Kentura pushed open the door to her apartment and shut the
door behind her. She rested her back against the door frame and breathed in
deeply and slowly. The words from that lady at the church had hit her where it

She quietly walked into the mini apartment where she lived
alone and made her way into her bedroom. She tossed her bag on the bed and sat
in the chair before the mirror and stared at her reflection. Suddenly, it all
came back to haunt her.

“No! It’s
not true! It’s not true! Daddy is not dead…you’re lying to me! Mummy is not
dead…you all are liars!”
She shut her eyes to the ugly vision in her head and felt
the tears drop from her eyes as yet another ugly vision came to life.
sorry but he’s in coma…there’s really nothing we can do but hope and
pray…that’s the best option now.”
The doctor had said to them. “No! Not again! We were together yesterday!
We played ludo, we chatted about his school…he told me that he’s doing well
with his grades! What could have happened? Why is this happening to us? Why?”

She’d cried.
will be well. Remember that we have to trust God. He alone can help us out of
Her elder brother had said.
God? He took our parents away! He failed us time and time again! How can we
trust him? How can we?”
She’d cried into her brother’s shoulder.
we can…and we have to be strong for our younger brother…we have to be
Her elder brother had said.
She’d started.
buts Kentura….no buts….”
He’d said.
She sat there as her shoulders shook with grief, it was a
long time ago, and she’d thought that time would heal all wounds. Her younger
brother never made it out of the coma, he’d died three weeks later. She wiped
the tears from her eyes and took the baby wipes she kept on her table for
wiping her makeup when her phone rang. She sniffed and stared at the caller ID.
“Kentura, how are you?”
“I’m fine…how’s he? Is he improving?” Kentura asked.
“No…not at all…Joshua’s condition is still the same. He
calls your name often…” The nurse said.
“Is payment due?” Kentura asked.
“No, you still have till the end of the month. I just wanted
to update you.” The nurse said.
“Please…don’t…” Kentura started as she bit her lips to
prevent herself from crying. “Please don’t call till there’s an improvement…I’ll
always send the payment for his upkeep…”
She dropped the call and began to sob. God had abandoned her
family when they needed him the most and today, for the first time in a long
time, someone was talking to her about being an unbeliever. Her mother had
believed in God all her life and even though her family wasn’t as close to God
as she’d been, at least God should have protected them because of her prayers. Quietly,
she opened her drawer and brought out a framed picture. It had all of them
smiling at the camera; her dad, her mother, her two brothers and herself. She
lovingly caressed the frame and placed it back in the drawer.
It was all over and nothing could ever bring them back.
Melvin didn’t know why he couldn’t stop thinking of her.
From the impression he had of her, he could tell that she was a delightful woman
who was so friendly and quite decent but what was she doing outside at the
middle of the road, dressed like a prostitute and reeking of alcohol? That was
definitely a question he couldn’t answer.
He’d spent all night wondering if he’d picked up another
woman and somehow, a different woman had called him in the morning to thank
him. He was so confused. Who was she? Why was she drunk on the night he’d found
her? How was she able to marry two personalities into one? It was like she was
a totally different person from the night of their encounter, two nights ago.
He’d just walked into his father’s two storey duplex with
his tennis racket in his hand when his mother walked up to him.
“Hello darling…”
“Good morning mummy…” He greeted. “How did you sleep? Did
you get enough rest? How’s the insomnia?”
“Stop worrying about me. How many times will I tell you boys
to stop worrying about me?”
Melvin smiled, his mother fondly referred to him and his dad
as her boys.
“We love you and that’s why we worry so much.” He said.
“Did you play tennis?” She asked.
“Yes, with dad but he has company now so, I had to come
inside.” He said.
“Who won?”
“Me of course…I’m a better player than that rusty husband
of yours.” Melvin said with a smile.
“Of course you aren’t! My husband is the best player in the
“C’mon mom, you’re supposed to be on my side.”
“I have to take one side and you know I’ll choose your dad
always and every day.” She said.
“I know…” He said.
“You need a woman in your life, a strong supporter, a
backbone, a helpmate, a woman destined to share her life with you.” His mother
“Why are you trying to avoid the subject? Don’t you know that
I brought blessings into your dad’s life? The bible says ‘he who finds a wife,
finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord.’”
“I know that mom and I’m yet to find her.”
“What of the beautiful and godly women at the church? We
have many single ladies who’d love to be your wife.”
“I don’t fancy any of them.” He said.
“Even Bianca?”
“What about Bianca?” He asked.
“She’s from a good home, her mother is dedicated in the
church and Bianca is very godly. She sings so well too…”
“You see?”
“What do I see?”
“You’re pointing out qualities that don’t necessarily make a
good wife. Yes, she’s godly and yes she sings but would that make her ideal for
“You know I’m not saying that, it’s just that I’d like it
very much for you to settle down with someone like her. She’s so respectful,
she’s dedicated to the church…she’s…”
“I’ll go up to my room now mom…I’ll see you later.” He
said and hurried off.
“You can keep running my love but someday, you’ll have to
present a lady to your dad and I.” His mother shouted after him.
Bianca stood beside the washing machine and watched it wash
the clothes she’d placed inside. She wasn’t happy at all. Her mother stepped
into the small laundry room and regarded her.
“Bianca, are you sure you’re well?”
Bianca looked at her mother with sad eyes.
“Are you still sad that you didn’t get to go out with Melvin
last night? There will be other times…”
“No mom, that’s not it.”
“I saw the way he looked at you yesterday, he really likes
you.” Her mother said.
Bianca looked at her mom and sighed.
“I dunno mummy but I have a bad feeling…a very bad
“What feeling are you talking about?” Her mother asked.
“There’s this woman, this…lady that Melvin introduced to
me yesterday.”
“A lady?” Her mother asked in surprise. “Is she a church
“No mum…she’s not even a believer and…I dunnoo…”
“What are you talking about? Speak English please…”
“It’s just that when I saw him speak to her yesterday, I saw
something that I’ve never experienced with Melvin before. He looked so drawn to
her and they were so natural with each other.”
Her mother placed her hands on her chest in shock.
“What are you saying?”
“I don’t know mom…that lady…she seems to be a big threat
to my relationship with Melvin. I feel like she’s here to stay and that Melvin
really likes her.”
“God forbid!” Her mother spat with anger in her eyes. “I’ve
spent every day since the last fourteen years as a member in that church,
praying that you will end up with Melvin. My prayers can’t be in vain.”
“I’m so confused mummy. I thought that snagging Melvin will
be easy. I’m pretty, down to earth, godly and I’m also one of his biggest
supporters. Why can’t he see me? What do I have to do to make myself become
priority in his life?” Bianca said in tears.
“You’re talking rubbish Bianca. Our God will never fail us!
All our efforts to get into that family can never be in vain.”
“Yes mom, it can’t be in vain…we need to pray…we need to
start a fast…we need to do something, desperately.”
“Don’t worry Bianca, I will collate some Psalms from the
bible…we are going to pray her away. Let’s see if God will let an unbeliever get
what belongs to His child of promise. You are a child of promise Bianca, and
you must get married to Melvin. That’s a promise!”
Bianca nodded, she felt relieved by her mother’s words.
To be continued on Thursday….




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