The doctor stood beside Bee, he was a young man, probably in
his early thirties. He looked at Bee questioningly and asked;
“Who is she to you?”
“I …I don’t know…I mean…I have no clue…I…I” Bee stammered
“Calm down Bridget…” The doctor said.
“Don’t you dare call me that name again…my name is Bee.” She
sounded aggressive.
“I am sorry, but that’s the name on your form. Are you
related to the Ekwah family?” He asked.
“Yes…I am Chief Ekwah’s only daughter.” Bee answered.
“Okay…well…we are still running some tests on the girl but
I’m afraid it’s a mental problem. It has to do with something that happened to
her. Do you know her history?” The doctor asked.
“How am I supposed to know? I moved back to Nigeria and my
dad bought me a house, gave me three cars and sent this young girl to keep me
company. How do you expect me to know her background? Please conduct those
tests quickly, I am scared shitless…did you see her eyes when I brought her in?
They were rolled up to the top of her head and she was foaming through the
mouth…I … I thought she was dead.” Cried Bee.
“We will see what we can do…” Said the doctor.
Bee nodded and dried her tears with the back of her palms.
Temi was still lying on the hospital bed when the doctor and
Bee came into the hospital room, she knew she was fine because she wasn’t
shivering any more.
“How are you today?” The doctor asked.
“I’m fine…how are you doctor?” Temi asked.
The doctor smiled and said;
“I am very well thank you.”
Bee spoke up;
“You scared the heck out of me with that shit. Don’t ever do
that to me again…”
“I am sorry Bee…it would not happen again.”
“So err…Bee forgot to mention your name and we need it for
the hospital records, what is your name dear?” Asked the doctor.
“Julliet…” Temi replied.
“Really? You seem to have so many names, I am not good with
remembering names but I do know, you didn’t call a name like Julliet when I
asked you your name some days ago.” Bee said stunned.
Temi shrugged and closed her eyes as sleep took over her
It was Thursday already and Tara couldn’t wait for school to
be over. It seemed like there was an excitement in the air. It was as if the
air knew that it was Robert’s birthday today. She remembered seeing him at
break time and how the girls in her school flocked around the birthday boy as
they walked up to him and wished him a ‘happy birthday’. She had looked into
his class and had seen his table, it was filled up with different types of
expensively wrapped gifts and cards. Now as she waited for the final bell to ring,
Temi was ready to run home and get dressed for Robert’s party. She had picked
out her beautiful turquoise top and white jean trousers and washed them last
night hoping that the sun would dry them up before she came back from school.
As soon as she heard the bell, she packed up her school
books and was ready to run along home when her Mathematics teacher called her
to the staff room. Tara was disappointed, she wasn’t ready to waste any more
time in school. She hurried to the staff room and knocked at the door, opening
it hurriedly without waiting to be ushered in.
“Hello Tara, do sit down.”
“Good afternoon sir, I am sorry I can’t sit because I am
really in a hurry.”
The teacher smiled;
“You students baffle me every time….I knew that this was
going to happen once we admitted male students into the school. Everyone seems
to be rushing off for Robert’s birthday party.” The teacher said knowingly.
Tara blushed in embarrassment.
“Don’t be embarrassed, it’s your stage…and it’s fine to have
fun once in a while. However, I sent for you because I have noticed your
drastic improvement in mathematics and I was wondering why your sister Temi seems
to be dwindling in her mathematics skills. Yes, we all know that Temi is no
star pupil but all of a sudden, she has returned to us, worse. Do you know she
failed woefully in her last terms exams? I couldn’t believe that I was marking
the work of a secondary school student. Wait and I’ll show you her papers.”
Said the mathematics teacher as he retrieved the papers from his drawer and
handed them to Tara.
Tara took them and stared at the sheet before her, dumbstruck.
The sheet has Temi’s name on it but the handwriting was not Temi’s, it was then
she realized that her family had an impostor in their midst.
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Tara had just gotten into the compound still stunned by what
she had just discovered about the would-be Temi. She decided to go to the
clothes line and pick up her clothes off the railing. She walked to the back of
the house and was shocked to see that her clothes weren’t on the line,
hurriedly, she ran upstairs, hoping to ask the house girl if she had taken the
clothes in on her behalf.
“Did you see my clothes?” Tara asked the househelp.
“But I washed them this morning and spread them to dry…how
come they are missing?” Tara asked.
The house help shrugged and went into the kitchen. It was
already five minutes past four pm and Tara groaned aloud. She was late and she
didn’t want to be late for Robert’s party, she rummaged through her box of
clothes and wasn’t impressed at what she saw. All her clothes were rumpled and
there was no power supply to iron them. Hurriedly, she chose a long yellow gown
and accessorized with a black belly belt. Checking herself at the mirror and
hoping that she didn’t look like a moron, she hastily left the house.
Robert’s house was not really far but Tara took a Moto-bike,
praying silently that her father wouldn’t see her. Her father hated bikes and
had warned her and Temi never to climb one. Robert’s house was in the estate
and she had memorized the number, so as soon as the Moto-bike rider entered the
street, she was on the lookout for house number 8. It was easy to find, she
paid the guy her bike fare and stepped into the house. A lot of teenagers were
on the ground floor, dancing and drinking fruit juice and beverage, Tara
quietly walked into the main house and despite the crowd of teenagers at the
sitting room of the house, it didn’t stop her from looking for her ‘crush’.
“Where is Robert?” She asked Tayo, a new student in her school.
“I don’t know, I saw him climb upstairs…maybe he’s in his
room, it’s the first door to your right.” Tayo supplied.
“Thanks.” Tara murmured. She looked at the small box she had
wrapped up for Robert, it had cost her, almost all her savings but she didn’t
regret it, Robert deserved the best, she told herself.

The door to Robert’s room was open and Tara walked in but
stopped dead in her tracks. At the corner of the room was the would-be Temi and
Robert locked in a kiss, tears blinded her as she stared at the two of them.
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Suddenly Robert pulled away and at that instant their eyes met, the would-be
Temi gave Tara a small smile and winked, to Tara’s horror, she was wearing the
turquoise top and white pants that she had washed. Robert opened his mouth to
speak but nothing came out, Tara threw the box of wrapped gift at him and
turning away, she fled from the room.


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