Ben ended his race at Amanda’s
room, he had quickly asked the receptionist downstairs of her room number and
wasted no time getting there.
Amanda was studying the bible
as she couldn’t sleep, she was surprised to hear a sharp rap at her door and
she quietly closed the bible and kept it at the side of her pillow, heading
towards the door.
“Who is it?” She asked.
“It’s me Ben…please open

Amanda frowned, if he was here
to throw insults at her, she was ready to give it to him anyway, God will
understand she thought. He was such a pompous pig who thought the world needed
to stand still for him. She opened the door of her room ready for battle but
the look in Ben’s eyes broke down her defences.
“Ben?” She said.
“Amanda….please I need your
help.” Ben said as without waiting to be ushered into the room, he pushed the
door inwards and entered.
Amanda shut the door behind him
and turned to face him.
“What’s wrong?”
“I need your God now….and I
need Him fast…” Ben said looking around to see if anyone else was in the
“Your hands are shaking, what’s
the problem…”
“Oh my God! I just realized
that all those nights you caught me sleep walking, I was actually being
summoned….I know I sound stupid and yes, I am definitely stupid or I wouldn’t
sound this way but I am freaking out! I am so nervous and I am at my wits end!”
He said in a shaky voice.
“What really happened?”
“Well…some hours after you
left, she came to me…she told me things…lots of stuff….oh my God I’m
getting paranoid….I have to call my mother…” Ben said and suddenly burst
into tears.
Amanda was taken aback, Ben was
weeping loudly in her room, who would have thought that the strong macho man
she had just stormed out of his room hours ago had suddenly turned the weepy
baby in her room.
“Shhhh….don’t worry, God will
help you…” Amanda consoled.
“No…. He…He won’t…I
stopped believing in Him…I stopped loving Him….He won’t help me now….I
know He won’t….” Ben cried.
Amanda reached out to him and
hugged him close and after some time, his cries stopped. When he broke the hug
and looked at her, his eyes were red.
“What do I do? I don’t know how
I can sleep tonight….what do I do?”
“Don’t worry, I’ll…I’ll give
you a Psalm to pray….God will protect you…don’t worry…”
“A psalm? No…she won’t go
away because I prayed a psalm….she won’t…she came into my room this
night…she appeared and disappeared…I don’t know how I managed to stay calm
without freaking out. Tell me, Amanda, have you ever heard of such bizarre thing
in your life?”
“Well…lots of things happen
in this world but with God on our side we defeat them….” Amanda said.
“Tell me…please…have you ever heard of what’s happening to me?”
“My sister in law seems to have
an idea of it, she called me today and I told her about you and she was able to
figure it out. She said it’s called the Summoning and that you’ve been marked
by a water spirit…I guess you are lucky that the marine spirit revealed
herself to you, many do not and they keep tormenting their prey for as long as
he or she lives, they are really dangerous.”
“How dangerous?” Ben asked with
eyes wide.
“Too dangerous…you do not
want to imagine…”
“What do I do?”
“I guess I’ll call my pastor
tonight to book a deliverance session for you tomorrow morning…”
“Really? You’d do that for me?”
“Thank you so much Amanda…I
feel so ashamed! After all I had said to you, you still found it in your heart
to help me.”
“Well…Jesus says, you have to
forgive seventy times seven times…”
Ben nodded his head , he didn’t
know what else to say.

Sharon and Ebonee were furious!
How dare those mere mortals destroy one of their own? They sat in the circle
with the elder spirits and listened while the leader spoke.
“They have sought higher powers
therefore we have to follow them, step by step.” The leader was saying.
Their meeting spot was inside
the hollow tree, which was located in one of the thickest bushes, they were all
there, looking depressingly haggard and bitter.
“I must say that Sharon here
was not doing her bit, if she was, such would never have happened!” A leader
spoke up.
Many nodded in agreement, if
Sharon had been up to her toes with what was going on with her earthly parents,
this would never have happened, they thought.
Ebonee spoke up.
“I am so devastated with the
destruction of White by those powerless humans, hence I pronounce a war on that
couple, I am giving them just two weeks to live before wiping them out
“If we wipe them out, my
mission would be lost. My female lineage will be broken! I will not have an
heir to my kinship with the spirits.” Sharon said aloud.
“If you are so bothered about
your kinship, why weren’t you there when they left to seek higher powers? You
know that we are powerless when He who is above, strikes!” Another said.
“I don’t think we should kill
them, I think that we should attack the so-called pastor and end his life.
Then, they will lose their faith and get distracted.” A female said.
“You are very right! We need to
keep tabs on that so-called pastor. Who is volunteering to go? We need one who
has passed the beginners and middle stages of our practices, we need someone
strong who can join Sharon and Ebonee…who will go?”
“I will…” The female who had
suggested that they attack the pastor instead, said. “I have a problem with
pastors and I enjoy watching them die…” She said.
They all laughed as they passed
around blood in a calabash as refreshment.
Amanda was already in dream
land while Ben’s eyes were as wide as the owls. He was so scared. After Amanda
had assured him of a deliverance session early the next day, he had pleaded
with her that he would rather sleep in her room than his and after so much
pleadings, she agreed that he slept on the ground while she slept on the bed.
Ben didn’t care, he could sleep in the bathroom if that was what was going to
let him stay in her room for the night. He had insisted that the room lights be
left on because he was suddenly afraid of the dark.
Suddenly, a mosquito sang in
his ears and Ben was up, shouting ‘blood of Jesus!’ Amanda sat up and looked at
“What is it Ben?” She asked, in
a sleepy voice.
“She came…she was here…”
Ben said.
“She took the form of a
mosquito…” Ben said.
“Yes…that’s what these evil
spirits do right? They take different forms…”
“You’re just being paranoid…don’t
worry…I prayed over this room before we slept, nothing that’s not of God can
come in…there is nothing to fear…” Amanda said.
“Go back to sleep Ben…”
“Don’t worry, it’s two am, I’ll
just chill till morning, besides what’s four hours anyway?” He said.
“No…you need to get some
sleep…” Amanda said.
“I am done sleeping…” He
“Goodnight…” He said.
Amanda closed her eyes and
quickly fell asleep.

The next morning she woke up to
see Ben lying by her side with the quilt over his head and his body curled
towards hers.



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