“Pastor Hope?” Alice said in a whisper.
“Surprised to see me, Alice?” The queen asked standing up
from the chair and approaching her.
Alice backed away till her back touched the door, she was
afraid, she was very afraid.
‘Don’t be afraid Alice. It’s me…it’s really me.”

“No….no…” Alice said in shudder. “I was there when
pastor Hope died, I sat beside her on her death bed, I heard her last words.
It’s not true…” Alice said.
“Don’t you believe in the power of resurrection? O ye of
little faith!” The queen asked as she stopped to stare at Alice.
“No…” Alice shut her eyes shakily and prayed inwardly, ‘open my
eyes Lord, I want to see the truth’, she prayed and as she said the words, she was still afraid. She opened her eyes and still
saw pastor Hope’s replica staring at her.
“Have you prayed open the heavens? It’s me…pastor Hope.
Promise, my daughter spoke to my dry bones and I awoke. She has kept the fact that I am alive a
secret for a long while now.”
“It’s not true…you’re not pastor Hope.” Alice said in firm
“You’re very stubborn Alice, and it will take you nowhere.
Open your eyes and see the works of God here in this place and get ready for
the crusade.”
“You call her my baby…you stopped addressing her by her
name long ago.” Alice said.
“Excuse me?”
“I said, you stopped addressing pastor Promise by her name,
you call her ‘my baby’.” Alice said.
The queen mother stared at Alice in hatred and at that
moment, Alice saw her for who she really was, a devil.
“You are not pastor Hope!” Alice said in a quivering voice.
“Take her captive!” The queen said to her girl.
Alice looked at the young girl who was with them in the room
and turned to run but the girl was faster. Alice screamed as she felt invisible
chains bound her captive, she was dragged to the closet in Promise’s office and
locked there.
Alice opened her mouth to scream but couldn’t hear her own
voice. She prayed inwardly, begging God to help her untie the chains but
nothing happened, she was bound.
Japheth knew when he wanted to leave the earth for good and
it was when he was old and grey and after he had seen his grand children and
some of his great-grandchildren. The lady who had come to the house as Promise showed her real self and Japheth wanted to be afraid but he wasn’t. The agent of the underworld squeezed his neck tight, trying to cut
off his air supply but he struggled.
“Die! You left our captivity and you think you’d survive it!
Hahaha…you can’t gain freedom from us….never!”
Japheth had never felt more courageous and strengthened by his faith in God. He opened his mouth and screamed; he didn’t know where
the words came from but they poured forth.
“ ‘Our brothers and sisters won the victory over him by the
blood of the Lamb and by the truth which they proclaimed and they were willing
to give up their lives and die’-try as you may to defeat me but that is worth
nothing because you are only weakening the flesh. I have the spirit of God in
me and I am not afraid to die for the truth. You are the devil, you are the
agent of the underworld, get off from me you evil spirit and go to the burning
pits of hell where there’s nothing but weeping and grinding of teeth! I belong
to God, because the Spirit who is in me is more powerful than the spirit in the
world.” He screamed.
The lady staggered backwards and fell to the ground, she let
out a blood curling scream and groped about as though searching for something.
Japheth didn’t stop praying, he opened his mouth and spoke
words from his heart, he kept on praying till finally, the lady screamed in
terror and disappeared like smoke.
Japheth fell on his knees in thanksgiving then suddenly
jumped up with a start. If they had come for him, that means Alice must be in
danger too. He ran to his room, hurriedly wore his clothes and rushed out of the
house, en-route to the church.
Promise walked into her office and sighed in despair when
she still saw the queen with the face of her mother seated on her seat.
“How is everything going?” The queen asked.
“Good.” The queen answered. “When are you introducing me to
the people?”
“Soon, I called them for a meeting in thirty minutes.”
“Don’t stray too far from the story, Promise, you will do
well if you tell them you helped raise me from the dead some months ago.”
Promise nodded.
“I sent someone to finish off Japheth, she should be done
with him by now.”
Promise looked at her, she didn’t know what to say.
“I am clearing away your obstacles, you might not know it
but they are like little spiders spinning invisible cobwebs. When we clear them, our crusade can begin. I have a target of more than a thousand
souls. You know how these things work, I’ll pour my power into you and you are
to in turn, touch the heads of the people in the congregation then, my spirits
will be released.” She said.
Promise nodded.
“First, before I do the transferring of powers and before
you introduce me to the workers. I have one last assignment for you.” The queen
“Yes….” The queen gestured to her girl who walked over to
Promise’s closet.
Promise wondered what was going on. The closet was where she
mostly kept a change of clothing whenever she had vigils. The girl opened it
and she was stunned to see Alice inside bound in spiritual chains.
“Your last assignment is to kill her. With that, I’ll judge
if you are fit to walk in my shoes.”
Alice looked up at Promise weakly, a tear slid from her
eyes. She had tried praying in the closet but it was as though the heavens were
shut to her prayers. She was trembling. Now, she knew the truth. The new found wealth, the powers,
everything was not of God but of the devil, she wished she could ask Promise
why but she couldn’t speak.
Promise stared into her closet at Alice who was standing
there looking weak. The queen walked up to her and handed her a dagger.
“Take this, just as you killed Bernard, I want you to finish
her off too.”
At the mention of Bernard, Alice looked up at Promise
sharply. It all made sense to her, Promise had sacrificed him.
Promise took the dagger and put a foot forward.

To be continued on Thursday….



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