There was no way she was ever
going to speak to that insolent human being ever again! Amanda thought to
herself as she entered her room and slammed the door behind her. She wanted to
“Who the hell is he anyway!
Idiot! Foolish insolent arrogant, pigeon…arrrgggghhh…” Amanda screamed
in fury, she wasn’t used to cursing but in Ben’s case, cursing was allowed. Her
phone rang and she picked it up reluctantly, it was her brother’s wife.
“Hey sis…” she greeted.
“Someone sounds pissed.”
Her sister in law said.
She didn’t know how her brother’s
wife did it but she was always able to tell her moods.
“Yes I am pissed, so freaking pissed
right now!” Amanda exclaimed
“Why? I thought you were having

“Yes I was till I met this
“Ohhhh…a guy…tell me, is he
handsome? Wooooow…” her sister in law said in excitement.
“No…he’s a pompous, arrogant,
good for nothing…”
“Hey, we’re Christians and we
do not curse or insult.”
“It’s just that….how can
someone be so annoying?”
“Calm down, what happened?”
Amanda launched into the story of
Ben and how he walked to the beach at night without knowing it and how she went
to tell him what her pastor had said and how he had told her that he didn’t
need deliverance. She also gave in detail, what had happened that evening  and how he had mentioned having a female
companion which she didn’t see.
“Wait…do you mean he doesn’t
know that he walks at night?”
“Yes…he said he doesn’t and I
believe that he doesn’t because while at the beach, he looks so different…it’s
almost like he’s remote-controlled or something.”
“I know something about this
kind of things but wow… the people I knew that went through such similar
experience ended up dead. Are you sure you saw him walking to the beach?”
“What? Yes, I saw him walking at the beach, in the night.”
“This sounds like the case of ‘summoning’ which means that some kind of Spirit has taken some sort of control
over him. You said something of a woman in his room, did you see her?”
Amanda was getting scared by what
her sister in law was telling her
“No…I didn’t see her but from
his words it was certain that they spent some time together in that room.”
“You mentioned when I called you yesterday that the
authorities for the French camp doesn’t allow anyone into the facility as long
as he or she isn’t with an identity card am I correct?”
“Yes…you can’t enter the camp
if you have no name tag.”
“And there’s every probability
that the so-called woman isn’t a part of the camp.” Her sister in law said.
“I am the only unmarried woman
amongst the tutors except the receptionists and cleaners and they change shifts…I don’t think its any of them.”
“Hmmm…then there is no way
that such woman could have gained access into the facility unless she worked
there and if she doesn’t work there, she must have gotten in through another
“Well…let’s forget about the
woman, besides it’s his sleep walking that’s the issue and not the woman.”
Amanda said.
“It’s all linked together my
dear…my spirit is telling me something.”
“Something? What’s your spirit
telling you?” Amanda asked in fear, she always got nervous whenever her sister in law’s said things like that.
“This is bigger than you or
I…” Her sister in law proclaimed.
Amanda’s sister in law was so strong
in the Christian faith and had a rare gift of prophecy and foresight.
“What does this mean? What are
you saying sis?” Amanda asked in fear.
“Our battle is not against
flesh and blood my dear. The man in question, what’s his name?”
“From the look of things, and
with his nightly visits to the beach as well as the female companion which he
claimed had been with him just before you got into his room, Ben has been
marked by the marine Kingdom and I don’t think he knows it”
Amanda’s eyes widened in shock.
“How are you so sure?”
“Have I ever been wrong?” Her
sister in law said.
Indeed, Amanda’s sister in law was
never wrong in her foresight.
“How does such marking occur? Is it from his family or something?”
“My dear, such markings come through sex. He would have to sleep with a marine spirit inorder to get marked.”
“How? How can he have sex with a marine spirit when there are so many human beings around?”
“You are so naive my dear. Do you know who’s who on the street? Many people who move around on the road are not human beings, many are different sorts of demons, looking for who to possess. His was quite easy, it’s only through sex that marine spirits gain this kind of entrance into a person’s life. He had sex with the wrong person.” She said.
“What do we do? We have to help
him…” Amanda said in panic.
“The last man I knew who had
this form of rare possession, died during deliverance, it’s mostly very hard to
break the chain. If it’s true that Ben has been marked by them, his death is
near and anyone who steps in their way, is in serious danger as well. I would have
liked to maybe look deeper and see if there’s anyway out but I’m
pregnant…these things could affect me and the baby…”
“No…I wouldn’t want you to be
involved…I’ll just pray that God reveals it to him…” Amanda said.
“Goodnight dear, just pray for
him and stay out of it or you’ll be a target as well.”
Amanda said goodbye and hung up, her
mouth stood open for some seconds and she shook her head in disbelief. If what
her sister in law was saying was the truth, then this was bigger than anything
she had ever seen in her entire life.
Since Ben’s sleep had been cut short
by Amanda’s intrusion, he decided to pick up one of his books and read.
He lost track of the time as the
book suddenly became so enthralling and he was deeply immersed in it. Soon he
heard a voice whisper his name.
He looked up from his book and
looked around the room, everywhere was quiet, the windows were locked, so he
turned back to his book.
“Ben!” The voice was more
of a command now.
Ben looked up from his book and
looked around the room, the windows stood ajar and the curtains danced around
to the heavy blow of the wind.
“I thought the windows were closed.”
Ben said aloud as he stood up and walked to the windows to close it.
As soon as he closed it, he turned
back to his bed but stopped short in shock. Princess was sprawled on his bed
just the way he had seen her that evening. He blinked and stared at her again.
“Come Ben…come with me…tell
me you love me…” she said, beckoning to him with her index finger.
Ben didn’t want to go but felt a
force push him towards her.
“I’ve missed you
darling…” She said
“Where did…where did you come
from?” Ben asked in confusion.
“I’ve been here all along…who
was that woman?” She asked referring to Amanda.
“She’s a French tutor here at the camp. “
“I am a jealous lover, Ben, I
don’t ever want to see her with you again!” She said in command.
“Who are you?” Ben asked
in fear.
“I’m not asking your name, I
mean…who are you?”
“I am princess, my mother is a
queen so I am a princess…” she laughed, a tinkling kind of laughter that
resounded in his ears.
“I don’t understand…”
Ben said.
“You don’t have to understand
anything dear, we are inseparable, we are both one, we are lovers and will be
bound together soon.”
“I must be dreaming…”
Ben said.
“My fellow marines told me you
won’t be able to take the news standing so I have been inviting you to the sea
for some days now but you seemed to have stopped coming as you now latch your
door and keep your keys downstairs, so I decided to come and meet you here,
only for that thing..what’s her name? Never mind telling me her name…she came
and interrupted us. I had to go back and return when you are alone.”
“You? You mean, you made me
sleep walk all these while?”
“No! I didn’t make you sleep
walk, I summoned you and you came.”
“Who are you?” Ben asked
“Me? Hahahahaha…” Said standing up and waking towards him.
“Where did you come from? What is all this about?”
“I come from the sea…from the waters, Ben.”
“How did we become one? I met
you at the beach hangout and you didn’t give me your number or anything, you
just disappeared and came back today, how does that make us lovers?” Ben
“Hahahahahaha….you’re mine Ben..”
“What does that mean? I don’t
know you…please leave my room.”
” I can never leave you Ben,
you are mine forever…” She said again.
“Go! Leave my room now! Go!
Go!” Ben shouted hurrying to open his door so that she could leave.
“Shhhh…I’ll leave as I came
my dear…” She said and disappeared.
As soon as Princess disappeared, Ben freaked out, he almost tore the
room door apart and when it opened, he fled downstairs.
“Why did you take so
long?” Ebonee hissed at Sharon.
Sharon had been in a reading session
with her fellow campers for most of the day and what they had thought would end
before six pm had extended till eight thirty.
“I am sorry…I was at
tutorials.” Sharon explained.
“What’s more important to
you…tutorials or our mission?” Ebonee asked in anger.
“Our mission ofcourse…”
“Your parents have gone to seek
the face of the higher powers.” Ebonee said to her.
“Hahaha…they always go to
seek the face of higher powers but they never find it so why are you
bothered?” Sharon said allaying her fears.
“Listen to me quickly before
your room mates get here. This time, it seems like they got the real deal.
White has gone to stand guard over there while we both get prepared to go
“I doubt that I’ll have the
time, I have studying to do.” Sharon said.
“Are you mad? Do you know what
this could cause us? Don’t forget that we are doing this for your own
“I am sure that this place they
have gone to, is the same as others…”Sharon was saying when White
suddenly appeared looking weak. Her form suddenly crashed to the ground and
Ebonee and Sharon quickly rushed to her side.
“I couldn’t enter…I
couldn’t…it was too hot…too…hot..arrrggghhhh…” White screamed out
in pain.
“White! White! What did they do
to you?” Ebonee asked.
They…surrounded the church with
fire…I tried to get in..I had to turn into a bird…but the flames were too
“Where is the bird? Tell me you
escaped from there even with the bird form…” Sharon said in worry.
White shook her head in despair and
suddenly screamed.
And as quickly as she had appeared,
her form burst into flames and everything she was, went up in smoke.
Ebonee screamed in anger, Sharon
crouched to the ground in tears, White had been destroyed. Whatever forces her
parents had sought this time, was too great.

The loud laughter from outside the
room indicated that Sharon’s room mates were close by, Ebonee quickly vanished
into thin air.
To be continued on Thursday…..


  1. Ada Ada….o girl you are too much o. As in seriously.
    Ben:-SMH. You have enter 1chance. This is a lesson to men that sleeps with everything in skirt.
    Sharon:-Light shall prevail over darkness.
    Ada hun keep it up. Muaaaaaahhhhhh

  2. Honestly I'm not happy with u Ada,blackmail is always too short,why na,I'm happy Sharon's parents are about to havea breakthrough,since Princess has revealed herself to Ben,somwthing tells me he would approach Amanda for help

    • I am so sorry dear, I try my best ooo but writing more than one story a day takes a toll on me especially when I have lots of other things to do. I will try to make it longer in the next episodes. Thanks for reading dear.


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