just
like any other place…” Lillian said.
“You don’t get it do you?” Sophia asked.
“Get what?”
“I can’t step into your house.”
“Okay, tell me why you don’t want to come in.” Lillian asked
with a smile.
“There are demons there.”
The housekeeper and Lillian froze as they stared at Sophia.
“Will you not say such rubbish?” Lillian said quite angrily.
“It’s not rubbish. I know what I see and I can’t go into
that house.” Sophia said.
Lillian was angry so she used a stern voice.
“You asked me to bring you to my house and I did. I told you
to stay at the orphanage and you refused to. What is the meaning of this? If
you knew you’d reveal your dramatic side here in my house, you should have told
me earlier and saved me the trouble.”
“There’s no need to get angry.” Sophia said quietly.
“Why shouldn’t I? You’re stressing me. How can you say that
there are demons in my house? Do such things exist?”
“I can only enter if you call someone to pray…maybe a
pastor, a prophet or a priest…I really can’t go inside the house without some
kind of prayers being done. I need someone prayerful, to pray them away.”
Sophia said with stubborn determination.
Lillian was exasperated, she was already growing tired of
the charade her niece was putting her through and she desperately wanted to
scream. Callistus walked up to them with the bags.
“Madam, is anything the matter?” He asked.
“My niece said that there are demons in my house! Can you
believe that? She said that there are demons in my house!”
Callistus looked into the house and spoke to Sophia.
“Are you sure you saw demons?” He asked.
“I can still see them.” Sophia said in a serious tone.
“What do you want us to do so that you can go into the
house?” He asked.
“I want you to call someone….to pray. I need someone who
can really pray.” Sophia said.
“Madam, if you don’t mind, the driver of our next house
neighbours is a young pastor. Can I call him?” Callistus asked.
“I hate this but she leaves me with no choice.” Lillian said
trying so hard to control her temper.
Callistus handed the bags over to the housekeeper who took
them inside the house. Sophia walked over to sit on the small stairs leading to
the house while Lillian stormed into the house and slammed it shut. The little
girl was so annoying, she thought.

To be continued on Thursday….. 

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