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What happened was
shocking. Amanda stared in surprise at Layla’s disappearing back as she left
the church. The pastor fell to the ground clutching his cheeks, Amanda hurried
up to the pastor, his face was red and the imprint of Layla’s palm on his cheek
was there for all to see.

“Are you okay?” Amanda asked
in concern.

The pastor nodded but
with the way he winced, she could see that he was in great pain.

“My wife! What
happened? Where did she go?” Mr. Ekanem asked aloud.

“It seems the spirit
transferred to her…” Amanda said silently.

“What? Are you serious?”
Sharon’s father shouted in alarm. “Layla! Layla!” He started as he headed
towards the gate.

“No! Don’t follow
her…or you’ll be led to your own death.” The pastor said with pain in his

“What?” Sharon’s father

“She will be back! She
will want to return to Sharon’s body and if you follow her, you might end up
in a fatal accident. I advise that you stay in the church while my ministers
keep praying for your family. This is a battle and we must win! Our battles are
not of flesh and blood but with principalities and powers and through the power
of the most High, we must overcome.” The pastor said looking at Sharon’s

The pastor’s eyes had
started turning red and his face looked strained.

“Are you alright
pastor?” Amanda asked.

“My body has been attacked
but not my spirit. I will fight this till the end because I draw strength from
the rock of my salvation.” The pastor said.

“I have go now, I came
home with Sharon to tell her parents about the discoveries that the matron had
about her at the camp …” Amanda started.

“God bless you dear
sister, you are God sent. God placed you in Sharon’s path for a purpose and you
have successfully achieved it. I however ask that you come and pay her a visit
at the church tomorrow or the next…you know…just to be kept abreast of the
happenings…” The pastor said.

“I will…thank you so
much pastor for taking time to pray for the Ekanem family.” Amanda said to the
pastor and turning to Sharon’s father who looked so downcast, she said. “I’ll
see you tomorrow…”

“Thank you so much…I really
appreciate your help.” Sharon’s father said.

“I’ll pray for Layla’s
return…” Amanda said and waving goodbye, she left the church.

As soon as she exited
the gate of the church, she said aloud.

“Ben! Where are you?”

Marcus was sprawled on the
sofa of his sitting room and watching television while his wife and Amanda
sat at the dinning table, discussing.

“This is serious
ooo…Amanda! Thank God for you…I can’t believe you came out unscathed from
all this.” Calista was saying.

“Hmmm…to think that
when Marcus wanted to marry Layla after their university education, we all
wanted that to happen. Hmmm…so my brother would have been going through what
Layla’s husband is going through.” Amanda said in a whisper.

“Sometimes, God takes us
away from problems awaiting us in the future. I am still surprised to hear of
an ancestral curse as strong as Layla’s. May God help us.” Calista said.

Amanda kept silent and
looked at her phone, there was no incoming calls yet.

“What’s wrong?” Calista

“Nothing, it’s just that
Ben hasn’t called yet…”

“Oooohhh…lover boy
huh? I like him though…” Calista teased.

“Come off it jor, I
can’t be thinking of romance at the midst of this dilemma, can I? I’m just
worried because aside from the fact that he’s with my luggage, he was supposed
to follow the school bus closely behind and follow me to Sharon’s place. It’s
been almost five hours and I haven’t heard from him.”

“Have you tried calling

“His phone is switched

“This is serious
ooo…are you sure he was following you behind?”

“Yes…I am so sure…”
Amanda said.

She was still speaking
when there was a knock at the door.

“Who could that be? At
this time?” Calista asked.

Marcus looked up from
the television and looked at his sister and wife.

“Who could that be?” Marcus
asked. “Is anyone of you expecting someone?”

Amanda walked over to
the door.

“Who is it?” She asked.

“It’s me…Ben.”

“Oh Ben!” Amanda said
hurriedly opening the door.

“Who is Ben?” Marcus
asked sounding displeased.

Amanda opened the door
to reveal Ben who looked scruffy, tired and as though in need of a shower.

“Ben! Where have you
been? I’ve been so worried.” Amanda said hugging him.

“I’m a walking miracle.”
Ben said stepping into the house.

“Please sit…you look
so scruffy…what happened?” Amanda asked.

“I was involved in a
ghastly motor accident, in fact, I died for a while…and came back to life.”
Ben started.

“Don’t scare me…what
do you mean by accident?” Amanda asked in fear.

“I’m not kidding…I
actually died today…” Ben said and recounted the whole experience.

Marcus stared at the man
who had walked into his house as though this he was no stranger and
listened to his story.

“Ben! Oh my God! I am so
happy that you are well…you can’t possibly go home tonight. You must spend
the night.” Calista said.

“No…I have to go. My
phone was crushed at the scene of the accident so I had no other choice but to
come here to tell Amanda that I am okay.” Ben said. “Amanda, I was able to salvage some of our luggage

“No…you’re not going
home tonight…we have a spare room that you can sleep in.” Amanda said, and
turning to her brother she asked. “Marcus, please can he stay the night?”

“Well…it seems that
you guys are big friends with him so, it’s fine.” Marcus replied.

“C’mon, don’t tell me
you’re feeling left out of the friendship.” His wife nudged.

“Nooo…it’s just that
it’s unusual that my sister and my wife have a friend in common who I know
nothing about.” Marcus said stubbornly.

Ben held out his hand to

“My name is Benjamin, I
am Amanda’s friend and I have been acquainted your lovely wife, can we all be friends?” Ben
said with a hint of humour despite his situation.

Marcus stretched out his
hand to Ben and said with a smile;

“Now, that’s more like it…”

Despite the unfateful
occurrences of the day, Amanda’s family and Ben conversed like old friends.

Layla sat beside a small
bridge and looked around, she felt the cold chill her skin. The night was dark and there was no one in sight as it was way past

Suddenly, they
surrounded her, seven of her kindred spirits stood around her staring at her in
menace. They were the most powerful of her kind.

“What did you want me to
do? I couldn’t kill the pastor.” She said into the darkness.

“You lost your host
body! You made them realize that Sharon can be saved. Why did you leave that
body?” One of her kin asked.

“It was too hot! Very
hot! You weren’t in the body so you can’t understand how hot it was.” Layla said.

“No! That doesn’t give
you the right to escape the body…no! It doesn’t! The fact that you’ve
inhabited that body since birth means that the body is ours for the taking. All
we need is for her to grow a bit more and we teach her our ways and by then, you
can leave.” The kin said.

“Do you know what you
have done? You have ruined years of our toil. Sharon is not only a host body
but our body as well, she has harboured you for twelve whole years of her life
and you cannot let her go at this point. You should have made that pastor
believe that she was born that way, as a part of our kin.” Another kin said.

“Didn’t you hear me? It
was hot! I was burning! I was in pain!” Layla shouted.

“Do you think you’ve
found a permanent spot in this body? No you haven’t! We want Layla to join us
and not to harbour you in her body. Besides, she’s already grown and her will could
overshadow ours. You must go back to the body from whence you came!”

Layla looked at the
spirits that only her eyes could see.

“I can’t go alone…that
man…is too strong…I need backup…” Layla said.

“We will go with you! Do
not fear!” The kin spirits said.

Slowly before her eyes,
all the spirits merged into one and together, they entered Layla’s body. She
stood up from the pavement where she sat and walked back to the church.

To be
continued on Thursday…

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  1. He definitely is a liar.
    I'm so eager to read of how God will deal with them all.
    Ada amazing message from you to us all. God bless you darling.
    God is God and everyone has to bow at the mention of his name. I'm excited.


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