Damien crouched low by the side
of the road; his car door was open while he positioned himself by the side of
the road, crying his eyes out.
“That’s him there….that’s
Damien!” Vanessa cried, as she hurried down the road and rushed up to her
“Vanessa! Wait!” Jennifer cried
out, still holding on to her sons.
“Let her be…” Pastor Edmund
said as he stood beside Jennifer and her kids and stared at Vanessa who had
rushed to her husband’s side.

The morning was cold, and the
fog had cleared so they could see clearly. Vanessa was hunched beside her
husband in tears, he was there shivering as though cold water had been poured
all over his body.
“Damien! Damien…what happened
to you? What happened?” She cried.
Damien shivered badly, he
looked up and regarded her with red eyes, he looked afraid.
“Damien talk to me…it’s me,
“Vane…Vanessa…” He choked
on her name.
“You called me some minutes ago
and told me to come and take you.”
“I don’t…I don’t know
you….I don’t know anybody…” He said as he shivered.
Vanessa stared at her husband,
she couldn’t believe what she’d heard.
“I don’t understand you,
Damien, you called me and asked me to come and ….”
“I don’t know you.” He said
looking at her with the eyes of a stranger.
“Damien, it’s me, your wife,
“I don’t have a wife, I have a
girlfriend, her name is Clarissa…” He said.
Vanessa screamed in tears and
Pastor Edmund rushed up to her.
“What is it? Vanessa, what is
wrong?” Pastor Edmund asked.
“Damien…I think he’s gone
mad. He doesn’t know me anymore and when I told him that I’m his wife, he said
that he has a girlfriend called, Clarissa.”
“Who’s Clarrissa?” Pastor
Edmund asked.
“She was his girlfriend in
secondary….sec…school.” She cried.
“Dry your tears, let’s take him
to the church for prayers.” Pastor Edmund said.
“They are coming! They are
coming for me! I can see them…they are coming….” He screamed and jumped to
his feet.
Pastor Edmund was fast enough
to hold him firm but he struggled.
“Can’t you see them? Don’t you
see them? They are coming! The avengers! They are coming!” Damien screamed.
Pastor Edmund dragged him with
him towards the car.
“Take his car with you and take
Jennifer and her kids. I’ll drive him to church with my car.” Pastor Edmund
“How will you be able to handle
him? You can’t drive him to the church on your own, not in this condition.”
“I don’t think Jennifer is the
best frame of mind to drive but I’d have had her drive her kids to the church.”
Pastor Edmund said.
“Yes…I’ll tell her to drive
Damien’s car while I ride with you and Damien in your car. I am so worried
about him.” She cried.
Pastor Edmund nodded as he
helped Damien to the vehicle.
It was taking too long to get
to the ancient shrine, and as Mike took the boat and waited for it to convey
him to the other side; he couldn’t help but think of what had happened to
Damien. As he journeyed to the ancient shrine, his mind wandered to his family,
what were they up to now? He knew his wife was very aware that he’d joined the
occultic group and that was one of the reasons he was rushing to the shrine. He
needed a solution and he needed it fast.
He reached the shrine an hour
after he had alighted from the boat. The ancient shrine was eerie quiet and it
seemed as though the place was deserted and empty. Mike’s heart pounded against
his chest as he made his way into the shrine.
“Is anyone here?” He called out.
There was no answer. He walked
into the shrine and took off his sandals then he heard a voice from behind him.
“You are disgrace to this
shrine, you and that friend of yours.”
He turned back abruptly to
stare into the eyes of the agent.
“Sir, please…none of these is
my fault. My wife and Damien’s wife ganged up on us and…”
He had hardly finished his
sentence when the agent raised his hand and let it fall on his face. Mike could
swear that his face shifted a bit, his neck turned to the other side and he
felt a throb in his head.
“You’re stupid! I curse you and
I curse the day I ever let you into my shrine.”
“No…please…no….I was
about to sacrifice my wife but she caught me redhanded….she…”
“Save that explanation of yours
for the dogs!” The agent spat.
Mike looked around frantically,
afraid that there were indeed dogs in the shrine.
“I came back because I want to
serve you…I want to serve Matamamatama, I want to be dedicated to his
service….” Mike wept.
The agent looked at him for a
while and said.
“Damien has repented.”
Mike looked at the agent with
fear in his eyes.
“I want you to kill him. I will
send you to him with some help.” The agent said.
“You…you want me…to
“He’s been afflicted with
madness but once an anointed person touches his head, he will regain himself
and confess. Do you want your wife to know what you’ve been up to? Do you want
him to spill everything?”
“No! Oh no!”
“Then you must go back.”
“Yes…yes…I will.” Mike
nodded and stood up still holding the cheek where he’d been hit. “I will hurry
back to look for him and kill him.”
“You will travel in spirit, and
I will strengthen you. Come with me, let’s get you ready.” The agent said.
Mike nodded and followed the
agent into one of the rooms within the shrine.
Jennifer was very afraid, she
held her sons close to her and kept praying inwardly. Vanessa had assisted her
already senile husband to the altar and was singing ‘What a Mighty God we serve’
in tears. Pastor Edmund was silent, he opened the bible and read for a while.
Damien scratched himself and writhed about the altar in frenzy.
Suddenly, it was as though
there was a very loud wind that came rushing in, Damien’s eyes widened as he
looked up at no one in particular.
“No!” He cried. “No!”
Pastor Edmund closed the bible
and began to pray.
“You spririts of destruction in
this arena, go back! Stand back! This place is not yours! Take your desolation
out with you!” He shouted waving his bible as he prayed.
Damien began to whimper.
Vanessa hurried to her husband’s side and held him in her arms.
“Leave him alone! Stand away
from him!” Pastor Edmund cried at Vanessa. “Vanessa! Go away from him, you won’t
be able to stand the power that has surrounded him.”
Vanessa didn’t listen she held
on tightly to her husband and suddenly, she stiffened, looked at him and began
to strangle him. Jennifer screamed in fear.
“You spirits of the dark
places, her body is not your temple! Loose your hold! Loose your hold now!” Pastor
Edmund cried.
Damien choked as Vanessa
squeezed the life out of him, he struggled but she was as strong as seven men
put together.
“Stop! Vanessa what are you
doing?” Jennifer cried.
“Instead of crying…pray with
me…this is not the battle for the lilly livered….pray with me now!” Pastor
Edmund flung at Jennifer as he hurried towards Vanessa and tried prying her
hands away from Damien’s neck. Vanessa gave pastor Edmund a heavy blow that
sent him reeling, he soon crashed into pews of the church.
Jennifer was astonished, she
stood there and shook as a leaf while Micah and Emmanuel stood beside her.
Pastor Edmund had been knocked out cold and she ran to him in fear.
“Pastor Edmund! Pastor!” She
“You!” A voice sounding like
that of her husband floated up to her.
Jennifer looked up in time to
see Vanessa advance towards her like a ferocious lion.


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