Who is a good wife/woman? A woman of virtue, a woman who
Proverbs 31:10-31 describes in glowing terms;
hard it is to find a capable wife! She is worth far more than jewels! Her
husband puts his confidence in her and he will never be poor. As long as she
lives, she does him good and never harm. She keeps herself busy making wool and
linen cloth. She brings home food from
out-of-the –way places, as merchant ships do. She is a hard worker,
strong, industrious, she is generous to the poor and needy. She is strong and
respected and not afriad
of the
future. She speaks with gentle wisdom. Her children shows her appreciation and
her husband praises her. Charm is deceptive and beauty disappears but a woman
who honours the Lord should be praised. Give her credit for all she does, she
deserves the respect of everyone.’

Most times, as women, we are not cherished and even if we
are, we are seldom shown. You know, most times, I work so hard (both domestic
and non-domestic) as much as any woman in the world and at the end of the day, I’m like…where am I headed with all these? Why am I even working? Must I
sweep the house? Must I prepare dinner? Why should I write? Must I post on my
blog? And so on… and more thoughts filter in…. Do I want fame? Riches? Where
do I see myself in the next ten years? Where do I see my blog in the next ten
years? What do I really want? Where am I headed? Does it matter?
I think that this passage in the bible is not just for me
but for every woman, old, young, single, married, divorced…I think we should
appreciate ourselves in different ways and we should work hard not for praises alone but to meet up with the specifications of a ‘good, capable and virtuous’ woman. 
As regards to the words in italics above, ‘Why shouldn’t women be appreciated?’ No
one is saying that things should be blown out of proportion but…it’s necessary.
And for women who have changed some people’s perception
about the female folk in general…STOP! THINK! And go back to the draw board. It’s
better to be regarded as good than evil or bad.
I feel that in everything in life, there should be a moment
of silence, that moment when you pause everything that you’re doing and just
STOP! Because it is time to reflect, meditate, think, reason and perhaps…just be. I
guess this post relates to me as well because I have stopped, thought,
meditated and now I am back to posting new stories. I want to be the woman that the bible describes…
The passage I cited above refers to ‘wife’ but never mind, whether or not you are married…it applies to all women.
Do take time to read the passage again,  it’s the exact description of YOU and never
let anyone tell you otherwise.
Happy Sunday dears….
New posts continue shortly….



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