Melvin’s parents walked into the house quietly. The maid walked up to them and greeted.

“Welcome home sir…ma.” She said.
“Is Melvin home? We saw his car outside.” Melvin’s father asked.
“Yes, sir…he came in about an hour ago.” She said.
Melvin’s father nodded and the maid walked away. His wife placed her hand on his arm.
“Darling, he’s so upset…I could see it in his eyes.” She said.

“We are all upset, we’re angry and bitter but…but that didn’t warrant that he leave the dinner that we were invited to. As GO of the church, these and so much more responsibilities are going to fall on his shoulders.”
“Stop worrying too much. Melvin will be fine, he’s your son and he takes after you.” She said. “You need to trust him with this role and he knows that you expect so much from him.”
“I really hope so…I hope he’s strong enough for this role. It’s not easy and it’s never going to be easy, all he needs to do is rely on God’s grace.”
“Let’s go up to his room and see him.” His wife said.
“You spoil him so much…”
“He’s my only child…of course I’m at liberty to spoil him from time to time. He’s sulking right now and hurting too…”
“Go ahead…I’ll be with you soon.” He said.
She nodded and made her way upstairs. She got to Melvin’s door and raised her hand to knock but on second thoughts, she turned the door knob and walked inside. The room was dark.
“Melvin honey…” She called out as she turned on the light switch.
Melvin and Bianca sat up on the bed and held the duvets to their chests like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Melvin’s mother stared at them with her mouth open.
“Mom…I can…I can explain…I…” Melvin started.
His mother turned around quickly to leave but bumped into her husband.
“What’s going on? Where’s Melvin?” He asked, then his eyes went to the bed.
Melvin’s father’s face seemed to grow red and puffy all at once, he held his wife by the hand and stormed off while she hurried after him.
“This wasn’t a good idea! Oh my God! What happened to me? What got into me?” Melvin stammered as he jumped off the bed and shrugged into his clothes.
Bianca lay there, she had a satisfied look on her face.

Alicia had had a long night and she was already so tired but she convinced herself that she could take one more.

“One more…Alicia…just one more.” She said to herself as she smiled at the middle-aged man who stared at her from across the bar.
He walked up to her, pulled out a chair and sat down.
“You look familiar.” He said to her.
“Really? I look like so many people.” She giggled.
“So, tell me…what brings you to the bar?”
“It’s a weekend…I’m having fun.”
He smiled and stretched out his hand to her.
“My name is Steven.”
“Alicia.” She said accepting his hand with an even wider smile.
“So, tell me, Alicia, what do you do for a living?”
“Well, it all depends on what you want me to do for a living. You call the shots.”
He smiled at her and held her gaze.
“Would you like something to drink?”
“A dirty martini please…” She said with a smile.
“I can see that you’re a lady who loves to have some fun.” He said.
“Yes, all you need do is get a private place and have a fat wallet.”
“Are you propositioning me?”
“Proposition? Me?” She said with a giggle.
“Yes, you’re asking that I pay for your time.” He said.
“Even the musician sang ‘time na money’ doesn’t that tell you something?”
“Okay then…since you’re so eager to get down to personal matters, why don’t we leave?”
She jumped off the stool and walked out of the bar with him.
As soon as the night air touched her face, her eyes cleared and she saw a few men in uniform standing outside the bar.
“We’ve got ourselves a scapegoat.” Steven said.
Alicia looked at him in fright.
She was busted.

Melvin stood before his parents; his mother was fanning herself with a hand fan even though the air-conditioning was on and his father stared at the walls of his study.

“I was so hurt…I couldn’t think straight…the news you guys gave me a few days ago messed up with my brain.” Melvin said.
“Mel, I never expected this from you especially now that you’ve been given a high rank at the church. What are you going to preach to the people? What examples are you going to set?” His mother asked.
“I am sorry mom.”
“Bianca should have known better…she’s the assistant choir mistress of the church. What don’t you two understand in the scripture that says ‘your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit’?” His mother asked.
“I know I disappointed you…and dad.” Melvin says and looks at his father. “I was just so sad and sinking in depression…”
“Does that give you the right to take Bianca to bed? Does it?” His father screamed at him.
Melvin’s eyes widened as he stared at his father, he had never raised his voice at him before.
“I’m sorry dad.”
“Indeed you are.” His father flung at him sarcastically. “You just had to face one problem and you couldn’t handle it. What can we say about the thousand more problems that are waiting for you? If the news about your mother’s illness can push you to have sex with a woman you aren’t even dating, what more, bigger problems? What will you do then? Drink? Smoke? Womanize? As servants of God and leaders of the church we are faced with so many trials and temptations but just as Jesus told the devil to get behind him in the book of Matthew chapter four from verses one to eleven, we are asked as Christians to do the same, no matter how strong the temptation is.”
“I am truly sorry dad….I know that I have disappointed you and I am sorry.” Melvin said in a broken voice.
“You’ll have to marry her…if you’re attracted to her and you’ve had sex with her, then, there’s no need of waiting any longer.”
“Mom, Bianca was just…she’s not…I can’t marry her because I slept with her…I mean…I…just can’t.”
“Melvin, marrying Bianca shouldn’t be a hard decision to make. Don’t you think it’ll be easier for both of you to get married? It surely won’t be easy serving together in the church and knowing that you’ve had carnal knowledge of each other.” His mother said.
Bianca pushes open the door to the study and leans against the door frame.
“I am so sorry…mummy and daddy…it was the devil at work…” She cried.
“The devil? Don’t blame the devil for the lust of your own flesh!” Melvin’s father screamed at her. Turning to his wife, he said. “Do you know what? We’re not travelling anymore…”
His wife stared at him in surprise.
“What do you mean by that?” She asked.
“That’s because I’m taking back the position of General Overseer from my son. He doesn’t deserve it!” Melvin’s father said and walked away.
Melvin stood there and felt as though his world was crumbling at his feet.


To be continued on Sunday….


  1. oh my God Melvin why? Bianca and her mum's evil plan shall not work, please you must not marry her even if she says she's pregnant take her to the doctor to check nonsense besides she took advantage of your emotional weakness.


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