Vanessa spent most of the morning conversing with Jennifer and she
found that they had a lot in common. They both loved fashion, they loved
reading books and they surprisingly had a few mutual friends.
“I can’t believe you know Kamto…wow what a small world.”
Jennifer said in delight.
“Yes, we served together in Nassarawa state. It was such a long
time ago but we were assigned to the same place of primary assignment so that
was how we bonded.”Vanessa said with a smile.

“Kamto was my close friend in the university. It’s a pity how life
throws us into so many activities that we aren’t able to catch up with our
“We should arrange a gathering of some sort…you know…for all
of us. For friends and acquaintances that lost contact.”
Jennifer smiled and said nothing.
“Don’t you think it’s a good idea?” Vanessa asked.
“Yes…it is…I mean…sure.” Jennifer stuttered.
“There’s something wrong and I can tell from the tone of your
voice. Don’t you want us to gather together and mingle?”
“I’d like that but maybe later…once my husband finances stabilise.
You see…it’s been years since I saw or connected with Kamto, Dolapo and
Nkechi. I see their updates on Facebook and I see that they are very successful
women. They are very well placed and well…I have always been a housewife. It’s
not as though I’m complaining ooo…or regretting that I decided to be a home
maker. I am actually fine with it but that was when my husband was very financially
well-off. Right now, the idea of gathering everyone doesn’t really sit well
with me because I’ll have nothing to talk about when asked of my achievements.”
“C’mon Jennifer, don’t feel that way…your husband will rise to
his feet again.”
“For how long ehn? It’s been months and nothing…I even applied
for jobs and I haven’t…” Jennifer said and burst into tears.
“I’m sorry Jenny…” Vanessa said walking up to her to give her a
reassuring hug.“You are blessed…come to think of it. You have such beautiful
children and they love you and they are growing up strong and healthy. Look at
me, I still haven’t gotten any and…and…” She said as a sob caught in her

“I’m so selfish…I’m sorry to bother you with my problems.”
Jennifer said reaching out to console Vanessa. “There is nothing God cannot do.
Do you believe that?”
Vanessa nodded slightly.
“Yes I do…I have been to churches, prayer houses, spiritual temples…I’ve
been everywhere but nothing!”
“I am sorry about that…” Jennifer said.
“It hurts me that my husband isn’t as worried as I am. He’s so
calm admits it all. His family members are on my neck, and my family are
getting very worried but Damien doesn’t bother. As long as there’s plenty of
food in the house, cars are in surplus, and many other material things, he’s
Jennifer looked at the clock on the wall.
“It’s almost twelve noon…” She said.
“Why, is anything happening at twelve noon?” Vanessa asked.
“There’s a programme in my church and it starts everyday at twelve
noon. It’s a short prayer session for every day of the week. Why don’t we go to
church together and pray to God for your intention?”
“Really? Do you think it’ll work?”
“There have been marvellous testimonies from the mouths of
worshippers. C’mon, let’s go.”
“Okay…I will.” Vanessa said with a smile.
“Let me go and get changed.” Jennifer said and hurried out of the
sitting room.
Damien and Mike got into the boat which took them to the ancient
shrine, the sun was high in the sky and they knew that they were on time as the
rituals won’t begin till it was dark at night.
They walked into the shrine, removed their shoes and bowed their
heads low to the ground. Some other people were there as well, men and women,
seeking solution to their different problems. The woman, who worked closely
with the agent, walked up to the two of them and beckoned that they follow her
outside. As soon as they got outside to the back of the shrine, she said to
“There are rites of purification that you must do in order to
continue your ritual.”
“You mean for Mike right?” Damien asked.
“For the both of you.” She said.
“Why the both of us? I only led him here.” Damien said.
“You are his helper, besides, you need to renew your sacrifice
very soon and having your rite of purification done today will help hasten
things for you.” She said.
Damien nodded in understanding.
“Go to the back of those trees and remove your clothing, then
kneel at the front of the banana tree. I will come and continue the rites.”
Mike wasn’t really pleased with the idea of stripping himself
naked at the middle of nowhere.
“We can wear our underwear right?” Mike asked her.
“You are to strip yourselves naked.” The woman said and walked
Damien looked at Mike, he was slightly amused.
“Why do you look so disturbed? It’s just nakedness…”
“Well…I am very private about my body. I don’t see why we should
be left naked outside for God knows how long.”
“I don’t see your determination to make money. She didn’t say you
should kill anyone but asked that you strip yourself naked. Please let’s go and
stop wasting time.” Damien said irritantly.
Jennifer and Vanessa reached church on time, as soon as they got
in, pastor Edmund walked out to the center of the church and began to pray.
Jennifer smiled as soon as she saw him, she hadn’t seen him since they left the
hospital and she was so glad to see him again.
“I know that pastor, he’s also a doctor.” Jennifer whispered to Vanessa.
Vanessa looked at her in surprise, and then closed her eyes to
pray. As they prayed, pastor Edmund spoke with authority which almost shook the
foundations of the church. At a point, Vanessa screamed and twirled around, running
out to the center of the church and shouting at the top of her lungs. Jennifer
opened her eyes and stared at her new-found friend who was at the center of the
church already on the ground, writhing like a snake. Pastor Edmund shouted to
“You are in bondage woman! A great wall of impossibility stands
against you but by the power of the most High God, you will be set free in
Jesus name!”
The congregation shouted ‘Amen’.
Soon, two prayer ministers joined pastor Edmund as they prayed for
Vanessa. Jennifer stood there and watched as Vanessa writhed on the ground, dirtying
her beautiful yellow dress. Her heels were kicked away and at that moment,
everything that had made her look so flashy seemed to mean nothing.
Thirty minutes later, a dazed-looking Vanessa sat before the altar
and drank water from a bottle. She was exhausted. Jennifer walked up to meet
“What happened?” Vanessa asked.
“I don’t know…you left your seat and moved to the center of the church.”
Jennifer informed.
“I had no idea…I don’t even know where my shoes are…all I
remember was feeling a very strong pain in my abdomen. It was the most painful
feeling I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.”
Jennifer patted her shoulder in understanding. Pastor Edmund
walked up to greet her.
“Hello Jennifer.”
“Pastor Edmund, thank you for the prayers. God bless you.”
Jennifer said to him.
Pastor Edmund nodded and looked at Vanessa, he couldn’t remember the
revelation he had about her while he was praying for her. He hated forgetting revelations
and this happened every time.
“Was anyone able to take down notes of what I said during prayers?”
Pastor Edmund asked aloud.
The prayer ministers shook their heads. Pastor Edmund’s face fell.
“I wish someone had taken down the words I’d said so that we can
pray for her.” Pastor Edmund said.
“I remember you saying that she’s in bondage and God will set her
free.” Jennifer said to pastor Edmund.
At that moment, pastor Edmund felt his breath seize as he began to
perspire. He saw a teenage girl walking down the road dressed in a school
uniform. She was about crossing the road when a car knocks her to the ground.
“Are you okay? Pastor Edmund?” Jennifer asked him in worry.
“Your daughter…your daughter is in danger and …she needs to
stay where she is…she shouldn’t leave school…or else.” He said looking at
her as his eyes glazed.
Jennifer didn’t understand what he was talking about. Suddenly, pastor
Edmund regained himself and shook his head as though trying to clear his head.
“Did I just say something?” He asked.
“Yes…you said that I shouldn’t let my daughter leave school…or
else.” Jennifer said in panic and confusion.
“I don’t recall what I said but you should follow the
instructions.” Pastor Edmund said, sounding quite confused himself.
“How? She has to come back home and besides, I have two daughters.
Which are you talking about?” Jennifer asked.
“I have no idea…I just said what came to mind. Please make sure
that you follow the instructions…please…” Pastor Edmund said and turning to
Vanessa, he said. “Please rise and let me pray for you.”
Jennifer found herself inching backwards in fear and without
thinking, she turned around and raced outside, heading to her daughters


To be continued on Thursday….



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