Promise walked into the church, her small heels beat the
ground in rhythm as she took one step after the other. As the passed, her
workers genuflected in greeting; she was highly respected and revered.
“Good morning, pastor…” They greeted.
Promise nodded, her eyes were heavy, she hadn’t slept a wink
last night. She had left Japheth’s room and had gone to her room and had stayed
awake all through the rest of the night.
She opened the door of her office and yelped in shock.
“Good morning Promise, I see you are bright and early.” The
queen said to her.
Two of her girls stood by her side, they were all dressed
like normal people of the world.
“What…what is happening? Why are you here?” Promise asked,
shutting the door to her office.
“Look who’s asking? I own this church or have you forgotten?”
The queen said.
“Yes…I mean, of course but …you should have given me a
heads up? I had no idea that you were coming?” Promise said.
“Well, Gift is not here, she is severely wounded after that
woman you’ve refused to sack gave her essence several slaps on the head so…”
“Did people see you come in?” Promise asked, walking over to
the door to open it and peek outside.
“No…I’m doing you the honours to introduce me.” The queen
“Okay…well, I guess I should but who should I say you are?”
“Your mother.”
“What? You’re not my mother.”
The girls walked up to her menacingly. The queen held up her
hands and they stopped and turned away.
“What do you mean I’m not your mother? I set you up, I made
you rich, I made your name a household name, I hold your life…what else can I
be referred to?”
“Many people know my mother and they know how she looks…”
The queen mother smiled and snapped her fingers together
thrice and Promise almost screamed at her transformation. Standing right before
her was not the queen mother but her mother’s replica.
“What? How…I mean…what?” Promise screamed in shock.
“Is this better? Is this how you’d prefer to introduce me? I’m
sure a lot of people who knew your mother will be drawn to me in this form.”
“How do I explain to people how you came back to life?” Promise
“Hahahahaha…you underestimate your powers my dear. Do you
know that if you present me to the people as your mother whom you raised from
the dead, people will flock to this church like never before? Do you know the
kind of opportunity I’m handing over to you on a golden platter? I do not do
this for everyone. I do not change myself or appearance for anyone, I have
never stepped my feet into any of my subject’s church…do you understand me?
You are special, you hold so much promise and I want to make you great.”
Promise was terrified, she stared at the woman who looked so
much like the mother she loved- the woman who cared for everyone and who would
have given her life for her church and sighed. The queen could never be her
mother, yes, she could turn herself into her replica but the real person was
the heart and not the outer appearance.
“So…when do we get started? I need to make sure that
things are set in place for the crusade. I intend to unleash many of my spirits
into the world to help draw more souls for the kingdom.” The queen said.
“I’ll round up everyone and we’ll do the introductions.”
Promise said in silence, wondering how she’ll explain this sort of miracle.
“You could say, you prayed for my resurrection and I
returned just like that but I’d been away for a while that’s why no one has
seen me yet…” The queen said as though reading her thoughts.
Promise nodded and dragged in a shaky breath. This is going
to be difficult, she thought.
Japheth opened the door and let her in. Alice walked into
the house and turned to face him.
“I had to come quickly, before she left for church…I need
to see her bible…I need to be sure before we begin praying for God’s mercy
and for divine intervention.” Alice said in a whisper.
“She left for church in the wee hours of the morning so, you
missed her.” Japheth said.
“Did she take her bible?” Alice asked.
“Of course she did? What farmer goes to the farm without his
tools?” Japheth whispered.
“Why are we whispering?” Alice asked shakily.
“I don’t know…” Japheth said.
“Listen, I’ll go to the church now, I’ll sneak into her
office and I’ll see if I can get a look at the bible…okay.”
“Will you call me to tell me what you saw?” Japheth asked.
“Yes…sure…” Alice said.
Alice hurried over towards the door, she pulled it open.
“Alice…” He called.
“Be careful.” He said.
Alice nodded and said.
“Pray for me…”
“I’ll do that…” Japheth said.
The queen mother looked around Promise’s office in deep
scrutiny, there were pictures on the wall, just like the ones in Gideon’s office.
Three pictures were of Promise, one was a personal portrait, the second was
that of her and Sir Gideon and the third was of her laying the foundation of
the church. Promise had gone out to summon all her church workers for a meeting
to introduce her to them.
“Come!” She said to one of her girls.
The girl walked over to her and bowed.
“Go to Promise’s house now!” The queen said.
“Yes mother.”
“I want you to kill Japheth. He is of no use to us anymore
and believes in the higher powers so, cut him off completely.
The girl bowed and disappeared.
There was a knock at the door and Japheth was deep in
prayer, he continued praying as he felt that it was the help who had come to
resume work. He remained on his knees singing and praying with his heart. The
knock came again, this time, it was louder. He stood up from his position and
opening the door of his room, he walked out into the sitting room. He walked
over to the door and pulled it open.
“Promise?” He called out in surprise.
“Yes, who were you expecting to see?” She asked.
“I was expecting the help…” He said.
“Are you holding a flame for her?” She asked with a smile as
she walked into the house and touched his shoulder lightly.
“Excuse me? Of course not…” He said noting that she
sounded very strange. The Promise he knew was very shaky, so, how did she
quickly turn flirty all of a sudden?
“So…what are you up to?” She asked smiling.
“I…was praying…” He said.
Her smile froze on her face and her face quickly changed to
reveal the true person behind the facade. Japheth panicked and the queen’s
girl, raised her hand in the air and turned her palm as though she was
strangling something. Japheth fell to the ground struggling for breath.
Alice hurried into the church and saw Promise talking to two
church workers. She sneaked up into the church through the back entrance so as
to avoid being seen and as she did so, she kept praying inwardly for strength.
Promise’s office door was hardly ever locked once she was within the church grounds
so she hurried up to the office side and reached the office door. She turned
the knob and released her pent up breath when she realised that it was open. She
stepped into the office, shut the door and turned around.
The scream that left her mouth was loud enough to deafen a
“Hello Alice…..” The queen said.
Alice clutched her chest with her palm as she stared at a woman
who looked like none other than, Pastor Hope!

To be continued on Sunday….


  1. OMG…..Ada this is serious suspense o. I'm eager to read sundays episode.
    Mehn you are good. Like seriously. So so so good. See me picturing the scenes as I was reading.
    God bless u hun


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