It was a though a hard clap of thunder had resounded in the
heavens and Edmund shot off the bed.

“Blood of Jesus!” He screamed.
He breathed heavily as his eyes widened as though it
had seen some sort of ghosts. He had dreamed and in his dream he had seen two
women, Jennifer and Vanessa. They were dragged to an ancient shrine and were
about to be tied together with long and strong chains. They both wailed,
beating themselves on the ground in tears.
He quickly got off the bed and fell on his knees in prayer.

“Almighty Father, in the name of Jesus. Your word in Isaiah
sixty six, verses fifteen and sixteen says; ‘For behold, the Lord will come
with fire and with His chariots like a whirlwind, to render his anger with fury
and his rebuke with flames of fire. For by fire and by His sword, will the Lord
plead with all flesh, and the slain of the Lord shall be many’. Ancient of
days, I ask that you go with fire and rebuke the enemies of your children with
flames of fire. I pray that the fire of the Lord will send the devil and his
agents to flight. You are the God that answereth by fire, in the book of first
Kings, chapter eighteen, verse twenty four, the prophet Elijah said; ‘And call
ye on the name of your gods and I will call on the name of the Lord and the God
that answereth by fire, let Him be God.’ Zechariah chapter two verse five says;
‘For I, saith the Lord, will be unto her a wall of fire round about and will be
the glory in the midst of her’. There is nothing that receives the fire of the
Lord and cannot get burnt. May the enemies and the strongholds against Jennifer
and Vanessa be burnt by fire because your glory, oh Lord God, is in their midst
at this moment.”
Jennifer stood there staring at her husband as her eyes grew
accustomed to the darkness of the room.
“Give…give me my phone…please…” She said in a
trembling voice.
“Come and get it…” He said.
“Mike, please…just …”
“Just what? Come and get the phone or have I said anything wrong?”
He asked.
Her lips quivered and she trembled in fear, she couldn’t tell
what he could do to her but she knew that he was definitely up to no good. She took a step backward, towards the
door, she wanted to go back to her sons room and stay there till it was
morning. As soon as he took another step, Mike rushed up to her and grabbed
“Let me go!” She cried.
“You’re more stupid than I thought, instead of you to go
with the flow and let things happen as they should, you’ve refused.”
“What are you talking about? Let me go Mike!” She struggled
with him.
“No! I have some place that I’d like us to go to…” He
hissed in her ear.
Jennifer froze, she thought of the dagger he’d held up some
hours ago in the bid to kill her and spoke.
“You want to kill me! After all we’ve been through together…”
“You’ve been my stumbling block to success!” He spat.
“How stupid of you to say that. Haven’t I been with you even
when you had plenty? What kind of hindrance have I caused for you that you want
to kill me?” She asked in tears.
“Shut up!” He screamed at her and dragged her to the chair
in the room and pushed her on it.
“What are you doing? Mike…Mike…” Jennifer cried.
He pulled the light bedsheet off the bed and began to tie her to
the chair.
“What’s happening? What’s going on? Mike! What have I done
to you? What have I done to deserve such treatment from you? You joined a
He raised his hand and gave her a loud slap on her cheek,
Jennifer stared into the eyes of a man she didn’t know. In their close to
fifteen years of marriage, he’d never laid a hand on her.
“You slapped me? Mike..”
“I’ll do it all over again if you don’t shut up! I have
tried my best for this family! I go out every day looking for ways to provide
all we need but what do I get in return? A backstabbing wife! A woman
who can’t stand by her man! A woman whose motive is to destroy.”
“What are you talking about? Me? Destroy? What have I
destroyed? God knows that I’ve been making sure that…”
“Don’t you dare mention God! Where has He been while we were
suffering? Where was He when we couldn’t pay our children’s school fees? Where
was He when my business folded. Don’t you dare call God.”
“He has been merciful to us, don’t be ungrateful! God has
taken good care of us and He’s given us things that we don’t deserve. He gave
us children, four wonderful children that are smart, intelligent and very courageous.
He has given us life to watch our children grow. He gave us a good home, a good
family but you’ve refused to acknowledge that instead, you joined forces with
an occultic man and you want to destroy our family. You even want to kill me! Mike, have you forgotten the Lord so soon? Are you so eager to give up on faith?”
She cried.
“Well, I’m not going to be the only occultist in this house anymore, I’m
bringing a new member to the shrine.” He said.
“You!” Mike said, not taking his eyes away from her.
Vanessa was in the guest bedroom, the
door was locked and she had heard no sound from outside the door. She stood up
from the ground and paced the room, she was done being afraid. She turned the
door knob again but it was locked, she stared out towards the windows and saw
that the burglary proof won’t make escaping very easy for her. She pondered on
what to do, then an idea hit her. She clapped her hands together and began to
sing praises, she sang loud, and for a long time, praying to God with hymns and
songs of praise.
The door opened and Damien
walked in.
“Darlin…” He started.
She didn’t look at him but kept
singing and clapping.
“Babe…let’s talk. Can
we…can we talk?” He asked.
She didn’t hear him, she was
drowning in praises.
“Are you going to shut that
mouth of yours and listen to what I have to say?” He asked.
She continued singing praises.
“Stop singing this moment and
listen to what I have to say!” He shouted.
Vanessa didn’t pause, she moved
about the room, singing, clapping and dancing. Damien stared at his wife, he
didn’t know what to do. He looked at it time, it was three thirty am in the
morning and almost time for them to set out to the ancient shrine.
“Babe…I need you to come with
me, I don’t want to force you but if you push me, I will.” He warned.
When he saw that his wife wasn’t
budging, he took a step towards her and just as he was about pulling her into
his arms, a wall of fire rose up from nowhere and burned brightly around her. Damien fell down in shock, he’d never seen anything like this before.
“Fire!” He screamed. “Fire!”
Vanessa heard her husband
scream fire but she saw no fire, instead, she was engrossed in the songs that
she was singing and felt that he only wanted to distract her.
Damien wondered how the fire
got into the room, he stared at the fire and was shocked to see that it had
formed a circle around his wife and it didn’t touch the other parts of the
room. He was terrified, he quickly jumped to his feet and fled from the bedroom.
Mike looked at his wristwatch,
it was five minutes past four am and Damien had promised to be at his gate in
the next ten minutes, he looked at his wife was staring at her hands and
“It’s time to go!”
Jennifer looked at her husband,
she didn’t know what to do to stop him from taking her to wherever he intended
to take her to.
“What of the kids?” She asked
in a shaky voice.
“They will be fine…” He said.
“We will be back soon.”
“We can’t leave them all by
themselves, if Mercy was around it would…”
“You are the reason Mercy is
not in this house!” Her husband spat at her. “So do not complain.”
He started untying the knots he’d
tied and soon she was free to stand up.
“Let’s go!” He said as he held
her elbow firmly and pushed her forward.
‘What do I do?’ Jennifer
thought to herself as she followed her husband out of the room. She couldn’t run
because he’d definitely catch her,she was suddenly afraid of the man he’d
Just as they were about opening
the door leading out of the house, she heard a voice whisper into her ears. ‘Pray!’
The voice said to her.
“Dear Lord, I know you are
powerful and can help me out of this situation…”She whispered in prayer.
“Who are you talking to?” Her
husband asked.
“God, I’m talking to God.” She said.
Mike threw back his head and laughed.
“Keep talking to that God of yours who’s so slow to act. Keep talking to the God that you’ve never seen or heard from before.”
She ignored him and continued
“Lord, you promised us in Psalm
91, that whosoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High shall abide under
the shadow of the Almighty and shall say to the Lord, my refuge, my fortress,
my God in whom I trust.’ I am here Lord, and I am your daughter, please send
your angels to shield me and to protect me. Let them hold me up in their hands
so that I do not hurt my feet on the stones…”
Mike looked at his wife irritably
as he struggled to open the door which was suddenly proving so difficult to
“What is wrong with this bloody
door?” He spat.  He turned to his wife and said.“Here are the keys, open it now and don’t try anything stupid!”
Without stopping her prayers,
Jennifer pushed the key into the door lock and the door opened.
Then, just as
soon as she’d unlocked the burglary proof, she suddenly felt as though she’d
developed wings. She ran out of the house and through the gate as though she
was a professional sprinter.
Mike was just about to hold on
to his wife’s elbow again when he felt the breeze,  he looked around in shock;  it was as though she’d
disappeared into thin air.

be continued on Thursday…..



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