Hey Dears,

I posted last week that the movie ‘BEHIND THE SCENES’ which was produced by Alexandra Alexander and written by me, see post here would be out soon. I also promised that I would post the trailer as soon as its out and here it is!

A big shout-out to everyone who left special comments at the comment section. Till date, that’s the most comments I’ve ever gotten on my site *sniffs* and I am so touched. To those who sent their special wishes, may God’s love never depart from your lives and to those that didn’t, thank you all the same for the good wishes because I know that you all wish me well.

Enough of the talk, here’s the trailer and please share if you can.

God bless you guys….
e-hugs and kisses from me to youu…

Please note that I uploaded the video twice because I couldn’t view it on my page. If you encounter any difficulties viewing the video, do contact me via adaezewrites@gmail.com to send it to you via email. Thank you.



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