Sophia opened her eyes and stared at the tubes connected to her
body, she was in so much pain and she was breathing with the aid of an oxygen mask. She
knew that someone was there with her but she didn’t know whom, so she called
out the first name that came to her mind.
“Uncle Gregory…”                                 
She heard a fast scamper as the person raced to her bed. It was
her mother.

“You? What are you doing here?” She asked.
“My darling…oh you’re awake. I kept praying and making promises
to God to bring you back and to forgive my sins…” She cried. 
She suddenly
dashed out of the room and came in with a doctor and some nurses.
The doctor instantly got to work, he pulled up her eyelids,
checked her pulse and did many other things. When he was done, he turned to her
mother and said.
“She’s still weak but we’re glad that she’s out of the coma.”
Her mother nodded and began to weep.
“Can I see my aunt and uncle?” Sophia asked.
“Yes…they’ve been here all these while. We take turns to stay
with you but I had to stay with you today because they are at work.” Her mother
“I want to see them.” Sophia said.
“Okay…I’ll call them. They’ll be thrilled to see you awake.” Her mother said and left Sophia in the
room with the doctors and nurses.
Ruby got outside the hospital room feeling relieved, she quickly
called her sister.
“Ruby…is Sophia okay?” Lillian asked in panic.
“She woke up…” Ruby said with tears in her eyes. “After being in
coma for one whole month, she’s awake.” She cried.
“Praise God! Thank you Jesus! I am so happy! I’ll tell Gregory and
we’ll be on our way.” Lillian said and left.
Ruby ended the call and sat on a chair at the waiting room. She
knew her daughter didn’t love her, at least not as much as she loved her uncle
Gregory and aunt Lillian. They had been the first names she’d called as soon as
her eyes opened. She buried her face in her palms and began to cry, she knew
she wasn’t a good mother and that her daughter hated her for it. She was still
weeping when someone tapped her on the shoulder. She looked up with a tear
streaked face.
“Mom?” She called out.
“Hey dear…how are you?” Lillian’s mother said to her.
Ruby launched herself into her step-mother’s arms and began to
“Hey…calm down, Sophia is going to be alright.” Lillian’s mother
“She woke up.” Ruby informed. “The doctor is with her.”
“Are you serious? God be praised!” Lillian’s mother said. “But why
are you crying?”
“I’ve been a horrible person. When I was with you and the family,
I made life a living hell for you. Even when I had Sophia, I made life terrible
for her. I don’t think I can ever forgive myself. I seem to attract trouble
wherever I go.”
“Look at me my dear, all that is in the past now.” Lillian’s mother
“I want you to please forgive me…tell my siblings to forgive me
too…” Ruby cried.
“We’ve all forgiven you…you are a part of our lives and I’ll
forever be grateful to you for Sophia. She came into my daughter’s life and
changed it for good. I have been at the house over the past one month and I am
marvelled at the way Lillian and Gregory relate. I haven’t seen such love in
their eyes in a long time and I owe that to God who sent Sophia to them.”
Lillian’s mother sat down and pulled her to sit beside her, Ruby
rested her head on the woman’s shoulder and breathed deeply, she promised
herself to change her life for good.
Gregory and Lillian jumped out of the car and raced into the
hospital, they got in to see Lillian’s mother with Ruby.
“Where is she? Can we see her?” Gregory asked.
“The doctor just left her room and he said that they’re observing
her for a while although she’s still in critical condition.” Ruby said.
“Darn it! I said earlier that we should fly her abroad for
treatment and if we did that, we’d have gotten a favourable report.” Gregory
said sadly.
“There’s really no hope…” Ruby said. “When Sophia was born, I
was told that she wouldn’t live past her third year…”
“But she’s lived till this time and she’ll be eight years old in
two weeks. Isn’t that a miracle? God is still in the business of working
miracles and I believe that she’ll be well.” Lillian said emotionally.
“I’ll be at the doctor’s office…” Gregory said quickly as he
went to look for the doctor.
Lillian turned to watch him leave then turned back to look at her
mother and sister. She felt a bit light-headed.
“Are you okay? You look very pale.” Her mother noted.
“I’m fine…it’s just that I’ve been worrying too much about
Sophia…” Lillian said.
“Worrying wouldn’t solve anything, we only have to keep praying
and trusting that God in His infinite mercies will help us.” Her mother assured.
Lillian nodded and sat down beside her family, she really wanted
to see Sophia and she feared for her life.
Gregory walked into the doctor’s office and sat down, the doctor
stared at him grimly.
“I want to see Sophia…” He said.
“She’s under observation so for now, she can’t really have any
visitors.” The doctor said.
“It’s been one month since she went into a coma, is she going to
be fine?” Gregory asked hopefully.
The doctor looked at him and exhaled.
“Mr. Gregory…I’ll try to break this down for you. There’s a scar
tissue progressively working its way through Sophia’s lungs and the scarring
stops the lungs from passing sufficient oxygen to the blood. The downside of
this kind of illness is that it’s not treatable but manageable till the person
slowly passes away.”
Gregory’s eyes watered but he tried so hard to keep his composure.
“It’s a miracle that she’s been diagnosed with this when she was
barely one year old and has survived this till this time. I’m guessing that its
due to her age.We’re watching her now to see if she’ll slip into coma again but
once we’re sure that she’s out of it, she’ll have to move around with oxygen.
This of course will slow her movement considerably and also, she might have to
depend on a wheel chair so as not to stress herself and cause herself more exhaustion.”
Gregory looked at the doctor in astonishment, he couldn’t believe
what he was hearing.
“But she’s a baby…she’ll be eight years old in two weeks…”
Gregory said emotionally.
“I’m so sorry Mr Gregory but illnesses don’t consider the age of a
person when they want to strike. I’m sorry.” The doctor said.
“Can I see her? I promise not to disturb her.”
The doctor looked a bit reluctant at first then said.
“Fine, but please don’t disturb her…”
“Can my wife see her too?” He asked.
The doctor nodded. Gregory left the doctor’s office feeling as
though the weight of the world was on his shoulders.
One month ago, on the day he’d begged his wife for forgiveness and
they had officially made up as a couple, they’d stepped outside to see Sophia
on the ground. They had panicked and rushed her off to the hospital. One week
later, he got a call from Benita’s manager at her company, it was said that she’d
written his name and number in case of emergencies as none of her family
members resided in Abuja. At the manager’s request, he’d gone to her office to
see him but received a shocking news that she was dead and that her body was
crushed beyond recognition. Her cousin had come to claim the body from the
government due to it was a road accident and Gregory had helped him with the
keys to her apartment as he had a spare. On that fateful day, he had walked
into the house of the woman he’d thought he loved and as her cousin went about
taking some of her personal belongings he began to explore the place. He
entered her bedroom and felt a chill run up his spine but he couldn’t tell
where the negative energy was coming from. He walked up to her dresser and
pulled open the drawer. What he saw chilled him to the bones. He saw candles of
different colours and sizes as well as fetish materials, he almost had a
heart attack when he saw his wedding picture inside her drawer. Lillian’s photo
had been cut out while his lone picture was there, wrapped in some kind of transparent
cloth and chained with a small metal chain and padlocked. He was more baffled
when he saw another picture of his inside a bottle with blood-like marks around
the bottle. He’d quickly dropped the items and raced out of the house quickly,
he couldn’t believe that he had been jazzed. He had not spared the details from
his wife who was as shocked as he was and that night, they both drove to meet
their pastor who started a seven day deliverance and prayer session for him.
Now, as he walked over to meet his wife, mother-in-law and
sister-in-law, he knew he owed Sophia his life. If she hadn’t intervened, he’d
have never realised how devilish Benita was. As he and Lillian walked up to
Sophia’s room, she touched his arm.
“Are you okay? You don’t look well..” She said.
“I just don’t want to loose Sophia.” He said.
“We won’t…please believe that God will heal her…” Lillian said.
“I spoke with the doctor, if Sophia survives beyond this point she’ll
suffer. She’ll live with oxygen and slowly stop her movements. She’ll suffer
dearly…” He said with tears in his eyes.
“That’s the doctor’s report and not God’s report…and I don’t
believe the doctor but God.” Lillian said.
They both stepped into the room and seeing Sophia hooked to
machines broke their hearts again.
“Uncle Gregory? Aunt Lillian?” Sophia called out weakly.
They both rushed up to her bedside and forced smiles on their
“Hey baby…you’re awake.” Lillian said looking at her.
Sophia’s skin was very pale and it was as though she had no blood
flowing through her veins.
“You’re so strong…and when you get out of here, we’re going to
throw you a big party…remember that your eighth birthday comes up in two
weeks.” Gregory said with a smile.
“I won’t live to see it.” Sophia said weakly.
“Don’t say that…don’t!” Her aunt said as tears poured down her
“I’m so glad that you are both so happy.” Sophia said. “I…love
you both so much and even though I didn’t stay long with you, I am glad that
you walked into my life.”
“Sophia…” Lillian started.
“No auntie…please let me say what I want to say.” Sophia said. “Thank
you for the love you showered on me, thank you for the bible lessons we shared
together, thank you for playing the part of being my parents…”
Gregory and Lillian had started crying uncontrollably.
“The pain is too much and I don’t want to continue living this
way…I am glad that you both are together and that everything is fine.” Sophia
“Don’t you dare die! Don’t you dare!” Gregory said emotionally. “I’ll
spend my whole hours in church, I’ll take the things of God more seriously,
just don’t go…please…don’t go…I won’t be able to bear it.”
The door opened and Ruby and Lillian’s mother walked in.
“The doctor said we could come.” Ruby started but seeing the tears
in Lillian and her husband’s eyes, she quickly stopped talking and walked up to
the bed.
Sophia looked at Ruby and smiled, then, she closed her eyes and
was gone.
“Sophia! Sophia!” Lillian called out, shaking her little body. “No!
You can’t do this…you can’t…” She screamed.
Gregory ran out to call the doctor and soon he rushed into the
room. Using his stethoscope, he checked for a heartbeat. A nurse walked in and
he gave her the signal.
“What just happened? She’s okay right? She’s just sleeping…”
Gregory asked.
“No..she’s gone.” The doctor said.
Everywhere was deathly quiet as the nurse pulled the covering over
her head.
“God! You can’t do this to us! I know Sophia’s an angel but you
must have enough angels in heaven! Don’t take her away! Don’t!” Gregory
Sophia found herself smiling and feeling so lightweight, she was
somewhere that she couldn’t describe. She saw the magnificent gates and was about to go in
but heard a loud voice.
“Stop Sophia…”
Sophia turned to look for where the voice was coming from.
“Stop? Why? I am already home…” She said.
“Yes you’re home but you need to go back.” The voice said.
“No, I don’t want to…I am tired of the pains and illness, I feel
happier and healthy here.” Sophia said.
“What if we make a bet?” The voice cajoled. “What if I promise to
heal you? Will you go back?”
Sophia turned back and suddenly saw uncle Gregory, aunt Lillian
and everyone crying while her body lay on the bed.
“I love them…and I don’t want them to cry…”
“So, will you go back?” The voice asked.
Sophia smiled and felt the heavy rush of wind.
Lillian couldn’t believe that Sophia was no more, she felt her
head swell with pain and she fell to the ground in a faint. The nurses quickly
carried her away from the room. Gregory was in so much despair, he placed his
head on Sophia’s body and wept, he had never felt so much pain in his entire
life. He was still weeping when he heard a sneeze. He lifted his head from her
body and pulled away the covers, 
Sophia’s eyes were open.
“Hey uncle Gregory…”
Everyone stood still and stared at her in shock including the doctor.
“I’m not a ghost…” Sophia said.
Gregory, Lillian’s mother and sister quickly rushed to hug her
hard, they were all crying for joy.
“You’re alive! How? I just checked…” The doctor said as he
quickly pulled everyone away from Sophia and began to examine her.
“You are breathing without the oxygen…how come?” The doctor
asked in shock as the oxygen had been removed before she was covered with the sheets. “I need to do some tests.” He said quickly.
Gregory, Lillian’s mother and Ruby were so happy and nothing could
dampen their joy.
Gregory and Sophia paced the hospital waiting room in panic. They were both frantic and worried. Lillian’s mother walked up to them with two
bottles of water in her hand. She reached them and handed it over to them.
“Drink this…you both haven’t eaten anything…I’ve told you that
worry cannot solve anything.” She said.
The doctor walked out with a smile on his face.
“Congratulations Mr. Gregory, your wife has just been delivered of
a set of healthy twins. A girl and a boy.”
Sophia, Gregory and Lillian’s mother screamed in delight as they
hugged one another in glee.
Soon, they were all in the room with Lillian and the babies,
laughing and chatting.
“I didn’t panic at all…I knew you were in good hands.” Gregory bragged.
“Ha! That’s not true…” Sophia countered. “Daddy was scared…”
She laughed.
It was a pure miracle. After Sophia had woken up at the hospital
when everyone thought she was dead, she was completely and miraculously cured. The doctor almost
ran mad in disbelief as he checked the test results and compared them with the previous
ones, he was shocked at the miraculous recovery but Sophia’s family weren’t shocked
at all, they knew that God had worked wonders. Ruby gave sole custody of
her daughter to her sister and her husband and Lillian helped her relocate to Canada to start a
new life. Sophia spoke to her from time to time but there was really no mother
and daughter bond between them as she was taken with her new family. She had been legally
adopted by Lillian and Gregory and she continued to bring so much joy into
their lives each and everyday.
They had become a prayerful family with God at the center of their lives and their bond grew stronger
each passing day.
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He
leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul: He leadeth me in the paths
of righteousness for His name’s sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence
of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the
days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever’- Psalm 23. 

                                                             The End.
Thank you so much for reading this season. May God continue to bless you all and give you the zeal to serve Him. Amen.
Let’s hope for a new Black Mail soon.


  1. Wow!Wow!!Wow!!! Had tears in my eyes reading this. This is fit 4d screen. Tnk u Ada, God will reward 4 giving glory to Him in all things. More ink to ur pen sister

  2. I've not made one comment since this blackmail series started..but I've been reading with eager/apt attention. This episode made me tear up quite bad. All is well that ends well. God is the King who can never be stopped.
    Meanwhile, God bless you Ada, you're a blessing to the generation.


  3. Wow Adanne this got me crying rivers @ the point when i thought Sophia was dead, but smiling afterwards (my colleagues were just giving me side-eyes as i was just laughing with myself).
    Believe me when i say your series on Blackmail keeps me on my toes, opens a deeper insight on God, His faithfulness, ever near me, buries every doubt I've ever had and gets me praying more.
    God bless you real good Ada and keep using you more to manifest His glory. Amen


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